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Alter Audio Timetosser Live Sampler & Audio Re-Sequencer

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ALTER AUDIO - Alter Audio Timetosser Live Sampler & Audio Re-Sequencer
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Alter Audio Timetosser Live Sampler & Audio Re-Sequencer
Innovative real-time sound mangling is the name of the game with the Timetosser. Hook up a stereo audio signal, re-order and re-sequence on the fly for a unique twist on DJing and live remixing.

*** Firmware update - October 2022 ***

As well as some bug fixes, this firmware update will add two more play modes to the unit: a looper and a slicer. The Loop mode allows you to record a loop of up to 16 beats, play patterns during that recording and have the Timetosser loop that, or remix a recorded loop like you would do in the original Live mode. The Slicer mode allows you to make slices of a recorded loop and play those slices on top of the live audio in MPC style. Overall a very quick and easy way to make live samples of your ongoing audio.

Next to that, Alter Audio have added a full set of new preset patterns which auto-remix your music by adding in a bit of beat shuffling, some nice offbeat timings and drop in the odd mute and reverse within the pattern.

Nice to know: The update brings Apple silicon support for the Mac version of the VST3 plugin as well.

Supplier's Notes:
Timetosser is the first of its kind. An innovative hybrid between an audio effect and an electronic musical instrument, enabling you to playfully reorder any audio signal in real-time.

The novelty of Timetosser lies in the way it is used: the user is not simply enabling an effect, but has to actively and skillfully play the instrument in order to yield good results. By combining Timetosser with a classic DJ set-up, much value can be added to any stage act. Furthermore, Timetosser can be hooked up to any device, giving you much artistic freedom. From drum machines to modular synthesizers, from a single track on your mixer (e.g. guitar, vocals, drums .. ) to the master output. By adding Timetosser, you instantly gain a unique live effect by adding variety to your tracks and loops.

How does it work?

Standalone - Use the tap-tempo key to tap in sync with the music. From this, Timetosser learns the length of 1 / 4, 1 / 8 and 1 / 16 notes, as well as their triplets.

MIDI IN - Another option is to sync to midi-clock. By connecting the supplied mini-jack to DIN-5 adapter cable to the sync input, Timetosser is able to synchronise to an incoming midi-clock signal.

Analog Gate - The sync input also supports analog gate voltages. To use analog gate sync, just connect a standard mono mini-jack cable to the sync input directly.

MIDI OUT - Having both a MIDI-input and output means these will be usable from within your DAW software when Timetosser is connected to your computer. But the true advantage comes when Timetosser is used in standalone-mode. Since Timetosser detects the tempo of the incoming audio, the MIDI-output can be used to send out that tempo. This means you can synchronise your MIDI-gear and have them play in time with anything you feed into Timetosser. We're very excited about the possibilities this brings: blur the lines between deejaying and live performing by having synths and drum machines play alongside your tracks!

By pressing any of the keys of the upper row, the player basically selects a delay that is a multiple of the selected note length. By playing patterns using the upper keys , we can keep changing the delay time in a way that we can repeat a note, or change the order of the music entirely.

Size & weight

200 x 120 x 25 mm
380 grams

High-quality sound
Digital audio, up to
24-bit / 192 KHz
low noise, high quality codec
2-in / 2-out 1 / 4" jack connectors

180 MHz 32-bit ARM

microcontroller for real-time audio analysis and smooth visual feedback

VST plug-in

Use Timetosser as audio interface and plugin controller when connected to a computer


Sync to MIDI-clock and analog gate voltage. Send detected or external sync as midi clock

Durable & minimal design

Sleek aluminium hardtop casing to withstand severe freestyle sessions
Full color spring loaded key switches for intuitive visual feedback and tactility
Compact (200x120x25mm.) and lightweight (380 gr.) standalone unit, ideal for touring

"Merge live performing with the DJ artform!"
Timetosser enables you to repeat parts and even completely change the order of any connected source. Have the power at your fingertips to instantly add variety to your tracks and loops.
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Alter Audio Timetosser Live Sampler & Audio Re-Sequencer


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