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I'm A (12")
Cat: WT 27. Rel: 01 Dec 17
  1. Up All Night (feat Anasia) (3:21)
  2. Bernie Knows (4:14)
  3. DAMN (4:28)
  4. I'm A (4:02)
  5. 902 Communication (4:07)
  6. Uni-Verse (4:36)
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Cat: WT 20. Rel: 21 Feb 14
Deep House
  1. Release
  2. Running Nowhere
  3. Happiness Side Effects
  4. Never Look Back
Review: Not much is really known about Art Crime, the latest new name to appear on WT Records, besides the enigmatic statement that they are a "mysterious new Russian producer". Avid fans of William Burnett's label will be familiar with this approach, with the New Yorker a trusted guide for mining new talent on WT - with the likes of Hunee, Entro Senestre, Alex Israel, Shawn O'Sullivan and Portuguese duo Sabre all gracing the label with early 12? releases. Nineties house keys play a big role throughout this EP, with the nostalgic piano sound appearing in three of the four tracks, falling between something you might find on a cute Greta Cottage Workshop 12? and the more anthemic notes heard throughout that brief period when house music littered the pop charts.
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Rosegold (12")
Cat: WT 22. Rel: 13 Mar 15
Deep House
  1. Rosegold (6:10)
  2. DOHC (7:12)
  3. Tristate (6:58)
  4. SB Dauntless (5:30)
Review: For the latest release on his increasingly impressive WT Records imprint, William Burnett has turned to one of his closest buddies, Daywalker & CF partner John Beall. Predictably, he duly delivers a superb EP packed with varied highlights. The title track is particularly impressive, blending dreamy pads, twinkling pianos, cut-up vocals and a sumptuous groove to create a blissful chunk of lilting deep house. "DOHC" is notably rougher, with spine-tingling, sci-fi electronics and muted acid lines crowded round a thrusting techno groove. "Tri-State" brilliantly combines the horizontal chords of classic ambient with skittering IDM style breakbeats, before "SB Dauntless" takes two-step garage and submerges it in a vat of drifting chords and sparse electronic melodies.
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Cat: WT 24. Rel: 26 Oct 16
  1. Approaching The Inner Temple (1:30)
  2. Sea Of Crisis (7:45)
  3. Bay Of Dew (3:40)
  4. Bay Of Rainbows (6:53)
Review: Moon Temple is Gabriel Andruzzi, who some of you may know as the former bass player/saxophonist and engineer from New York City (via San Diego) outfit The Rapture. This nine track album is Andruzzi's first release under this alias and comes in two volumes. According to Willie Burns WT Records, the album is a collection of "delicate interludes, acid stompers and weirdo spastic mechanical marches." Starting out with the chilling dark ambient intro "Approaching The Inner Temple", he then gets stuck into the deep acid techno jam "Sea Of Crisis" (which brings to mind the sounds of Tin Man) while "Bay Of Rainbows" goes for the jugular on this adrenalised 303 thriller.
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Cat: WT 25. Rel: 26 Oct 16
  1. The Short Dance (3:38)
  2. Io's Eye (2:25)
  3. Ocean Of Storms (4:38)
  4. Lake Of Forgetfulnes (5:29)
  5. Callisto's Running (5:00)
Review: Moon Temple is the new project of Gabriel Andruzzi and if the name sounds vaguely familiar; you probably know him from his involvement in a popular punk-funk band that was active in the mid noughties. This nine track album is Andruzzi's first release under this alias and follows up Moon Temple I, also released this week. According to WT, the album is a collection of "delicate interludes, acid stompers and weirdo spastic mechanical marches." Starting out with the early nineties, Plastikman sounding hardware techno jam "The Short Dance", there's the pounding and stripped hard techno of "Ocean Of Storms" (which calls to mind locals like Shawn O'Sullivan) and the deep and drifting hypnotism of "Lake Of Forgetfulnes".
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 in stock $10.46
MKB (12")
Cat: WT 001. Rel: 03 Jun 09
Deep House
  1. Stinkworx - "MKB"
  2. Kinoeye - "Mean Old World"
 in stock $8.58
The City (12")
Cat: WT 23. Rel: 21 Dec 15
  1. The City (8:59)
  2. KMD (8:07)
  3. Party Over (10:12)
  4. Sta Ti To Radis (5:44)
Review: From the sound of this quietly impressive debut 12", Belgrade's Tapan see city life as one long, paranoid shuffle through streets riddled with potential hazards. There's a definite creepiness and breathless feel to the title track's slo-mo industrial chug, winding saxophone lines and ambient house style samples. This strangely exotic, psychedelic feel is continued on the Middle Eastern hue of "KMD", while "The Party's Over" melds dub techno, dark ambient and post-punk influences on an impeccably clandestine workout. Finally, the paranoia and dub techno influences are ratcheted up a few more notches on closing track "Sta Ti To Radis", which comes on like the imaginary soundtrack to a journey few will ever make.
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Boys (12")
Cat: WT 26. Rel: 02 May 17
  1. Dance All Night (4:46)
  2. Boys (4:38)
  3. Spirit Of The Night (5:10)
  4. Come On (7:15)
  5. Waiting (5:04)
Review: Some lovely vocoder pop courtesy of London duo Alexander Keefe & Joakim Kristiansen aka Teachers: actually real life teachers in fact. One of the guys released previously on WT as Tagwell Woods and the label claims that this "works at home or in the club." True that. This is convincing '80s synthpop from the machines right through to the methodology and recording techniques (it seems!) and even hints at taking influence from legends such as Erasure, Pet Shop Boys or Stephin Merritt's Magnetic Fields project. Comes with colour picture sleeve with photo realistic painting by Gabe Benzur.
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Woz (LP)
Cat: WT 11. Rel: 04 Oct 12
  1. Straight Ahead
  2. Compassion
  3. Tongue Depressor
  4. Tribes
  5. 2nd Attempt
  6. Palpitation
  7. Wozzy's Waltz
  8. Zerkon
  9. Flashbacks
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