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Animal Factory Chemical Burn Fuzz Pedal

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The Chemical Burn is a take on a juggernaut of 60s fuzz sound - the Shin-ei/Companion Superfuzz FY-6. Chemical Burn is an almost-faithful reproduction of this classic, with a few modern twists that make it more usable and versatile and add new operation modes to this classic circuit. The basis of operation remains the same.

If you're looking for a subtle fuzz that cleans up well when you back off the volume control, you're clearly in the wrong place.

  • DAMAGE: This 3-way switch controls the amount of octaving/fundamental cancellation
  • STATUS/MODE LED: The colours display the DAMAGE mode: BLUE - Skin RED - Flesh GREEN-BLUE - Bone
  • BLISTER: Mixes between silicon (counter-clockwise) and germanium clipping (clockwise) which lend a different character to the overall fuzz sound. Intermediate settings will lift the clipping and greatly increase output volume
  • DEGREE: The fuzz or gain knob. Turning it up increases the overall gain and distortion. Lower gain settings will cause gating to kick in earlier
  • pH: An unconventional but effective tone knob. Turning it counterclockwise, the mids are very scooped. Turning it clockwise flattens out the mids for more conventional fuzz sounds
  • AGONY: While it mainly functions as the volume knob, it also contributes to final stage gain. Play with the DEGREE and BLISTER knobs to find interesting gain/volume settings
Type Fuzz
Dimensions (mm) 65 x 58 x 120
Weight (g) 278

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