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Back Catalogue: Minimal/Tech House

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Tintin EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: CYN 091. Rel: 07 Oct 16
  1. Tintin (Mike Shannon mix) (14:18)
  2. Tintin (Dewalta mix) (8:20)
Played by: MARIANO
 in stock $8.99
Cat: CYN 0912. Rel: 13 Dec 17
  1. Tin Tin's Rocket (The Mole mix) (6:10)
  2. Tin Tin's Rocket (Deadbeat Rocket dub) (9:04)
 in stock $10.35
Cat: HAUNT 0092. Rel: 07 Dec 12
  1. Makers (Dewalta mix)
  2. Makers (Deadbeat mix)
Played by: Murdoc, Toki Fuko
 in stock $7.61
Cat: HAUNT 0091. Rel: 22 Nov 12
  1. Makers (Mike Shannon mix)
  2. Makers (The Mole & Hreno mix)
Review: Sharing the first fruits of a collaborative booze-up in the studio, Makers Part 1 features Mike Shannon and The Mole & Hreno's own takes on the audio love-in. There's trademark styles from all the component artists present, most notably in DeWalta's honey-coated saxophone tones. On Shannon's mix, there's no mistaking his trademark growling synth sound and stripped-back shuffle, but it blends beautifully with the more natural tones of sax and an organ hum to produce a deep cut with imagination at its core. The Mole and Hreno feature a more rolling kind of groove, still placing the emphasis on those warming tones at the centre of the track but applying them to a different end.
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 in stock $7.61
Good Day Bad Day EP (140 gram vinyl 12" limited to 220 copies)
Cat: GV 006 . Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Derp Journal (6:03)
  2. Bogart Space (6:41)
  3. Good Day Bad Day (7:02)
  4. Flashmelo (7:07)
Review: Long time minimal techno pusher Franklin De Costa steps up to Jersey City label Green Village to thrown down a ruckus with four serious cuts of advanced house and techno. "Derp Journal" may be flippant in name, but the bassline it packs is not to be trifled with, nor the edgy drums and lashings of reverb. "Bogart Space" is a more house-minded affair, but it's still reaching to a contemplative space using unfamiliar sounds. "Good Day Bad Day" gets into a cyclical, psychedelic mood thanks to a trippy synth circling overhead, but then the EP gets dealt a tough finishing blow by the cranked up hustle of "Flashmelo", coming on like a crunchy mid 00s minimal jam of the highest order.
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 in stock $6.53
Cat: 0F0C 3. Rel: 21 Jun 16
  1. Red (6:33)
  2. Supreme Blue (6:09)
  3. Orange (6:23)
  4. Red (El Txef As Black Blood mix) (8:35)
 in stock $10.08
Smoke EP (12")
Cat: DECO 002. Rel: 06 Mar 18
  1. Smoke 01 (8:12)
  2. Smoke 02 (5:43)
  3. Smoke 03 (6:22)
  4. Smoke 04 (7:13)
 in stock $10.35
Dead Rail 04 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: DR 04. Rel: 19 Sep 18
  1. Denim (14:12)
  2. Dr JR Puccio's (9:12)
Played by: Sascha Dive
 in stock $11.97
Dead Rail 03 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: DR 3D. Rel: 02 Jun 17
  1. Tin Man (10:28)
  2. DEA Messengers (9:17)
Played by: Lamache
 in stock $10.88
  1. Little People (Black City)
  2. Little People (Black City) (Mark E dub version)
 in stock $11.20
EP 2 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: 2MR 012. Rel: 03 Mar 16
  1. Dum Dum (5:38)
  2. Mami Wata (5:27)
  3. Into Darkness (7:36)
 in stock $12.53
Cat: 7M 030. Rel: 30 Sep 13
  1. Long Ball
  2. Projections
  3. The First Time
  4. No Balance
Review: Leeds based duo Death On The Balcony return to Seven Music after dropping their 'Party Perspectives' EP on the label in March of this year. Mark Caramelli and Paul Hargreaves have been busy boys over the last few years, releasing on esteemed labels such as Culprit, Pets, Silver Network and Airdrop. Their years of experience as DJ's and record collectors shines through in the pair's productions, but what sets the guys apart from the rest of the rat race is the amount of depth and emotion they manage to pack into their tracks. Music that will easily stand the test of time and sound equally as good on the dancefloor, as it will on the headphones! The 'Audio Escapades' EP is arguably the duo's best work to date. We're sure you'll agree.

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 in stock $9.79
Cat: GMUF 007. Rel: 13 Jul 18
  1. Make It Simple (7:41)
  2. Nothing Has Gone (7:09)
  3. Untitled 8 (6:10)
Played by: Mourad Sliti, ManooZ
 in stock $10.08
HUS 07 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: HUS 07. Rel: 04 Apr 18
  1. Track 1 (9:29)
  2. Track 2 (9:01)
 in stock $9.79
Cat: UT 002. Rel: 18 Dec 17
  1. Space Talk (7:59)
  2. Empathic (6:58)
  3. Ain't Tech For Snobs (feat Exequiel) (7:16)
  4. Space Talk (Federico Molinari remix) (7:40)
 in stock $10.35
Chp 1 (12")
Cat: CERRP 001. Rel: 02 Nov 17
  1. La Falaise Enchantee (7:03)
  2. La Grotte Magique (7:20)
Played by: Blah Blah Blah
 in stock $11.97
Kukushka (12")
Cat: MF 015. Rel: 06 May 16
  1. Roe Deers - "Kukushka" (6:42)
  2. Roe Deers - "Kukushka" (Markus Gibb remix) (6:11)
  3. Craig Bratley - "Raw Trax #1" (5:17)
  4. Craig Bratley - "Night Moves" (5:28)
Review: Craig Bratley's Magic Feet imprint is back y'all and in fine form as always. The Kukushka EP features Roe Deers on the A side, who contributes the infectious deep house stomp of the title track which has just enough dust and rust thrown into the mix to make this a standout track. Also on offer is the the retro 80's leaning remix by man of the moment Markus Gibb which would mix in well to a Lauer or Tuff City Kids track. On the flip Bratley serves up the rusty and gritty acid jack of "Raw Trax #1" which is so convincing you'd think it was a lost tape from 1986 while on "Night Moves" it goes for more of the nu-disco vibe with some rich arpeggiations and emotive pads that will cater to the best boogie playgrounds out there.
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 in stock $8.70
Choose Me (12")
Cat: K7 359EP. Rel: 18 Apr 18
  1. Choose Me (6:19)
  2. Choose Me (instrumental) (7:25)
  3. Choose Me (Jupiter version) (6:08)
  4. Choose Me (Jupiter instrumental) (6:06)
 in stock $11.44
Progression EP (double 12")
Cat: DMU 051. Rel: 08 Aug 16
  1. Come Down (feat Liu Bei) (8:10)
  2. Progression (7:54)
  3. Janus (7:40)
  4. Without Any Doubt (6:58)
  5. This Mystery (feat Jinadu) (7:54)
 in stock $17.16
Vol IV (12")
Cat: DISDAT 004. Rel: 19 Oct 18
  1. Cedric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg - "Jham" (8:00)
  2. Assumers - "Posh Posh Posh" (5:38)
  3. Flabbergast - "Brenda Klaus" (7:21)
  4. Flabbergast - "Compote De Cerveaux" (6:26)
 in stock $10.88
Cat: KNTRST 002. Rel: 06 Jun 16
  1. H2E (7:35)
  2. Tinisjob (6:37)
  3. Neonarbe (6:37)
Review: Frankfurters Cedric Dekowsky & Felix Reifenberg's collaborations have appeared on a who's who of new wave minimal labels in the Hessen area such as 87, Hardworksoftdrink and Pressure Trax. They now take the reins for the second release of Belgian new imprint Kontrast with the Vaseline EP. "H2E" has that quirky and bumpy mini-funk groove reminiscent of Pantytec. On the flip "Tinisjob" is very tripped out indeed; driving and sleazy house for a wasted afternoon at Club der Visonaere while closing out proceedings is "Neonarabe" this one is plain weird and crosses over interestingly into electro territory much like Oner Ozer and Binh have also done to interesting effect lately too.
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 in stock $10.88
Bubble EP (12")
Cat: EKLO 035. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. 111 (6:17)
  2. 222 (6:18)
  3. 333 (5:53)
Review: Brescia's Francesco del Garda has finally received his dues after a long time of Djing around the north of Italy. Teaming up with Eklo label boss Seuil on the Bubble EP, he presents four cuts of reductionist house. On the A side "111" is definitely in line with the labels M.O. on this glitchy and quirky mini-funk excursion. On the flip things get even better such, as on the the slightly electro leaning "222" with its tough and snappy 808 beat supported by a funky bassline and emotive pads. Equally "333" is just as emotive and soulful, it's beat is as lovely and broken and definitely as funky!
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 in stock $10.35
Cat: NOSILTD 001. Rel: 03 Jul 15
  1. Goodbye S4 (Butane Ship Of Theseus remix) (6:55)
  2. Goodbye S4 (Derek Marin remix) (8:13)
  3. Goodbye S4 (Loud Neighbor remix) (7:20)
  4. Goodbye S4 (Mental Vision remix) (7:27)
 in stock $8.99
Cat: CM 001. Rel: 04 Oct 16
  1. Lodestar Bang (6:48)
  2. Exodus (6:12)
  3. Exodus (Nobody Home Way Out remix) (7:06)
  4. Exodus (Nima Khak Floor remix) (6:37)
  5. Exodus (Nima Khak vibe mix) (6:47)
 in stock $10.88
Kolon:Trax 002 (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: KOLONTRAX 002. Rel: 04 Dec 14
  1. Alexi Delano - "Shades Of Grey"
  2. Broxgaard - "X1"
  3. Oliver Deutschmann - "Sanctuary"
  4. Franck Valat - "Souljahs"
Played by: Billy Johnston
$8.17 SAVE 25%
 in stock $6.13
Cat: BOXER 048. Rel: 19 Apr 07
  1. Freak
  2. Skin
  3. Freak (Martin Eyerer remix)
Review: Dear friends of Boxer Sport. Our emotions are hopping mad. After almost a year, Andre Dalcan & his buddy Greg Delon (aka Delon & Dalcan), the driving forces behind Scandium, are back on Boxer Sport with fresh stuff for your turntables, "Freaky Under My Skin". The remix comes from Martin Eyerer. A slick, rocking track that will make Odin swing his mace deep down into the hell of bass.
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 in stock $11.97
  1. Sorry (8:00)
  2. Shamaan Among The Machines (8:05)
  3. Foundation Was Laid (10:52)
  4. Shamaan Among The Machines (Roger Gerressen remix) (6:47)
Played by: Rick Hopkins, DJ 3000
 in stock $8.99
Cat: KOMPAKT 391. Rel: 12 Sep 18
  1. Tom Demac & Real Lies - "White Flowers" (7:56)
  2. Tom Demac - "Felix" (7:09)
  3. Tom Demac & Real Lies - "White Flowers" (Ambient mix) (3:09)
 in stock $10.62
Grey Game (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: DNC 024. Rel: 31 Jan 18
  1. Grey Game (8:03)
  2. Seeds (7:50)
 in stock $11.71
Senida (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: STRBLT 002 . Rel: 22 Aug 16
  1. Jotunn
  2. 30700
  3. Snotra
  4. Senida
Review: Senida, Strobelight's second release, is a reprisal by the well seasoned and acclaimed producer Ruxpin under the alias Den Nard Husher and is his first ep under the alias since his 1999 2x12 "Nard's Groove" on Thule. The diverse selections of this ep are thunderous yet warm and emotive and illustrate the styles on the NY based label Strobelight Network.
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 in stock $8.70
Cat: CRM 190. Rel: 31 Oct 17
  1. Stranger Things (6:40)
  2. Stranger Things (Dubspeeka remix) (6:52)
  3. Afraid (8:07)
Review: UK producer James Denney has appeared on esteemed labels such as Relief, Heidi Presents The Jackathon and Hot Creations in only a short amount of time. This will however be his second offering on Damian Lazarus' Crosstown Rebels: where he teams up with veteran UK producer D.Ramirez. We are pretty sure he still rocks a pretty fabulous hair-do, too! They team up on the dark dancefloor drama of "Stranger Things" which calls to mind the minimal sound of the mid noughties, in particular Konrad Black or Mathew Jonson. Bristolian producer and Skeleton boss Dubspeeka provides a respectful remix which injects more mood and atmosphere into proceedings and backs that epic spoken word performance really well. Second original offering on the flip entitled "Afraid" is a dark electro house stomper that reaches near tribal moments and that razor sharp bassline.
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 in stock $8.70
No EP (12")
Cat: DKDNT 015. Rel: 16 Jun 10
  1. The Damaja
  2. Get Busy
Played by: DJ Sneak
 in stock $8.17
Southpole (12")
Cat: JEU 025. Rel: 19 Oct 16
  1. Relentless Wilderness (7:30)
  2. Relentless Wilderness (Eddie C remix) (9:30)
  3. Bocko Schons (8:05)
  4. Bocko Schons (Zombies In Miami remix) (7:40)
Played by: Eddie C
 in stock $8.70
Soothe My Soul (limited 12")
Cat: 888837 307017. Rel: 07 Jun 13
  1. Soothe My Soul (Steve Angello vs Jacques Lu Cont remix)
  2. Soothe My Soul (Matador remix)
  3. Soothe My Soul (Destructo remix)
  4. Soothe My Soul (Gregor Tresher remix)
 in stock $14.15
Going Backwards (Remixes) (heavyweight vinyl double 12")
Cat: 889854 77461. Rel: 22 Sep 17
  1. Going Backwards (Chris Liebing mix) (9:10)
  2. Going Backwards (Solomun club remix) (7:53)
  3. Going Backwards (The Belleville Three Deep Bass dub) (5:58)
  4. Going Backwards (Chris Liebing Burn Slow mix) (7:01)
  5. Going Backwards (Point Point remix) (4:31)
  6. You Move (Latroit remix) (4:17)
  7. Poison Heart (Soulsavers Re-Work) (3:43)
 in stock $13.89
Stereo Colours (CD single)
Cat: STP 104CDS. Rel: 30 Sep 09
  1. The Green Street
  2. Pretty Orange
 in stock $8.70
The Priche (12")
Cat: VDR 002. Rel: 23 Mar 18
  1. The Priche (12:57)
  2. Trhust'It (Pert Piano Dream version) (3:23)
  3. Komb (7:12)
  4. Additv (8:16)
 in stock $9.53
Amber EP (12")
Cat: RSP 0979. Rel: 01 Jul 16
  1. Saphir (7:36)
  2. Amber (7:28)
  3. Achat (5:48)
 in stock $9.53
Snappy Poppies (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OPIUM 005. Rel: 23 Mar 16
  1. Snappy Poppies (5:04)
  2. U-more (loop) (5:47)
  3. Snappy Poppies (U-more remix) (11:57)
  4. Sil (loop) (2:23)
 in stock $9.53
Cat: 8BIT 127. Rel: 26 Sep 17
  1. Paradise (7:43)
  2. Inhale (7:04)
 in stock $10.88
Cat: CRM 197. Rel: 26 Apr 18
  1. White Groove (7:15)
  2. Connect To Server (6:45)
  3. White Groove (Archie Hamilton remix) (7:58)
 in stock $9.53
Cat: COR 10013. Rel: 15 Nov 17
  1. Dewalta - "Bitter Earth Dub" (10:49)
  2. Alex & Digby - "Citadel" (9:00)
Review: Next up on Sven Vath's powerhouse Cocoon imprint is a double header from two of the biggest names in minimal house. Berlin based David Koch aka DeWalta has for the last 10 years headed up the respected Meander imprint - which has served up releases by the likes of Cristi Cons, Ion ludwig and Hreno in addition to several of his own releases: including last year's brilliant collaboration with the aforementioned Cons. His contribution "Bitter Earth Dub" is a bit more harder edged than his usual work - it's actually more reminiscent of his collaborations with good pal Mike Shannon, but the entrancing bell tones, bumpy bass and delayed claps (all trademarks of his sound) remain. On the flip, British duo Alex & Digby (Flash As A Rat/Hello? Repeat) serve up the lean micro-house groove "Citadel" which is the kind of weirdo trance inducing affair you can expect to hear at a Berlin afterhours party (like at the famed Club der Visionaere) on a Sunday morning.
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Played by: Kepler
 in stock $10.62
Cat: HAUNT 011. Rel: 26 Jul 13
  1. Cruise Ship (feat Danuel Tate)
  2. Double Booked
Review: Moving in the same circles in Berlin, it's not surprising to see Dewalta and Mike Shannon hook up for more of that bumping, jazz inflected freaky business that they cook up so well. The Haunt imprint's remit for a particular kind of leftfield house and tech-house is more than addressed with "Cruise Ship", a deadly cut buoyed by Dewalta's live saxophone as well as additional key jamming from Danuel Tate (of Cobblestone Jazz fame), ensuring that the vibe is loose and groovy throughout. "Double Booked' is a more atmospheric proposition, keeping things stripped down but still irrepressibly funky, subtle synth work from Shannon meeting with the sporadic but perfectly pitched sax stabs from Dewalta.
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Played by: Toki Fuko, OCH, Crackazat
 in stock $8.70
Quadrilogy Part III/IV (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: VCLUB 0253. Rel: 12 Sep 18
  1. DeWalta & Topper - "About Time" (12:34)
  2. Audio Werner - "Long Haul" (10:05)
Review: Luc Ringeisen has presented some terrific cuts as part of the ongoing Quadrilogy series on his Vinyl Club imprint over the last year, with highlights coming courtesy of Andrea Ferlin, Mariano Mateljan and Dubfound. For the third installment in the series he's prepared something special, with these artists taking over an entire side of the 12". First up are Berlin scene stalwarts DeWalta (Meander) and Topper (Sleep Is Commercial) on "About Time" which is a dose of moody and tripped-out sci-fi minimalism, which is perfect for an Autumn afterhours aboard the Hoppetosse. On the flip, they've reeled in the man Audio Werner, who displays his idiosyncratic style once again on the dark and dubby groove reductionism of "Long Haul".
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 in stock $11.97
  1. James Dexter, Clive Henry - "Think For Yourself" (7:01)
  2. Two Diggers - "House Music Society" (6:51)
  3. Tuccillo - "No Answer" (6:14)
  4. Mihai Popoviciu, David Delagdo - "Maiden Fever" (7:03)
Played by: James Reid
 in stock $10.35
Blind Box Basic 003 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BBOXB 003. Rel: 03 Apr 18
  1. 47 Tucanae
  2. Omega Centauri
  3. Okinawa
  4. Ichnusa
Review: Dhaze has been busy in the last five years, hopping from the digital label scene to more established wax imprints such as Metroline Limited and Electronique. His minimal sound has plenty of admirers it would seem, and now he can add Blind Box to the list. His sound is a perfect fit on the label, focused on crisp, lean floor tracks with steady, razor sharp beats and just the right elements of light and shade darting round in between. B2 track "Ichnusa" might well be the secret weapon on this record with its playful chord lilt and easy going dubby mood.
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 in stock $9.25
Cat: CRV 002. Rel: 09 May 17
  1. Dhaze - "Kherty" (7:17)
  2. Dhaze - "Kherty" (Sierra Sam remix) (6:22)
  3. Duky - "Trees In The Air" (7:40)
  4. Duky - "Trees In The Air" (Luminer remix) (7:03)
 in stock $10.35
Cat: PAMPA 008. Rel: 20 Jul 11
  1. Fratzengulasch
  2. Maikaferbenzin
 in stock $8.70
Cat: PAMPA 001. Rel: 21 Oct 09
  1. Blaue Moschee
  2. Petardo
  3. Empire
 in stock $8.44
Cat: CORRESPONDANT 53. Rel: 18 Jan 17
  1. Geisterfahrer (7:02)
  2. Geisterfahrer (Factory Floor remix) (6:15)
  3. Drachenfels (8:15)
Review: Die Wilde Jagd are Sebastian Lee Philip. Ralf Beck is musician and producer from Dusseldorf. He has released several albums as part of the duo Nalin & Kane, as well as under the name Unit 4. He collects old synthesizers and effect pedals and has worked with Karl Bartos. In his studio Uhrwald Orange, he has recorded music by Propaganda, Kreidler, Black Devil Disco and many more. Sebastian Lee Philip is part of the Berlin-based electro-wave duo Noblesse Oblige and composes music for theatre and radio plays. Between 2001 and 2006 he lived in London where he ran the club night 'Caligula' and performed as a DJ. "Geisterfahrer" is cosmic and spacey kraut rock that sees the pair propel you into the stratosphere. British duo Factory Floor's excellent remix strips things back and takes things on a darker and technological turn with this minimal electro epic. On the flip, "Drachenfels" sees Beck and Philip do their thing again: lose yourself in this eight minutes of absolute bliss awash in reverberated drums, delayed guitar riffs and splendid arpeggios.
Read more
 in stock $17.97
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Back Catalogue: Minimal/Tech House
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