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Animal Factory Baron Samedi Fuzz Pedal

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The AFA Baron Samedi Fuzz pays homage to the legendary Jordan Bosstone, but sounds nothing like one. Additional gain and a very strange tone control add aggression, fullness and bite to the sound. The interactivity of the top three knobs make this a raucous device that yields an entire variety of sounds, from a great vintage fuzz tone to synthier sounds with faux-portamento decay.

Guaranteed to summon harmonics from other worlds, the AFA Baron Samedi encapsulates the vulgarity, the madness and sheer joy of the electric guitar. Whether you're playing mellower brass sounds on a jazz solo from hell, gated faux-bass single-note riffs or all-out scooped mid riffs, this pedal will take every note to the afterlife and back.

Did we just say guitar? For those unafraid to experiment and stand out, the Baron is a devastating effect, live or in the studio, to use on drum machines, synthesisers and bass guitar too.

Hand-built with pride in Bombay, India.

  • DEATH: This is a gate control. Turning it up will reduce both the amount of bass and signal fidelity, resulting in crackly/velcro fuzz sounds
  • LIFE: A strange tone control. Both extremes will cut off the highs. At 1, there is a chance that it can self oscillate at a low frequency, depending on the settings of the other knobs. At 10, the treble cut is maximum
  • VOODOO: The volume control
  • BURIAL: Turning up this knob increases the accentuation of the lower harmonics in the signal, resulting in brassy trumpet-like sounds or a faux-synth bass sound when turned up to 10
  • RUM: This is the gain/fuzz control. Turning this control down will reduce the amount of fuzz, but also lower the input impedance and gate the sound. Some trumpet-like sounds can be had by doing this
Type Fuzz
Dimensions (mm) 60 x 50 x 110
Weight (g) 212

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