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WMD Aperture Eurorack Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 835493 Rel: 05 Jul 21
A variable-width bandpass filter with fast and tactile controls.
Notes: The Aperture is a variable-width bandpass filter with fast and tactile controls. It is capable of simple filtering, self oscillation FM timbres, nasty acidic squelches, and capturing images of UFOs descending from the heavens on a cold winter's night. The concept is a bandpass that ranges from transparent to gnarly, with precision controls that behave under stress, all while being joyful to wreak havoc with.

*LEDs along the top indicate width and position of the filter

Frequency: Controls the center frequency of the band
Width: Controls the width of the band.
Freq CV: Attenuverter for the CV input for precise control over the Frequency of the filter.
HP Res: Controls the amount of resonance on the High Pass side of the filter.
LP Res: Controls the amount of resonance on the Low Pass side of the filter.
Input Level: Attenuates the input level. Unity at 12o'clock, total gain of 6 dB
Feedback: Controls the amount of feedback for more self oscillation and squelchy behavior.
Dry/Wet Mix: You know what this means.
Width CV: Attenuverter for CV control over the width of the filter.

1V/ Oct: The aperture's cutoff frequency will track at 1V/oct. This is the input for that.
In LVL: Input for CV control over the input level attenuation.
Freq: CV input for control over the cuttoff frequency.
Width: CV input for control over the width of the band.
FDBK: CV input for control over the feedback amount.
Input: This is where your audio signal you want to filter goes.
Output: This is where the filtered audio signal comes out.
HPCV: CV input for independent control over the cutoff frequency on the high pass side of the filter.
LPCV: CV input for independent control over the cutoff frequency on the low pass side of the filter.
HP Res: CV input for control over the resonance on the high pass side of the filter.
LP Res: CV input for control over the resonance on the low pass side of the filter.

Other notable things:
Input Gain: -90dB to +6dB
Nominal Input: 10Vpp
HPF Cutoff Freq Range: 0.5 Hz to 50kHz
LPF Cutoff Freq Range: 0.1Hz to 25kHz
Poles: 8


Power: +12V = 120mA; -12V = 100mA
Size: 12 HP
Depth: 25mm including power
Height: 3U Eurorack
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WMD Arpitecht Voltage Controlled Quantizer & Rhythmic Arpeggio Generator Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 760486 Rel: 06 Jan 20
Rhythmic arpeggio generator & quantizer module - 12HP
Notes: Simply put, Arpitecht is a voltage controlled Quantizer and rhythmic arpeggio generator. As one of WMD's most musical modules to date, Arpitecht is designed to be an inspiring tool for the modular musician.

With the Arpitecht, you can create intricate melodies span 8 octaves, imply chord changes, instant acid basslines, evolving generative sequences, and, using the Triad expander, polyphonic chord generation.

The Arpitecht features 16 scales, each with a unique set of "note masks" offering hundreds of note combinations with the ability to dial in via knobs on the front panel or CV. 32 rhythm patterns and 32 slide patterns all with CV control let you feed a static clock into it and get unique, evolving patterns of gates and note changes.
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WMD Axxent Accent Expander Module For Metron Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 771731 Rel: 20 Apr 20
expander module
Notes: AXXENT is an expander module for the METRON trigger and gate sequencer and adds 16 "accent" gate outputs. Each track is specifically tied to METRON tracks, making it a very intuitive addition to any METRON sequencing ecosystem.

Use AXXENT to send signals to additional envelopes, slews, drum accents, and other gate triggered functions.

METRON will need its Firmware updated to support AXXENT.

Width: 4HP (20.32mm)
Height: Eurorack 3U (128.5mm Panel, 112mm PCB behind panel)
Depth Including Cables: 43mm

Do not connect power to expansion headers.
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WMD Buffered Mult Eurorack Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 841365 Rel: 30 Nov 21
Three channel buffered multiple.
Notes: Clear and simple, the way a mult should be.

Three channel buffered multiple. Each channel has a dual color LED indicating Green for a positive voltage, and Red for a negative voltage. Each channel is normaled to the next channel for a total of nine outputs from one input.

3 Channels
Dual Color LED for +/- voltage
Each channel normalled to the next for a total of nine outputs


Power: +12V = 30mA; -12V = 30mA
Size: 4HP
Depth : 25mm

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WMD Chimera Percussion Synthesizer Module
Cat: 664480 Rel: 11 Oct 17
Percussion module using granular synthesis - 8HP
Notes: The Chimera, pronounced "kai-meer-ah", is WMD's first percussion synthesizer module for Eurorack.

First, they recorded samples of different metallic hits to create the sonic signatures that they call Surfaces. The sources include tambourines, sleigh bells, drill bits, wrenches, shell casings, coins, chains and stomp box enclosures.

Second, they built a proprietary granular synthesis engine around the sonic signatures with the goal of making a module that could sound like a human hitting and shaking a tambourine. With the fundamentals finished, they tweaked the control ranges, built the post-engine effects, and bomb-proofed the hardware.

From there they pushed and polished the engine and user experience, squeezing every juicy drop out of 8HP.

Humanistic shakers, drum machine tambourines, laser guns, minimal techno offbeats, giant-robot movie sound design, etc. It's all yours with the Chimera.
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WMD Fracture Multi Particle Percussion Synthesiser Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 747621 Rel: 20 Sep 19
8HP drum/percussion synth module
Notes: Originally inspired by audience applause, hip-hop samples, and classic drum machines, Fracture is a multi-particle percussion synthesizer that applies concepts from classic analogue clap circuits to granular synthesis methods.

It all starts from proprietary micro-samples we recorded specifically for this purpose and ends with an engine built to suit these samples.
Unlike our other percussion module, the Chimera which uses impulse rich samples as it's tonal centre, Fracture uses single impulse samples like Claps, Snaps, Ping Pong Balls, Opening a beer can, and many more. It then plays a group of similar samples back in a psuedo random order for unique hits. Density, Decay, and Tail affect tone and how "tight" your virtual clappers are to playing together.

Our goal was to design a clap percussion module covering the range from classic drum machine claps all the way to full audience applause. We ended up with a module that covers a huge range of timbres beyond claps. We hope this engine provides you with the tools to intuitively create wild percussion sounds that bring your system to life in a new way.
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WMD Geiger Counter Civilian Issue Distortion Pedal
Cat: 698451 Rel: 30 Aug 18
Stripped down version of the Geiger Counter digital distortion pedal
Notes: The Geiger Counter - Civilian Issue is 32 killer sounds from the original Geiger Counter. WMD stripped off the majority of the controls and took $100 off the price. This is for those players who want to dial in a tone quickly and save pedalboard space.

The Controls:

Stomp Switch - Like all WMD pedals, the GCCI (Geiger Counter Civilian Issue) is handwired and true bypass, so it won't affect your tone when disabled. When the GCCI is on, the red LED will be lit.

Gain - The gain control provides anywhere from a nice clean tone to a ton of overdrive. Use this to hit the Function tables harder or softer to produce different amounts of harmonics.

Tone - The tone control can be used to fine tune the harmonic content from the Function tables. Use lower settings for fewer upper level harmonics.

Function - Twisting this knob will cause the number on the display to change. It goes 0 to 9 and A to F. This selects the 16 presets inside the GCCI. Push the knob in to activate the Low Fidelity mode for each preset. Low Fidelity mode is indicated by the decimal point on the display.

Each Function recalls parameters from the original Geiger Counter including the Bit Depth, Sample Rate and the Wave Table. The wave tables are displayed in the manual file. As your guitar string swings up and down, the wave table is played left to right from the centre. The output is what's vertically on the graph. The more movement in the Function, the more harmonic content you'll get out.

Volume - Sets the output volume of the GCCI which can be up to 5Vpp, enough to really crush your amp's input stage.
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WMD Geiger Counter Distortion Pedal
Cat: 698452 Rel: 21 Aug 18
Digital distortion pedal with high gain modern preamp
Notes: The WMD Geiger Counter is hundreds of entirely new face melting sounds. A high gain modern preamp drives an 8 bit computer, creating sounds which range from nice (tubey overdrive, lofi aliasing, hot gated leads) to total madness (impossible amounts of gain, multiple octave foldover, harsh digital data errors, and piercing sculpted noise).

- High Gain Modern Preamp
- Dramatic Tone Control with Disable
- Sample Rate from 260Hz to 58kHz
- 1 to 8 Bit Depth with Mask mode
- 252 Wave Table Modulator
- CV In for Expressive Control
- Always saves settings
- Hand Wired True Bypass
- Top Quality Components
- Super Hard Epoxy Powder Finish
- Standard 9V Power Jack
- 4.5" x 3.5" Small Footprint
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WMD Javelin Envelope Module
Cat: 784089 Rel: 15 Jul 20
Notes: WMD raid their back catalogue to create an ADSR envelope generator with built-in VCA. Accent features and choke options make it a versatile little module. Best Eurorack envelope ever? WMD think so.

Supplier's Notes:

Javelin is the envelope WMD have always needed to make. The best parts were taken from Multimode Envelope and combined them with the simplicity and convenience of an ADSR with integrated VCA. The tricks learned from live performance, and use of other awesome synthesizers, were put all together to create the ultimate Eurorack envelope.

Javelin starts out as a simple ADSR envelope. 3 level ranges have been added, giving you control over the envelope's overall amplitude. Next, 3 time ranges allow for quick switching of the feel of the envelope. These ranges were carefully designed to work with each other, making the switch a fun and playable part of the interface. Short and snappy, long and drawn out (max 88 minutes per stage with 5V in a stage's CV input), the Javelin will suit any style of music or playing style.

Expression is key. The addition of Accent and Choke inputs make for very interesting sequences that are just a couple gates away.

The Accent behavior is incredibly unique. Multiple consecutive gates while the Accent input is high cause the envelope to climb a bit higher with each gate, causing whatever you are controlling to accent a bit harder on each next gate. When controlling a filter, this creates a sound that can be personified with breathing, laughing, screaming, or crying, and is the key to the perfect, funky, acid style bass line. This behavior can also be disabled if you prefer a static Accent level.

As if that's not enough, the Accent input is actually a CV input which lets you use CV to effect the amount of accent with intention. 3 different accent ranges let you choose the maximum amount that the envelope will accent to. Complete control!

Reset lets you stop the envelope in it's tracks with a gate signal. This is great for using long envelope times for some steps and cutting them off for others without the need for another CV channel. However, Attack and Release also have CV inputs can can be sequenced externally. Release CV can even be routed to control Decay and Release simultaneously, a common control scheme in vintage style synthesizer envelopes.

Combining all of these methods of control on Javelin let you pinpoint the sound you are after. An absolute joy to work with.

Size: 6hp
Depth: 38mm (with cables)
Power: +93mA, -65mA
100k ohm input/CV impedance
1k ohm output impedance
Linear curve. 0V = off, 5V = unity
22Vpp range
Envelope: Digitally controlled analog core
Gate/Reset: 100k ohm impedance.
2V Schmitt Trigger
15us Latency (entirely imperceptible)
Attack/Release CV: 68k ohm impedance
Accent CV: 100k ohm impedance. 0-5V
Envelope Levels: 3V, 5V, 7V
Accent Levels: +32%, +42%, +48%
Max Level + Max Accent: 6V, 9.8V, 11.7V (clipped)
1k ohm output impedance
Segment Ranges (Linear)
Fast: 350us to 1.15s
Medium: 700us to 5.5s
Slow: 1ms to 23s
Slow with 5V CV: 240ms to 88 min
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WMD Kraken Eurorack Module
WMD Kraken Eurorack Module (eurorack snare drum module)
Cat: 841371 Rel: 25 Aug 21
A physical modeling snare drum module for eurorack modular synthesizers.
Notes: WMD turn their hand to snare drums with this unusual physical modelling module. No samples, just 100% pure digital synthesis. Properly versatile stuff, from realistic drum sounds to creative weirdness.

Supplier's Notes:
Kraken is a physical modeling snare drum module for eurorack modular synthesizers.

No samples, 100% digital synthesis with the ability to make realistic snare drums of all sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. Similar to Crucible, Kraken uses a network of classic synthesis blocks like delay, digital filters, and noise to create a very unique resonator.

"Crack-in" to the snare drum sound you're into most by adjusting parameters that corelate to physical drum properties such as shell type and size, head tightness, amount of overtone, and how tight and bright the snares sound.

You like snare samples? Great! Although Kraken does not use any recordings to generate sound, you can get a perfectly repeatable snare sound, similar to a sampler by using digital noise to generate the sound of the "snares". Dial in the decay to cut the sound short, and use different gate lengths to mimic "gate" mode style sounds in samplers.

Want your snare to sound more realistic? Switch to analog noise to imitate the subtle difference of a drummer hitting the snare slightly different on each hit.

Perfect Pitch... kind-of. Optional pitch shifter on the output widens the sonic palette as well as the frequency range, while imparting a unique character of it's own, reminiscent of old school samplers and pitch shifter pedals. Pitch knob and CV input take control of the pitch shifter when in this mode.

Wreck the ship with the Wreck switch and CV input. 3 different distortion characters push the envelope that much further with an analog style gained up hard clipping, wavefolding, and bit depth reduction.

At some shell settings, gain gets loud and fedback like running a snare mic through a distortion pedal. The wavefolder sounds like over-the-top compression with lots of high frequency content. The bit depth reduction setting let's you dial in a desired amount of "vintage" digital artifacts. Moving the switch to these different modes is only a preview.

Use the Wreck CV input for the most control over your sound.

Kraken is begging to be sequenced. Use the Head, Rim, and Accent gate inputs to start your basic rhythm of hits, sidesticks, rimshots and accented sounds. Sequence the Velocity input with a variable CV source to bring the pattern to life and put the drummer behind the kit.

Pair with Crater, Fracture, Chimera, and Crucible for a completely unique set of drums for your Eurorack Modular Synthesizer.

- No samples, 100% digital synthesis
- 3 built-in distortion types
- Digital and analog noise source
- Pitch shifter
- Wide range of sounds
- Two trigger inputs - Hit both simultaneously for a realistic "rimshot" sound.

Size: 8hp Depth: 30mm (with cables)
Power: +61mA, -17mA All CV
Inputs: 100k ohm impedance
CV inputs sum with knobs.
Full sweep is 5V
Gate Inputs: 100k ohm impedance 2V threshold Schmitt Trigger
Audio Output: 470 ohm impedance
22Vpp range
4.0ms latency max
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WMD MSCL Stereo Compressor Module
Cat: 640972 Rel: 27 Feb 17
Stereo compressor in 4 HP
Notes: MSCL is a stereo compressor in 4 HP designed for your master bus to help "glue" your mix together. Inspired by the DBX "Over Easy" style compressor, it features independent attack and release knobs, output gain, and an all-in-one knob function for compression which decreases threshold, increases gain and ratio all with one turn. Limit Switch allows the MSCL to act more like a peak limiter. The threshold switch lets you compress signals of different amplitudes. It also features a side chain input for classic ducking sounds on stereo tracks.


- Comp knob: Adjusts makeup gain, threshold, ratio simultaneously
- Attack Knob: Controls how fast the compressor will react to incoming transients
- Release Knob: Controls the speed in which the compressor will release
- Gain Knob: Adds up to +-35dB on the output
- Threshold Switch: Changes the threshold range
- Limit Switch: Limits the comp knob's makeup gain. Makes the MSCL operate more as a peak limiter


- Size: 4HP
- Input Impedance: 20k
- Side Chain Impedance 100k
- Output Impedance: 220 ohms
- RMS and Adaptive Detector Response
- Green/Red indicator for Gain/Reduction
- AC Coupled signal pass
- DC coupled bypass
- AC coupled Sidechain
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WMD OSD Or/Sum/Difference Module
WMD OSD Or/Sum/Difference Module (eurorack logic/mixer/utility module)
Cat: 826566 Rel: 12 May 21
3 independent blocks of useful utility in 4HP
Notes: OSD, aka OR SUM DIF, is 3 independent blocks of useful utility in 4HP.

OSD is centered around combining voltage in useful ways. Audio, V/Oct, and control voltage are at home in this utility. OSD offers a fully DC coupled signal path with precision components to make this happen. High quality, configurability, and compact size ensure OSD will always find it's way into your patch.

- Combine v/Oct sequences with precision summing, or enable the the precision OR circuit for completely different results.

- Mix two envelopes or an envelope and lfo using sum to create large accented voltages or combine with OR to keep the output in the original range.

- Crossfade between audio or control voltage using the potentiometer in block one. Setting DIF will invert the signal at the B jack.

What is OR, SUM, and DIF?

OR - Input voltages are compared and the higher of the two is passed to the output.

For example, if A = 4V and B = 8V, the output will be 8V.

SUM - Input voltages are added together to create the output voltage.

For example if A= 3V and B=4V, the output will be 7V. This clips at -10V and 10V.

DIF - Lower voltage source is subtracted from the higher voltage, producing an output of the difference between the two.

For example if A= 3V and B = 5V, the output will be 2V.

Controls / Configuration:

Block 1 - Sum, OR, or Difference of two inputs and effect the mix of the A input to the B input with the Knob. The third input ORs with the result of the A/B inputs.

Block 2 - Sum, OR, or Difference two inputs with a fixed mix of 50%. The third input ORs with the result of the A/B inputs.

Block 3 - 3 input OR. Mix gates or CV from three sources for some wild results.


Size: 4hp

Depth: 40mm(with cables)

Power: 50mA +12V, 50mA -12V

All Inputs: >=100k ohm impedance .1% Resistors

All Outputs: 470 ohm impedance impedance compensated for precision.

20Vpp range
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quote 826566
WMD PM Mutes Expander Module For WMD Performance Mixer
Cat: 665767 Rel: 30 Jan 18
Expander module for the WMD Performance Mixer - 6HP
Notes: This module gives you mute control over each channel of the Perfomance Mixer including the master Aux Sends and even the two extra stereo channels provided by the PM Channels Expander.

Also adds voltage control over the Aux Send level for the first 4 channels on the Performance Mixer.

All action happens on release.

Combo button: Hold down and select multiple channels to mute upon release.
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quote 665767
WMD SCLPL Stereo 5-Band Digital EQ & Morphing Filter Module
Cat: 776823 Rel: 23 Sep 20
filter module
Notes: Proper surgical EQ in Eurorack format, with five parametric bands of filters for shaping sound. As usual for WMD, there's a lot of thought gone into making it versatile, doubling up as a morphing filter for mono, dual mono or stereo signals.

Supplier's Notes:
SCLPL (pronounced SCALPEL) is a Stereo 5-Band Digital EQ / Morphing Filter module for eurorack modular synthesizers. Use it to cut out problem frequencies on voices in your mix or to add pleasing enhancements to your stereo field.

Dual Mono and Stereo Control Schemes make it an excellent addition to any WMD Performance Mixer Setup. Add 4 SCLPL for 8 channels of EQ in 16HP. Put a 5th on the Master Bus and you have the ultimate eurorack mixing setup!

A simple user interface makes it a powerful tool for many use cases. It features 9 user-programmable preset slots that can then be "morphed" between seamlessly with CV or the Level knob in Morph Mode.

Each frequency band is set independently with the Level, Q, and Frequency knobs, and a helpful LED display aids in knowing exactly what's going on at all times.

Frequency bands include a Low Shelf, 3 Mid-Range Peaking Bands, and a High Shelf.
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WMD Sequential Switch Matrix Eurorack Module (black faceplate)
WMD Sequential Switch Matrix Eurorack Module (black faceplate) (eurorack logic/sequencer/switch/utility module)
Cat: 835496 Rel: 05 Jul 21
A 4x4 triggered/CV addressed routing matrix.
Notes: Next-level sequential switch with program storage and mixing built in, allowing you to set up complex switching setups with seriously versatile options. Hard to beat.

Supplier's Notes:
Four inputs, can handle audio and CV. Precision components for pitch accuracy.

The four inputs (rows) are routed with the buttons to output columns.

If multiple inputs are selected simultaneously for an output, they are mixed together at unity gain.

A comparator input is available and each output mix is compared to the signal on the jack. This jack has a 0.5 volt normal.

The LEDs by the buttons indicate that a connection is made.

That's all well and good. The fun part is that each input to output routing matrix is then stored in an array. You can have 16 matrices in each bank. There are four banks available.

The current matrix is shown on the 7 segment display.

The matrix counter can be advanced with a gate signal. Reset with a gate signal. The matrix counter can be offset with CV and an offset knob.

The seven buttons near the top provide additional modes and settings. Red lettering indicates push and hold (1.5 seconds) functionality.

The bank button changes bank with a tap. Saves all matrices and settings with a hold. The save takes about 1.5 seconds. All settings are recalled on power up, but must be saved before power down. This allows you to just save changes you want, and recall patches while retaining the ability to make changes.

TopSet/TopClear - sets the upper matrix in the count for gate step inputs. Hold to clear the limit and allow the matrix to count to 16 (F). LED indicates that the top is set. Decimal point on the 7 segment display will light when the top matrix is selected.

Reset/ClearMatrix - tap to reset the counter to 0. Hold to clear all routing in the selected matrix.

Rnd/RndRcl - tap to randomize the selected matrix. Hold to set the selected matrix to always randomize upon being selected (via CV or gate).

CV Limit to Top - tap to enable and light the LED. When enabled, the CV input and offset will be constrained to the upper matrix. When disabled and a top matrix is set, the CV/Offset will offset the matrix counter. For example, if the top is 3, a gate will count from 0 to 3 and reset. Disabling "CV Limit to Top" will cause CV to offset the start of the count (if offset by 8, then the count will start at 8 and go to 11 (B)). If enabled, the top will always be 3, and the CV can be used to set the starting (lowest) matrix.

Step/Hold - Tap to step the matrix counter. Push and hold to disable CV, gate and reset signals from altering the matrix counter.

Gate Mode - Tap to change the gate modes. Available modes are step up (LED off), Step Down (LED Green), Random (LED Red).

There will be a video version available using LM6172 opamps. Video version will adhere to the LZX specifications. The inputs and outputs will operate at video rates. Routing control will not. Upper frequency of the routing control is TBD, but will run at audio rates.

The DAC 1:2 output is a voltage output (0-5 volts) of the 8 bit combination of the first two columns. This allows the first two channels' routing information (lit LEDs) to be used as a voltage output. (16 step voltage sequencer). This is always operational.

Bi-color LEDs show the amplitude and polarity of input and output signals. Comparator LEDs will be lit when the output is on.


Power: +12V = 80mA; -12V = 32mA
Size: 16HP
Depth: 25mm
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WMD SSM Sequential Switch Matrix Expand Module
Cat: 580286 Rel: 29 Jul 15
Synth module unit for extended functionality of the SSM module
Notes: The SSM Expand 8 HP module provides extended functionality of the SSM.

Gate/Trig: Gate (Green LED lit) provides 10V outputs for each routing button. It mirrors the routing shown by the SSM LEDs. Trig mode (Red LED lit) will output a trigger when a step (CV, Step/Gate or Reset) is taken. Pushing a routing button will not change the output thus providing synchronized triggers.

Trigger Length: CV and knob provide adjustable trigger length.

Retrig on Step: When on, gates and triggers will retrigger quickly when a step is taken.

Invert Behavior: When on, routings that are OFF will produce ON triggers or Gates.

DAC3/4: Two 4 bit DAC outputs that output a weighted 4 bit voltage between 0 and 5 volts. From routing columns 3 and 4.

Step: Outputs a trigger for each step, reset or CV change that is made to the SSM.

Installation: Connect the 20 pin ribbon cable to the GTExp header on the SSM, and the ToSSM connector on the Expand. Red Stripe Down.

Specs: 8 HP. 25mm Depth. 10V Gate Outputs. Current consumption is +40mA, -3mA. 12 month warranty.
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WMD Time Warp Dual Channel Gated Slew Module
Cat: 771732 Rel: 20 Apr 20
slew module
Notes: Compact dual slew module adds slide/glide to sequences in a compact format. Includes some nice added features allowing it to work as an envelope or envelope follower.

Supplier notes:
The acid style pitch slew effect has made it to Eurorack in a small easy to use package. You no longer need to dedicate more complicated modules patched in wacky ways to achieve this classic sound. Finally, a dual slew, with the right interface, at the perfect size. Add some slide and smoothness to your patches on your own accord with Time Warp.

TIME WARP is a dual channel, gated slew module with some extra features that make a powerful and versatile addition to any Eurorack Modular Synthesizer System.

Its unique, Gated Slew function allows users to add slew to any voltage signal at designated times by sending it a gate signal from a sequencer or similar source. Switch it up with Invert Logic on the gate input, or use the switch as a real time performance tool for hands-on control over when the slew will take place.
With two modes of symmetry and a full wave rectifier on the input, Time Warp can function as 2 independent Slews, two A/R Envelopes with tied controls, or even as an envelope follower, taking audio and turning it into a useful envelope signal. CV control over the Rate of slew! Time warp puts all of that in a compact, 4hp package.

Size: 4hp (20.32mm)
Depth: 30mm(with cables)
Power: 50mA +12V, 50mA -12V

Gate Inputs:
100k ohm impedance
2V threshold Schmitt Trigger
Patching into the Gate input disables the Full Wave Rectifier

CV Outputs:
470 ohm impedance, zero-impedance compensating buffer
1V/Octave no drop
22Vpp range
Gain error: 0.1% maximum. 0.025% typical.
Offset error: 1.5mV maximum. 0.5mV typical.

RoHS, CE, & WEEE Compliant
Made with Lead Free solder and processes
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WMD TRSHMSTR Bandpass Filter & Distortion Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 742231 Rel: 21 Aug 19
Versatile band-pass filter - 12HP
Notes: TRSHMSTR is a collaborative effort between WMD and electro-dance heavyweights MSTRKRFT. TRSHMSTR features an aggressive combination of band-pass filtering (FLTR) and distortion (DRV). The FLTR and DRV sections can be used independently or together to produce a wide variety of tone-shaping, from subtle distress to full-on acid destruction. The INs and OUTs of the FLTR and DRV sections are cross-normalled, so you can run your signal through FLTR and into DRV or vice-versa with no extra patching.
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WMD Utility Parametric EQ Pedal
Cat: 698455 Rel: 21 Aug 18
Compact parametric equalizer in stomp box format
Notes: The Utility Parametric EQ is a staple pedal that belongs in any professional's rig. There are 3 bands of EQ with frequency ranges from about 40Hz to 15kHz. Each band is an independent bandpass filter with adjustable centre frequency, quality factor, and gain. Use them to sculpt and shape your tone however you like.

The Controls:

There are 3 bands of EQ with frequency ranges from about 40Hz to 15kHz. Each band is an independent bandpass filter with adjustable centre frequency, quality factor, and gain. Use them to sculpt and shape your tone however you like.

Stomp Switch - This footswitch activates the EQ. The centre LED will be lit when the pedal is engaged.

Freq - This selects the centre frequency of the filter. The three frequency ranges are: 31Hz to 1.6kHz, 100Hz to 4.8kHz, 300Hz to 16kHz.

Q - The Quality Factor (Q) gives you control over the sharpness of the filter. Turn it up and the filter section becomes resonant and more abrasive. Low Q settings sound like a traditional EQ, higher Q adds resonant nodes. The Q ranges from about .1 to around 30.

Level - This controls how much cut or boost you have from the band. Centre it (0) and the band is out of the circuit. Turn clockwise and you'll get more of that frequency, turn counter-clockwise and you'll hear less. If all 3 controls are at 0, you should be able to click the pedal on and off and not hear any difference.

Overall Level - This gives an overall cut or boost at the output of the Parametric EQ. Like a volume control, but with some gain available.
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WMD Voltera Voltage Expander For Metron Module
Cat: 742232 Rel: 16 Dec 19
4HP voltage expander module for the METRON trigger & gate sequencer
Notes: Expander for WMD's Metron, a 16-channel trigger and gate sequencer module. Adds four tracks of voltage sequencing per module, turning the Metron into an even more powerful sequencer

Supplier notes:
Voltera is a voltage expander module for the METRON trigger and gate sequencer and adds 4 bipolar voltage tracks in 4hp. Up to 16 Volteras can be added to a single METRON giving you up to 64 CV Sequencing lanes for your Eurorack modular system!

With independent voltage ranges and quantize settings per track, Voltera allows for real time control over 4 different parameters at once, allowing you to dial that track to the parameter you are sequencing.

Sequence melodies, modulate parameters, and more with ease by adding Voltera to your METRON set up.
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WMD/SSF Amplitude Discrete VCA With Dynamic Shape Response Module
Cat: 588810 Rel: 02 Oct 15
Transistor core voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) synthesiser module - 6HP wide
Notes: AMPLITUDE is a discrete transistor core VCA with a wide range of waveform saturation and distortion capability.

This module is capable of faithfully reproducing the classic warmth and fat tones associated with vintage analog synthesizers and pushes that capability to the extreme.

A novel voltage controlled linear to exponential converter is included and can be used to shape incoming control voltages to the VCA CV input and can be patched out to external modules.

Power Draw: +20mA, -20mA. 6HP width. 25mm Depth.
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WMD/SSF VC Mini Slew Module
Cat: 588815 Rel: 02 Oct 15
Function generator and voltage controlled slew limiter synthesiser module - 8HP wide
Notes: MINI SLEW is a feature packed function generator and voltage controlled slew limiter.

Transient functions are generated using the rise, fall and shape controls.

Complex functions can be generated using the voltage controlled shape and vari-out via direct CV inputs.

MINI SLEW features a novel time compensation mode which permits the timing of the transient to remain relatively constant while the shape parameter is adjusted.

CV SUM mode permits a single CV patched into rise or fall to process both parameters or two CVs patched into rise and fall to be summed and applied to both parameters.

Additional features include VC cycle (toggle on/off), end of rise and end of fall outputs, FM input and an LED voltmeter for monitoring the amplitude of the direct positive output.

Power Draw: +70mA, -50mA. 8HP width. 25mm Depth.
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