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25 Compost Records

VARIOUS - 25 Compost Records


25 Compost Records

Format: limited hand-numbered 10x12" box set + 2 x cassette + inserts + logo pin + jute bag + sticker pack + MP3 download code
Cat: CPT 5441
Released: 15 May 19
Genre: Deep House
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Out of stock $92.32
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Side 1
1. Beanfield - "Human Patterns" (Roman Flugel remix)
2. Ron Deacon - "Bring It On"
Side 2
1. A Forest Mighty Black - "Fresh In My Mind" (I:Cube remix)
2. Marsmobil - "It Doesn't Matter How You Are" (Ripperton remix instrumental)
Side 3
1. Siren - "A/Way" (Phil Mison remix)
2. Tomasz Guiddo - "Hide" (feat Kasar - Ewan Pearson extended Disco remix)
Side 4
1. Lorenz Rhode - "Back" (Gerd Janson remix)
2. Tomasz Guiddo - "Hide" (Ewan Pearson extended Disco remix - instrumental)
Side 5
1. Fauna Flash - "Tel Aviv" (Recondite remix)
2. Marbert Rocel - "Dance Slow" (Joakim Blood Moon remix)
Side 6
1. Shahrokh Dini - "Owl Flight" (Delano Smith remix)
2. Truby Trio - "Galicia" (Zenker Brothers Esotheric remix)
Side 7
1. Web Web - "Land Of The Arum Flower" (Like remix)
2. Emilie Nana - "I Missed The Boat" (Glenn Underground A Slave Disco dance remix)
3. Rainer Trueby & Corrado Bucci (Truccy) - "Sidestep" (Kerem Akdag remix)
Side 8
1. Liquid Phonk - "Starwalk"
2. Tomasz Guiddo - "Go Back" (with Nirosta Steel - Michael Reinboth remix)
Side 9
1. Web Web - "Maroc Blues" (Michel Cleis remix)
2. Emilie Nana - "I Rise" (Francois K Synthapella intro remix)
Side 10
1. Beanfield - "Tides" (Ripperton remix)
2. Solomun - "The Way Back"
Side 11
1. Eleanor - "Adventure" (Gerd Janson Megamix)
2. Marsmobil - "I Don't One Two" (COW remix)
3. COW - "Glitch" (feat Alxndr London - Tee Mango remix)
Side 12
1. DJ Yellow/Flowers & Sea Creatures - "No One Gets Left Behind" (Konstantin Sibold remix)
2. Marsmobil - "Sometimes I Don't Regret" (Die Orangen remix)
Side 13
1. Truby Trio - "Make A Move" (Spiller remix)
2. Beanfield - "Human Patterns" (Roman Flugel alternative remix)
Side 14
1. Brother Of Soul - "Ife Bobowa" (Ron Trent remix)
2. Alif Tree - "Forgotten Places" (Moodymann remix)
Side 15
1. Web Web - "Sandia" (Beanfield remix)
2. Rainer Trueby & Corrado Bucci (Truccy) - "Sidestep" (Liquid Phonk remix)
Side 16
1. Zwicker - "Who You Are" (feat Heidi Happy - Marbert Rocel remix)
2. Lorenz Rhode - "Back" (Purple Disco Machine remix)
Side 17
1. Web Web - "Land Of The Arum Flower" (feat Lady Parul - Mr Raoul K remix)
2. Rainer Trueby & Corrado Bucci (Truccy) - "Suidestep" (Kai Alce Full Shuffle remix)
Side 18
1. Claudio Coccoluto - "Doin' Our Best" (Exclusive)
2. Truby Trio - "Universal Love" (Lawrence remix)
Side 19
1. Shahrokh Sound Of K - "Perfect Stranger" (feat Robert Owens - Boo Williams Chi Melodic remix)
2. DJ Yellow/Flowers & Sea Creatures - "Deep Into Neon" (Mark E Deep House Feel remix)
Side 20
1. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - "Merging" (feat Robert Owens - Wild Glitch dub)
2. Move D - "Hurt Me"
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Out of stock $92.32

If you're going to produce a box set to celebrate your label's 25th birthday, you may as well do it in style. That was certainly Michael Reinboth's thinking when he put together this luxurious set marking a quarter of a century since the launch of his admired Compost Records imprint. It boasts no less than ten slabs of wax containing fresh remixes of catalogue cuts from a stellar cast of house, techno and disco producers (think Glenn Underground, Zenker Brothers, Francois K, Ron Trent, Moodymann, Mark E and Gerd Janson) and a handful of killer bonus cuts (most notably early Move D classic "Hurt Me"). In addition, the box also contains two mix tapes, a pin badge, bag and tons of stickers. Basically, it's a beautiful item packed full of quality music and label merchandise.

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