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How would you describe the Project Allout sound?

I would describe it as very uplifting music that we are pushing out to the masses. It’s grimey but still very ravey you can listen to it at home or it could be smashing raves. We hope you can listen to our music and instantly recognize that it is PAR.

For us the label seemed to come out of nowhere and quickly establish itself at the top of the game. How was the label born and how did you manage to gain that level of respect and reputation in such a short space of time?

The label is 8 years old this month. I had a previous label before this (Taster Recordings) which was a vinyl only label. I've been musically active for over 16 years now and made some good friends in this business, with PAR in my city (Sheffield) I saw an outlet with it being the city that invented “Bassline” I saw an opportunity to bring all upcoming artists together under one label. We grafted out many free downloads and started our journey and now we are here 8 years later at the top of our game.

So the label was born in Sheffield, the home of Niche nightclub and birthplace of the bassline garage scene, do you see the work you do as a continuation of the Sheffield/Niche legacy or are you doing something completely different?

Yes it’s definitely carrying on the Niche legacy you can't get away from that down here! Sheffield hosts many other labels we’re all one big family to be honest. The Niche sound will always be represented in our releases but we do put out a lot of grime as well there’s loads to come this year.

Where do you see the scene heading in the future?

I personally think the scene will only grow and get better. The sound is getting pushed by a lot of pioneers in the game at the minute and our releases aren't slowing down along as everyone keeps communicating and helping each other there’s going to be some big gains for people.

So we are now at 100 releases for PAR - did you expect the label to make it to this stage when launching the label?

Yes I did! This label for me was either make or break so I put my all in to PAR.

You release so frequently and in addition to that you have given away literally hundreds of tracks to fans for free. How do you manage to source so much quality music?

The email receives around 70+ submissions a week so this is a great source. Music for us is not a problem the levels are so high now that I don't think many producers send out rubbish demos any more if you are upcoming artist the submissions email is Projectalloutinfo@gmail.com

You have recorded a very special studio mix, please tell us about the theme and selection.

The theme behind this mix is Past Present & Future; I wanted to show the people what’s out there and what’s coming in the future. There’s are a few cheeky VIP’s that probably won't see the light of day.

Project Allout has proven to be the launchpad for many of the biggest Garage producers of the past few years. Which talents are you most proud of breaking?

I’m proud of all the artist we have worked with but the guys who have made big steps after working with PAR would be: Darkzy, Notion, Conducta, Skepsis, Deadbeat UK, Dr Cryptic, Mella Dee and CoCo.

Who are the biggest new school talents we should be listening out for?

The artist people should be looking out for this year is Higgo, this guy is making some unreal garage can't wait to release his music. Then we have Daze Prism, Burt Cope, NuBass, Deppz, Mindstate, Kryphon, Usual Suspect , Sekt -87 these guys are gonna smash 2018.

You have put together anther all-killer no-filler and completely free compilation to celebrate PAR 100, tell us a little about it.

Ok so the compilation is PAR IS 8 some absolute stompers on here we love to give our supporters something back it is what we do!

Has giving away music for free always been part of the labels ethos?

Yes always. The thing is with us the quality is always Toppa Top no matter if it is free or paid.

What is next for Project Allout - another 100 releases?

There a lot of changes happening this year but for the better of the label. There will be more releases. Stay locked to find out ... KEEP IT PAR!!!

Any final thoughts and shout outs?

Yes shout out to Fiyahman I’ve got one of his EP’s to put out this year, this guy is another underrated DON. Shouts to Dubzta, look out for his album. Shouts to my Don Moony can’t wait for his next release, it has some mucky remixes.



The mastermind behind Project Allout, his boundless energy is the driving force behind the label.
Dr Cryptic