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ACL Dual State Variable VCF Filter Module

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The Dual State Variable VCF consists of two multimode filters with high-pass, band-pass, notch and low-pass outputs. The circuits feature an edge steepness of -12 dB per octave. Routing options allow serial or parallel connection. Thanks to normalizations and a total of three cutoff potentiometers, stereo material can be processed as comfortably as mono signals.

Furthermore, a well-known feature from the Oberheim SEM synthesizer was implemented in the Dual State Variable VCF: The notch characteristic can be weighted more to the high-pass or low-pass side.

The resonance sounds extraordinarily rich and wet, even high values never sound all too harsh. While self-oscillating, the filters can be played like sine oscillators. By modulating both circuits in opposite direction, users are able to achieve interesting stereo effects.

  • Input attenuators for each SVF
  • Each SVF´s cutoff frequency can be independently controlled by knob
  • Both cutoff frequencies can be controlled at once with a common cutoff knob
  • Attenuverted cutoff CV input for each SVF
  • Each SVF`s resonance can be controlled by knob separately
  • Each SVF`s resonance can be controlled by an external control voltage individually
  • Attenuverted resonance CV input for each SVF
  • LP/BP/HP Outputs available for each SVF
  • Variable Balance Notch Output for each SVF (Oberheim SEM)
  • 1V/Oct CV Inputs for each SVF
  • Routing Mode for each SVF switchable: parallel & serial
  • If routed in serial mode, filter type of SVF A selectable (HP...N...LP/BP)
  • Audio and cv inputs are normalized from SVF B on SVF A
Module Type Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF)

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