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Wolf + Lamb Us

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The Way We Live (CD in lenticular image sleeve)
Cat: WLCD 03. Rel: 27 Jul 12
Deep House
  1. I Knew This Would Happen (with Tanner Ross feat PillowTalk)
  2. You Know It's True (with Gadi Mizrahi)
  3. Love Triangle (instrumental with Wolf & Lamb)
  4. The Way We Live (with Gadi Mizrahi feat Navid Izadi)
  5. Hypocrite (with Gadi Mizrahi)
  6. Right On (with Gadi Mizrahi vs Hardage feat Michael Franti)
  7. Don't Wanna Be (with Kenny Glasgow)
  8. Safe Word (with Soul Clap feat Navid Izadi)
  9. Wake Me Up (with PillowTalk & Thugfucker)
  10. Blackness (with PillowTalk & Thugfucker)
  11. Thunder Clap (with Voices Of Black)
  12. The Beat Drops (with Tanner Ross feat Jules Born)
Review: A true product of the Wolf + Lamb family, Deniz Kurtel's second album comes drenched in the kind of 21st century boogie that has made stars of Soul Clap and the like. It's a thoroughly clean affair, as the Moog basslines and melodramatic pads get streamlined and twisted into a dark pop balladry that fits neatly into the trajectory being plotted by the new wave of US producers. With sizable contributions from Tanner Ross, Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb and Thugfucker amongst others, lovers of this silken strand of house music will be in neo-romantic bliss.
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Cat: WLM 35CD. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. Our Story
  2. We All Have Rhythm
  3. Devil's Run
  4. Slim's Night Out
  5. Lullaby
  6. Meet Me In The Dark
  7. The NIght I Met Luther
  8. If I Try
  9. Homesick
  10. Naive
  11. 4 Walls (feat Jaw, Navid Izadi, Aquarius Heaven & Dina Moursi)
  12. La To The Bay
  13. The Outcast (acoustic version)
Review: Although Pillowtalk largely made their name through a series of woozy, enveloping tech-house tracks, they've always been at their best when exploring their leftfield pop influences. It's pleasing to find, then, that Je Ne Said Quoi, their belated debut album, smartly moves further in this direction. Of course, there's a strong dancefloor undercurrent - see the ghetto-influenced deepness of "4 Walls" and bassy, P-funk-goes-deep house pulse of "We All Have Rhythm" - but many of the album's standout moments doff a cap to lo-fi indie-pop ("Devil Run" and "Inside in the Dark", both of which are built around live drums, bass and guitars) and Junior Boys-ish deep synth-pop (the brilliant "Homesick").
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Cat: WLM 37. Rel: 21 Jul 14
  1. Miss White
  2. Second Fiddle
  3. Everything (We Are)
  4. Everything (We Are) (Cameo Culture remix)
Review: It's been a long time coming, the debut Slow Hands EP Everything (We Are) on Wolf + Lamb Records. Yes, you read that right, this is the first EP to be released by the long time W+L artist, Slow Hands.

Known to his friends & family as Ryan Cavanagh, the native Vermonter has maintained a career as both a live musician, and DJ through a consistent release of singles and remixes for W+L, as well as Permanent Vacation, K7, and Bedrock to name a few. With Everything (We Are), Cavanagh sets out to deliver a preview of the diversity that will be expressed in the great number of songs set to be released in the coming year, and longly anticipated LP.

The organic foundation is laid early with the funk fueled Miss White. A song steered by it's live rhythm section, vocals, guitar, as well as it's elaborate arrangement. Second Fiddle, a staple in Slow Hands' recent live sets, is the very epitome of his traditional verse/chorus composition style over loose and energetic beats. The EP slows tempo with it's title ballad Everything (We Are), a display of Cavanagh's recently discovered raw vocals, and a powerfully emotional chorus, reinforced by the vocals of Dave Robertson.

Robertson, more widely known as Cameo Culture, who also acts as co-producer, and musician on this release, concludes the EP with a compelling rendition of the title song. Driving things home with a more rock inspired re-harmonization of Everything (We Are), Robertson augments what will be the theme of all forthcoming Slow Hands' releases; organics, musicianship, and diversity.
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Played by: Slow Hands
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Cat: WLM 38. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. With Any Future
  2. Missing Us
  3. Missing Us (dub)
Review: Marking the start of an exciting new collaborative project, Wolf + Lamb proudly share the debut release of The Waves & Us. Formed out of
a creative meeting of minds between Maayan Nidam, Markus Nikolaus and Louis McGuire, theirs is a sound that strengthens the storied
approach of a live band with the experimental thrust of analogue electronics. Pop and rock fundamentals lend an earthly hook to the
tracks, but these are anything but straight-forward songs.
Maayan has already forged a formidable career in electronic music, both under her own name and as part of Mara Trax, scoring releases
on such celebrated labels as Perlon. Markus performs his own solo project Cunt Cunt Chanel, while Louis is part of Ballet School, a band
releasing on noted indie label Bella Union. The whirlwind of creativity that has whipped up around the trio has yielded an album which will
follow this single, made up of one-take recordings that capture the energy and adventure that powers The Waves & Us.
Maayan's electronics provide the atmospheric backdrop to the songs, running modular synthesisers and drum machines through detailed
chains of processing and effects with an emphasis on a warm, charmingly rough finish. Markus' guitar undergoes a similar fuzzy treatment
while his voice calls out introspective, abstract lyrics to set the mind racing. Louis' bass underpins the music with a dubby sensibility,
bringing a necessary balance to the frequency range.
Making the most of their in-the-room recording approach, the singles will feature alternative takes of the songs that will appear on the
album, providing a little insight into the flutters and fluctuations that shape the development of this project. With their eyes fixed on live
performances and an arresting sound already formed, this is a vital time for all three artists and the people that listen to them.
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Wolf + Lamb Us
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