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Wsnwg Germany

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WSNWG 003 (12")
Cat: WSNWG 003. Rel: 21 Apr 20
  1. 180702.1 (6:15)
  2. 180702.2 (6:01)
  3. 190709 (6:33)
  4. 190904 (4:49)
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WSNWG 006 (12")
Cat: WSNWG 006. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. 200701 (6:08)
  2. 200705 (5:23)
  3. 200704 (5:27)
  4. 200616 (5:37)
Review: WSNWG's outlook continues to expand with the addition of loopy and dystopian Berlin favourite Rodhad to the ranks, alongside Lady Starlight. Across four hard hitting but heady collaborative tracks the duo nail down a series of perfectly endless loops that melt the mind. Each one is in the mould of early Jeff Mills, with the sci-fi sounds of '200701' followed by the much darker '200705'. Things get rave with the edgy, tense reputation of '200704' and '200616' closes with a grainy, lo-fi sound that is stripped right back to a haunting groove.
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WSNWG 004 (12")
Cat: WSNWG 004. Rel: 20 Apr 21
  1. 180215 (6:13)
  2. 190319 (6:22)
  3. 190318 (5:24)
  4. 200301.1 (5:46)
Review: For the next instalment in WSNWG's collaborative saga, Rodhad welcomes UK Techno constant O (Phase) to the series. After productive sessions in the East-Berlin studio which lent its name to the label, the duo came up with a set of diverse techno tracks ready for anyone's bag.
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Played by: Philippe Petit
 in stock $13.37
Mood (2xLP)
Cat: WSNWGGBTZ 001. Rel: 27 Jul 20
  1. Flying Between The Clusters Of Trees Without Buoyoant, Floating Wing Beats (6:11)
  2. He Was Beginning To Despair Of Ever Knowing (3:58)
  3. Like Sleepwalkers Ghosting Through A Dreamscape (4:31)
  4. Lions In The Supermarket Don't Sound Like Humans (3:45)
  5. Misty Fog Covering The Side Window (3:07)
  6. He Or She Will Then Drill Into The Pulp To Reach The Root Canal (3:30)
  7. Into Your Brain - A News Report Said The Line Carried 13,000 Volts Of Electricity (2:53)
  8. The Film Is About A Clown Who Leaves His Circus & Lives In A Building Near The Railway Station (1:47)
  9. She Wanted Her To Grow Up In A Nice House With A Backyard, So She Could Play (7:06)
  10. The Drawings Were Rearranged, As If By Magic (6:41)
  11. He Didn't Seem The Kind Of Guy Who Would Just Get Talking To A Stranger (7:48)
  12. Pigeons Dancing On The Roof (7:00)
  13. When They Returned Home After Midnight (6:17)
  14. I Wanted To Hold Her Close & Whisper In Her Ear That She'd Be Fine (2:36)
  15. Good Bye My Love (3:17)
Review: We've all seen sledgehammer techno DJ-producers head off on a personal pilgrimage into the ambient drone wilderness. Many heads have got lost in endless seas of timbre and refrain, only to emerge the other side with something void of personality and littered with sonic cliches born from 'intelligent' warm-up sets packed with beatless B-side gems. RODHAD certainly fits the bill in terms of powerful club players, a guy whose own Dystopian parties, not to mention global guest bookings, refuse to take any prisoners from dark, sweaty dancefloors. Thankfully, though, this career landmark (if nothing else, it's the first outing on his new WSNWG - Back To Basics imprint, designed to provide a home for solo experimentations) manages to steer clear of overly-trodden paths. Made from field recordings, gorgeous hypnotic loops, layers of subtly ethereal synth work and plenty of nods to dance culture, it's impressive stuff.
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 in stock $26.47
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Wsnwg Germany
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