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Back Catalogue: Minimal/Tech House

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If Time Would Move Backwards (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SOLAR 04. Rel: 12 Jan 18
  1. Spy Vs Spy (7:05)
  2. Atomsmasha (6:19)
  3. Summer Breeze & Brotherhood (7:32)
  4. Freebird (9:47)
 in stock $9.00
Asset 001 (12")
Cat: TANG 01. Rel: 22 Nov 11
  1. Introvert
  2. Decay
  3. Traveler
  4. Raw Method
 in stock $7.94
Cat: FAD 005. Rel: 24 Nov 17
  1. Cave (4:35)
  2. Discovery (8:03)
  3. Lost (5:57)
  4. Monuments (5:24)
 in stock $9.26
Zulu (12")
Cat: MH 002. Rel: 23 Feb 17
  1. Zulu (6:27)
  2. Khalifa (6:50)
  3. Maatkare (6:36)
 in stock $12.97
Transfromer Funktion EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: NTJW 002. Rel: 01 Jun 18
  1. Thermopile Detector (5:57)
  2. Communication System (6:17)
  3. Transition Fiber (5:32)
  4. Wavefront Sensorial (5:30)
  5. Hydrometer Jam (3:55)
 in stock $11.11
Azra EP (12")
Cat: CPT 4761. Rel: 10 Mar 16
  1. Rula (8:11)
  2. Ratafka (6:57)
  3. Komito (6:47)
  4. Carmonna (7:21)
 in stock $7.94
Cat: RSP 0974. Rel: 07 Feb 17
  1. Deep (6:09)
  2. Under (5:22)
  3. Dubble Bubble (5:01)
  4. Play This (4:52)
$9.00 SAVE 25%
 in stock $6.75
Crab Shack (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BUX 001. Rel: 10 Aug 18
  1. Crab Shack (9:19)
  2. Glogg (6:21)
  3. Monsanto (6:30)
  4. Glocci (6:24)
 in stock $10.32
Seriost (12")
Cat: BOSS 007. Rel: 07 Jun 18
  1. Seriost (6:15)
  2. Komigen (6:57)
  3. Pufendorf (6:27)
 in stock $9.00
Cat: LYR 004. Rel: 12 Mar 18
  1. TST142
  2. Reptile Boogie
  3. Green Room Therapy
  4. Split Tongue
Review: Having regularly appeared on Junk Yard Connections and Banoffee Pies over the years, Adam Stromstedt has plenty going on, but he's also got the time and space for his own Lyssna label, and he returns with his first solo EP on the label. It's an accomplished record, mining the vibe of ambient techno and channeling it into contemporary production with soul-stirring results. "TST142" is a mellow groover with a trancey undercurrent, while "Reptile Boogie" swerves into blissed out electro for lazy days. "Green Room Therapy" places plaintive keys at the front of the mix and channels a little of Floating Points' magic, and then "Split Tongue" offers up the most overtly club-minded jam on the 12".
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 in stock $10.57
Shakshuka EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LYR 001. Rel: 31 May 16
  1. Shakshuka
  2. Det Eviga Mysteriet
  3. Foul
  4. Shakshuka (Mr Tophat BLU remix)
Review: Lyssna Records is a newly formed label out of Stockholm overseen by Adam Stromstedt, Flord King and Mohammed Al Harbiti. Two of the founding members, Adam and Flord, join forces to create a deep, jazzy and delicately put together debut. A1 'Shakshuka' is a track driven by jazzy percussion and soothing chords on top and a slightly off kilter bass groove. A2 'Det Eviga Mysteriet' straight away hits you with a more hip hop and soul inspired touch with well thought out vocal samples on top of a bouncy beat. Flip side starts off with 'Foul' a slow pulsating track that is perfect for those late night shifts on the dance floor. Finishing off the EP we have Mr. Tophat's rendition of Shakshuka, weird and delightful at the same time, just like a Mr. Tophat remix should be, BLU.
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$8.20 SAVE 40%
 in stock $4.92
GDEP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LYR 002. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Sinbad
  2. Dapper
Review: Sydney based Swede Adam Stromstedt returns for the second release on Lyssna, which he co-runs with partners out of Stockholm and Amsterdam. He's previously done stuff on Bristol's Banoffee Pies and local imprint Junk Yard Connections, Mr. Tophat's label. His offering on the A side entitled "Sinbad" is a dusty and hypnotic deep house jam, that will appeal to fans of Thomas Melchior or more recently Rene Audiard. On the flip, there's label co-owner Flord King, who just so happens to be the aforementioned connection in Amsterdam. His contribution "Dapper" is another excursion in subtle trance induction with rolling bass, immaculately programmed rhythm and woozy pads for added effect.
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$8.46 SAVE 30%
 in stock $5.92
FUNKYFUNGI 003 (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: FUNKYFUNGI 003. Rel: 06 Aug 18
  1. Xerula (7:21)
  2. Xerula (Funk E remix) (8:13)
  3. Xerula (Lowris & Ashac Shakenlo remix) (9:42)
Review: Two years ago, George Stuby established the brilliantly named Funky Fungi label. Surprisingly, this 12"marks his first release since sharing top billing with his collaborative Gravy Underground project on Funky Fungi 001. "Xerula" is an intriguing affair, with Stuby contrasting crunchy machine drums and sampled slap bass with ghostly, ethereal chords and the kind of atmospheric electronic glitches that have become so common in contemporary tech-house releases. The glitchy, funk-fuelled pulse of wonky, off-kilter Eastern European tech-house can be heard on Lowris and Ashac Shakenlo's ten-minute flipside remix, while Funk-E's interpretation is an altogether smoother, groovier and more hypnotic proposition.
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 in stock $12.17
Eventide/Ascension (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LWKMUS 005 . Rel: 20 Mar 17
  1. Eventide (4:55)
  2. Eventide (Beatless) (4:36)
  3. Ascension (5:05)
  4. Ascension (Drums) (5:03)
Review: Galcher Lustwerk and Alvin Aronson turned many a head with the elegant sophistication of their collaborative album Scenes (2012-2015), which landed on Lustwerk's own label last year. Now the duo are back with more goodies from their Studio OST project, and once again the fusion between gossamer threads of melody and delicately crafted machine rhythms is evident throughout this 12". "Eventide" comes as a full blown track and a sumptuous beatless version, while "Ascension" has a dubby original and useful drums-only cut, making this record both functional and an absolute delight to listen to.
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 in stock $9.52
Cat: INFUSE 021. Rel: 11 Oct 17
  1. Future-wise (7:29)
  2. 111 (6:53)
  3. Move (5am dub) (7:38)
Review: Given the amount of labels he's appeared on over the years, it's something of a surprise to find that this is Subb An's first outing on INFUSE. As usual, the experienced tech-house producer delivers the goods, beginning with the undulating, bass-heavy late night hustle of funk-fuelled A-side "Future-Wise". While it's little more than a killer, bassline-driven groove with a few tweaked acid lines and strange effects now and then, there's no denying the track's dancefloor chops. He continues on a similar theme on "111", wrapping watery riffs and spacey electronic motifs around a locked-in rhythm and booming bassline, while "Move (5Am Dub)" is a similarly trippy and hypnotic affair tailor-made for early morning sets.
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Played by: Subb-an, Moises
 in stock $10.06
Blind Box 005 (feat Dana Ruh mix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BBOX 005 . Rel: 13 Mar 17
  1. Push (7:14)
  2. Push (Dana Ruh remix) (7:28)
  3. Indulge (6:34)
  4. Indulge (Blind Box mix) (6:50)
Review: Subb An is the next in line for the Blind Box Series, bringing some of his most outwardly stripped down styles to date to the label. "Push" still packs a serious punch, but it's peppered with all kinds of head-twisting details to keep the all-day-all-night party crowd shuffling along to their hearts content. Dana Ruh does a killer job of remixing the track, turning it into a blissful groover that pivots around a woozy pad tone in its quest for deep house perfection. "Indulge" sports a little more of that Subb An punch, which then gets chiseled back into the curious tones of the Blind Box Remix.
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 in stock $8.46
Cat: PLZ 025. Rel: 30 Oct 17
  1. Atlantis 1 (8:02)
  2. Atlantis 2 (7:41)
  3. Atlantis 3 (6:50)
Review: Diego Krause seems to have been doing a tour of European studios throughout 2017. This three-track hook-up with prolific producer Subb-An is his second collaborative release of the year. Interestingly, all three tracks put bold, bustling and occasionally bass-heavy percussion to the fore. This is particularly noticeable on booming opener "Atlantic 1", whose weighty kicks, snares and drum machine cymbals are accompanied by a sizeable bassline and druggy aural textures. There's a looser and jazzier feel to "Atlantis 2", where jaunty stabs dance around a swinging late night backing track, while "Atlantis 3" is a more traditional tech-house take on the same theme.
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Played by: Subb-an, Luuk van Dijk
 in stock $9.79
Cat: BOSS 003. Rel: 03 Sep 14
  1. Helgrillad Kamel
  2. Studsande Kamel
 in stock $9.26
Moodswing (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CONTEMPORAN 001. Rel: 13 Sep 17
  1. Moodswing (9:27)
  2. Distressed (6:55)
Review: Last time out, Stefan 'Sublee' Nicu was collaborating with fellow Romanian starlet Cristi Cons. This time round, he's on a solo mission, delivering two more fine chunks of late night tech-house for those who like to get lost in music. On the A-side, he doffs a cap to Thomas Melchior via the loose and funky percussion programming and deep space electronics of "Moodswing". Arguably even better is flipside "Distressed", a thrilling fusion of broken house beats, restless analogue riffs, intergalactic electronics and a foreboding hint of angular TB-303 abuse. It may well be one of his strongest tracks to date, and that's saying something.
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Played by: Don Crisp
$11.91 SAVE 25%
 in stock $8.93
Their Mind LP (double 12")
Cat: BBG 002. Rel: 15 Sep 17
  1. Their Mind (11:03)
  2. The Beauty Of Not Knowing (13:03)
  3. Jazz Room (13:33)
  4. Where Is Home (Question) (10:32)
Played by: Click Box
 in stock $20.91
Cat: LVNO 08. Rel: 21 Nov 16
  1. Evergreen Soul (5:47)
  2. Evergreen Soul (D'Marc Cantu remix) (5:34)
  3. Artisanal Acid (Reclaimed edit) (5:25)
  4. Know How It Feels (5:25)
Review: Following choice wares from tape_hiss and Pascal Viscardi, Love Notes stride into winter with a fulsome offering from lesser-known artist Subtenant, who packs just the right balance of classic acid and modernist techno into the three original tracks on this 12". "Evergreen Soul" looks set to turn heads in the club with its playful organ flex hopping around the punchy 303 notes, while "Artisanal Acid" brings some homespun hardware handiwork to the table. "Know How It Feels" drops in at a slower tempo, but it's D'Marc Cantu who steals the show with a dynamic remix of the title track loaded with detail and shot through with dub.
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Played by: Mimi, TAPE_HISS
 in stock $8.46
Moldavi (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AMR 002. Rel: 06 Aug 18
  1. Moldavi I (10:45)
  2. Moldavi II (10:25)
Review: The moody and avant garde side of minimal techno further explored on new imprint Amurg, which will appeal to fans of the scene's outer limits similarly explored by the likes of Ben Vedren, Suciu or Vincentiulian. For their label's second release, Barcaceanu Ginel & Bodescu Iulian aka Suburbs present two versions here of "Moldavi". The first version is a hypnotic and reductionist epic, featuring alien blips and bloops over a rolling bass driven groove that's perfect Sunday morning weirdness. On the flip, the second version is a downtempo affair that's more suited to freaking out in the corner of your bedroom - with its chilling sound design and neoclassical elements.
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 in stock $9.79
Din Suflet (white vinyl double 12")
Cat: PALS 001. Rel: 03 Jun 15
  1. Amazon (12:49)
  2. Theraphy (12:49)
  3. Trip (13:07)
  4. Craiasa (13:53)
 in stock $23.82
TRIAS 002 (hand-numbered 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: TRIAS 002. Rel: 01 Jun 18
  1. Black Oak (feat N!klas) (6:14)
  2. Amberay (7:01)
  3. Ceres (6:59)
  4. Black Oak (feat N!klas - Woodenmix) (7:26)
 in stock $10.06
Sum Of Things EP (limited numbered red vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: MBLABWORKS 001. Rel: 28 Sep 16
  1. Eternal Poppy (5:56)
  2. Here Is What I Need To Know (6:08)
  3. SeptB2 (6:02)
  4. AII00x12 (5:37)
 in stock $13.23
  1. Sun God - "Show Me Love" (5:39)
  2. Sun God - "Galaxy (Theme From Sunra)" (4:45)
  3. Daryl Cura - "Contigo" (5:41)
  4. Daryl Cura - "Operator" (6:57)
 in stock $11.91
Cat: NUMB 021. Rel: 23 Feb 18
  1. Whats Happening (8:59)
  2. Nouno (7:14)
  3. Whats Happening (Dualism remix) (7:04)
 in stock $9.26
May Be (12")
Cat: LKMV 001. Rel: 07 Jul 17
  1. May Be (7:41)
  2. Complet Paranoia (8:58)
  3. May Be (SIT remix) (10:21)
Played by: Alex Font, Faster
 in stock $10.32
Neant EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RORA 016. Rel: 29 May 18
  1. Neant (8:05)
  2. Firfizon (8:04)
  3. Trivial (7:56)
  4. Nonzero (7:49)
 in stock $11.91
MULENV008 (12")
Cat: MULENV 008. Rel: 16 Sep 16
  1. Kamadeva (9:14)
  2. Domergue's Got A Secret (9:10)
  3. Merimna (9:43)
Review: iO Mulen's eponymous imprint is unstoppable at the moment after releases by himself, homeboy Silat Beksi and Frenchman Varhat setting the bar high. Now it's over to emerging Romanian talent Suolo with this brilliant new one. Starting off in trippy and hypnotic fashion with the rather Villalobos-ish "Kamadeva", he then gets down with the ultra deep "Domergue's Got A Secret" which, likewise, is perfect for a Sunday afternoon after-hours in Bucharest. Finally, he saves the best for last on the flip with "Merimna", a rolling, trance inducing cut where subtlety and tight programming of elements effectively showcase a less is more work ethic.
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 in stock $10.57
Fenomen EP (12")
Cat: CPDLTD 004. Rel: 30 Jul 18
  1. Fenomen (10:20)
  2. Sinestezie (9:17)
 in stock $10.06
Cat: MONA 017. Rel: 05 Apr 13
  1. Va Ga Va Ga (with Hjalmar)
  2. Shneeblee
  3. Va Ga Va Ga (Ole Biege remix)
Played by: Silicone Soul
 in stock $9.26
Ark EP (12")
Cat: MONABERRY 046. Rel: 15 Jun 18
  1. Ark (8:19)
  2. Doppt (8:46)
  3. Doppt (Hyenah remix) (7:50)
 in stock $10.32
Cat: MONA 022. Rel: 22 May 14
  1. Jo Gurt (DJ Koze remix)
  2. Me Roar (with Monkey Safari - B remix)
  3. Jo Gurt (Stephan Bodzin remix)
  4. Gether (Andhim remix)
Played by: Resident Advisor
 in stock $9.52
  1. Super Flu - "Bebey Love 1" (8:45)
  2. CIOZ - "Urban Linien" (7:13)
  3. Bebetta - "Gattara" (7:26)
  4. Jobe - "Maasai" (8:02)
  5. Sobek - "Handmade Desire" (7:26)
  6. Ole Biege - "Heat" (6:45)
  7. MULYA - "Hamune" (7:30)
  8. Douglas Greed - "Arpo 33" (6:30)
Review: Halle's Monaberry imprint receives nowhere near the amount of praise that it should. In all honesty, this has been one of the most consistent imprints to grace the tech-house sphere, with artists like Super Flu bringing some innovation and cutting-edge to that particular dance formula. Here, we have the label's seventh edition of the Herberts Best series, with a whole selection of new artists being given the chance to shine - including the ever-present Super Flu, of course. Stand-out tracks include "Gattara" by Bebetta, a tribalesque deep house joint with mounds of hypnotics; Jobe's "Maasai" makes for a supremely dubbed-out ocean of sonics; Sobek's "Handmade Desire" adds some industrial waves to what is a relatively 'housey' EP; "Arpo33" by Douglas Greed ends with a painfully on-point tech groove that dancers will find impossible not to shake to.
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 in stock $19.58
Dynamite (12" + sticker)
Cat: MOTHER 074/076. Rel: 03 Jul 18
  1. Superlover - "Dynamite" (5:07)
  2. Superlover - "Dynamite" (dub mix) (5:10)
  3. Leon & Shaf Huse - "Power To The People" (6:44)
 in stock $10.06
Timeless (12")
Cat: MR 047. Rel: 26 Aug 16
  1. Superlover - "Timeless" (5:50)
  2. Superlover - "Dancin" (5:53)
  3. Martin Waslewski - "Come To Me" (6:38)
  4. Martin Waslewski - "Closer" (6:29)
 in stock $9.79
Kiss (12")
Cat: MOTHER 057/058. Rel: 21 Apr 17
  1. Superlover - "Kiss" (7:03)
  2. Superlover - "Heart Drive" (7:05)
  3. Mat.Joe - "Dancing Machine" (7:35)
  4. Mat.Joe - "Blow Your Mind" (6:22)
 in stock $10.06
  1. Supernova & Martin Waslewski - "The Mothership" (6:17)
  2. Robosonic & Ordonez - "Music Works" (7:51)
  3. Superlover & Phil Fuldner - "Cha Cha Cha" (6:08)
  4. Dilby & David Keno - "No Stopping" (6:32)
 in stock $10.32
The Golden Ravedays 3 (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: TGR 003. Rel: 28 Mar 17
  1. 1984 (11:06)
  2. Pocket Love (17:24)
Review: Aksel Schaufler's roots homage continues with the third instalment of Golden Ravedays. Once again it's another luxurious extensive adventure on both sides. "1984" takes the A, sliding in at a modest 11 minute length wrapped up in warm, warped Jim Noir-esque organs, subtly developing into a breakbeat-driven wall of sound. "Pocket Love" takes a longer jaunt where the drums are the only constancy amid unpredictable ebbs and flows of synths lapping and overlapping with a slight hint of Holdenist chaos. Another golden chapter of two-sided immersion.
Read more
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $12.17
The Golden Ravedays 11 (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: TGR 011. Rel: 24 Nov 17
  1. Brothers (12:28)
  2. Sleepy Head (11:54)
 in stock $11.38
Motifs EP (12")
Cat: EKLO 024. Rel: 30 Apr 13
  1. 15
  2. Autiste Redding
  3. Subhouse
Review: Having previously collaborated with the likes of Masomenos, it's no surprise to find that French producer Vadim Svoboda is enamoured with the quirkier end of minimal music, and so he fits right in on Seuil's Eklo imprint. "15" keeps the vibe dry and sparse, with slender percussion and only the barest of melodic elements in a decidedly abstract vein, while "Autiste Redding" lets a processed vocal hiccup sneak in to the mix while the rest of the framework remains concise and methodical. "Subhouse" is where things get cheekier, getting a more discernable groove on and firing off a more playful spread of samples, without overdoing it of course.
Read more
 in stock $9.26
Cat: TABLONTIP 1. Rel: 11 Jul 16
  1. Track 1 (8:48)
  2. Track 2 (9:41)
 in stock $10.85
Cat: 240VTSEP 02. Rel: 14 Nov 17
  1. DIN (8:38)
  2. Form Is Emptiness (6:27)
  3. Lokal (DAT mix) (16:17)
 in stock $9.52
Cat: 240VTSEP 01. Rel: 24 Oct 17
  1. Easy (7:16)
  2. Smile & Receive (Davis & Brown remix) (7:19)
  3. Low Res Skyline (Dat mix) (13:57)
 in stock $9.52
Cat: CLP 001. Rel: 16 Dec 13
  1. Shut Me Down (The Mole & Hreno Wet Hog mix)
  2. Shut Me Down (original)
  3. Shut Me Down (The Mole & Hreno Dry Hog mix)
Review: Commencing proceedings on the Construct label comes a release from the newly formed partnership of Kitty Yo artist Richard Davis with perennial tech house champs Swayzak. Their resulting "Shut Me Down" is a distinctive beast laden with pained strings and sultry trumpet lines of a driving rhythmic undercarriage. The Mole and Hreno team up to deliver two remixes of the original that delve into separate characteristics of the music. The "Wet Hog Mix" creates an immersive bath of low-end melody and reverb washes with just enough of that bittersweet content from the original to see the link, while the "Dry Hog Mix" goes all out on the drums for a heads-down tool of a rigid nature.
Read more
 in stock $8.73
SWLTD 05 (12")
Cat: SWLTD 05. Rel: 15 May 18
  1. Sweely - "Arguing Is Tiresome" (6:17)
  2. Ghini B - "1001EA" (6:29)
  3. Flavio Folco - "Breakout" (7:06)
  4. Redj - "Bass Ville" (6:09)
Review: Hypnotic mini-funk deepness from the south of France, courtesy of Swap White Ltd - now onto their fifth release. Their aim is always to entrance people and make them feel lost throughout these musical processes. When listening to this various artists compilation, truer words have never been spoken! On the A side we have Sweely, who has had a great run of releases on the likes of Lobster Theremin, Distant Hawaii and Concrete - he gets into some trippy after hours shenanigans on the bleepy "Arguing Is Tiresome" that will appeal to all the Perlon and Minibar fans out there. Italian Ghini B delivers the old-school groove of "1001EA" calling to mind early Detroit techno and electro, in the same vein of what Berlin labels Libertine and Slow Life are pushing of late. On the flip, it's over to label boss Regis Thoubert with the subtle and rolling "Bass Ville" bringing those esoteric vibes - in the vein of the Romanians.
Read more
 in stock $10.57
Fabler EP (limited hand-numbered 12")
Cat: QVW 005. Rel: 20 Jun 18
  1. Fabler (9:31)
  2. Allen (7:23)
  3. Elista Acid (8:41)
 in stock $11.11
Cat: BNSD 001. Rel: 25 Jul 18
  1. H0SS3G0R (5:37)
  2. H0SS3G0R (Alex Picone remix) (5:24)
  3. E04 (5:46)
  4. R4L4L4 (6:49)
Review: BinarySound is a new label by Frenchman Antoine Sy. He presents a wicked release here which inaugurates the label, featuring some analogue mini-fink that bridges the gap between first and second wave Detroit aesthetics - in particular Daniel Bell's renowned groove reductionism. Fans of Spacetravel, Binh or Evan Baggs will appreciate this little beauty. From the quirkin' and bumpin' bounce of "H0SS3G0R" (a tribute to Sy's hometown) and the wicked remix by Seekers' Alex Picone next which injects a bit more dancefloor dynamic into it. On the flip, "E04" is the kind of retroverted jam that Berlin's Libertine crew would be partial to, while the blip/blurp/bleep of "R4L4L4" is another respectful nod to the old-school by a promising up and comer of the new school.
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 in stock $12.44
Offpath 02 (12")
Cat: OP 02. Rel: 15 Aug 18
  1. Sy - "Shine" (7:16)
  2. Josh Baker - "Man Jaro" (7:16)
  3. Rui-Z - "Vibra" (7:35)
  4. Laurent Ci - "Acide" (7:32)
 in stock $10.32
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