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EQ Grey Australia




Balance 16



Balance 16

Format: mixed 2xCD
Cat: EQGCD 29
Released: 11 Mar 10
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
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Side 1
1. Gregg Kowalsky - "Ashes From Evermore"
2. Alva Noto/DJ Koze - "Xerrox Monophaser 2/Lords Of Panama"
3. Mark Pritchard - "?"
4. Manvoy De Saint Sadrill - "Soeheniona"
5. Tosca - "Joe Si Ha"
6. Emiliana Torrini - "Gun"
7. Agoria - "Parasite 2"
8. Arandel - "In D#5"
9. Messina - "Columpnam"
10. 19 454 18 5 25 5 18 - "When I Think Of"
11. Pom Pom - "IO"
12. Agoria - "Altre Voci"
13. Glimpse - "Train In Austria" (part 2)
14. The Fiels - "Over The Ice" (live mix)
15. Olibusta - "La Pazz"
16. Cubenx - "Mis Dias Y Tus Noches"
17. Felix Laband - "Whistling In Tongues" (Todd Terje remix)
18. Jozif - "Back 2 My Roots" (Jozif's 5o'clock Fabric Shadow edit)
19. Bibio - "Jealous Of Roses"
20. LCD Soundsystem - "4 33" (Trus'me remix)
21. Boozoo Bajou/Oxia - "Same Sun/Less Time" (feat Rumer - Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
22. Hatikvah - "Synchronicity" (Block Barley & Engin Ozturk Holmby Hills remix)
23. Rio En Medio - "The Last Child's Tear"
24. Tipper - "Just As The Sun Went Down"
25. Gregg Kowalsky/Alva Noto - "Ashes From Evermore/Xerrox Monophaser 2"
Side 2
1. Sylvain Chauveau - "Hurlements En Faveur De Serge T"
2. Aphrodite's Child - "Loud Loud Loud"
3. Taron Trekka/Suedmilch - "Shirol/We Were"
4. The Same - "Szarpiesz Minerwa"
5. Ogris Debris - "G Thong" (You & Me remix)
6. Francesco Tristano - "Knee For Thought"
7. Different Gear/Dorothee & Ben Munyaneza - "One Thing More/Mwali We" (dub mix)
8. Michael Forzza/Rio En Medio - "Abstractor 2 0/The Last Child's Tear"
9. Chris Carrier & Jef K - "Morning"
10. DVSI - "Running"
11. Drama Society & Vladislav Delay - "Almodrama"
12. Agoria/Gadi Mizrahi/Marc Antona - "Libellules/I Know/Kipkop"
13. Avril - "French Kiss"
14. Gadi Mizrahi - "I Know"
15. Jonny Greenwood/Agoria - "Tehellet/Parasite"
16. Avril - "French Kiss"
17. Mark Broom - "Twenty Nine" (Broom 09 mix)
18. Einmusik - "Atl Antis"
19. Perc & Passarella Death Squad - "Temperature's Rising"
20. Aufgang - "Sonar" (Spitzer remix)
21. Shit Robot - "Simple Things (Work It Out)" (Serge Santiago remix)
22. Efdemin - "Acid Bells" (Martyn remix)
23. 3 Chairs - "No Drum Machine" (part II)
24. Kid A - "Lonely"
25. Sylvain Chauveau - "Hurlements En Faveaur De Serge T"
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Out of stock $14.93
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