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White Peach Vinyl & CDs

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Between Surface
Between Surface (clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: WPRLP 001. Rel: 02 Aug 23
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
Open (3:14)
Love Lost (3:18)
Close Enough (3:00)
Four (3:23)
Still Here (3:45)
Wires Crossed (3:28)
Eclipse (4:43)
Land On Head Land On Feet (2:18)
Diamond (3:22)
Cycles (5:52)
At The Surface (3:51)
Unrest (4:07)
Something She Said (2:36)
Review: Oskar Allen and Luke Barnett are Glume & Phossa, but beyond that we dot know much about them, Musically this superb album shows that they bridge the gap between electronica, trap and hip-hop with plenty of slick and sleek minimal rhythms and glistening synths. There's a psychedelic edge to these sounds - hyper real melodies and warped vocal sounds - that makes it otherworldly and futuristic at the same tie as having the sort of nostalgic chords that remind you of a time you probably never actually lived. Brilliant stuff for either home listening or the dance floor.
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 in stock $29.06
Scurvy (12")
Cat: WPR 072.
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
Stripey T-Shirt
Cop Something
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Supernova (12")
Cat: WPR 062. Rel: 23 Nov 22
Deep Dubstep
Supernova (4:40)
Embrace (3:53)
Joyless (4:56)
Daybreak (4:30)
Review: Longtime friend of White Peach, Lofty returns to Zha's label with four more pristine oddities and odysseys. Following where he left us with 'Foretold', 'Supernova' takes us back into the Berlin style of sizzling arpeggios and crisp futurism. It's backed up by plenty more heat from across the spectrum: 'Embrace' is a UK funky style twister, 'Joyless' nods at the Hyperdub style of UK bass with a strong nod to UKG while 'Daybreak' carries that cathedral-like euphoria up a notch to halftime pastures. Immense.
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 in stock $14.01
Likesss (12")
Cat: WPR 071. Rel: 02 Apr 24
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
Likesss (3:46)
Outcasts (4:25)
Lost (4:25)
Menace (4:06)
Review: UK imprint White Peach have served up all things dubstep since before you likely developed any sense of taste. That's because they made yours; 'Likesss' is the latest set of sonic fruits from rising producer Moreofus, and continues to convince us of White Peach's ability to sway our low-end-erring predilections. Through its ploddy trap, midrange growls, triplet transitions, riotous vocal textures, and pistol-whipping snares - B2 'Menace' coming as the night-bussed, heavy-deep drill highlight - Moreofuss seems set to rack up a lot of 'Likessss' indeed...
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 in stock $14.01
This Damn Feeling (reissue)
This Damn Feeling (reissue) (smoked translucent yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: WPR 048R. Rel: 22 Feb 23
Deep Dubstep
This Damn Feeling (5:25)
Day & Age (4:38)
Ghost (4:55)
Renegade (4:22)
Review: Always coming with the juiciest and most forward-thinking takes on 140 music and bass culture, Zhu's White Peach operations have been setting the benchmark for many years. And this reissue is a kindly reminder of their consistency and future-focused nature. Originally released in the summer 2020, it's now rebooted on lush yellow vinyl and, from the stunning Indian strings on the skin-scorching opening title track to the last rippling bleep from the finale track 'Renegade', the sounds remain as ahead of their time.
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 in stock $14.01
Zengo (12")
Cat: WPR 063. Rel: 28 Sep 23
Deep Dubstep
Zengo (3:57)
Second Thoughts (3:53)
Mindless Mills (3:39)
Pocket Fruit (4:06)
Review: Hands up - this is our first brush with French artists Ourman, but we're already hooked. He has a clear love of UK sounds - dubstep, bass, broken beat - as they are the cornerstones of this new EP on UK label White Peach. He serves them all up with a deftness of melodic touch and plenty of cosmic aesthetics. 'Zengo' starts with screwing bass and sunny acoustic strings over a lurching beat, then 'Second Thoughts' is another hefty low end wobbler but with introspective melodies and bright flashes of colour. "Mindless Mills' is a darker UK stepper and 'Pocket Fruit' is the wispy, whimsical closer that will fit your heart with warmth and hope. A standout EP from a name we shall be keeping an eye on.
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 in stock $14.01
Pak Choi
Pak Choi (12")
Cat: WPR 065. Rel: 21 Jun 23
Deep Dubstep
Snake Hands (3:06)
Pak Choi (feat Yunxiao) (3:18)
Jiangshi (3:05)
No Shadow Kick (3:21)
 in stock $14.01
White Peach Instrumentals II
Cat: WPRCD 002. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
Zha - "Without"
EVA808 - "You Don't"
DE-Tu - "Koshi"
TMSV - "No Sould"
Taiko - "No More"
Bengal Sound - "Wushu Hand"
Nakes - "Moshka"
Hebbe - "3 Tabs"
Mr K - "One Skin"
DE-Tu - "Sippin'"
Neffa-T - "Tanker"
Taiko - "Sea Pimp"
TMSV - "Zoned Out"
Taiko - "Jackal"
Mr K - "Firm"
Modelle & Lemzly Dale - "Talisman"
Mr K - "Don't Trip"
Zha - "Running VIP"
Teffa - "Roundabout"
EVA808 - "Empress"
Opus - "Methodist"
Sukh Knight - "Nightcrawler VIP"
Modelle - "Sho Sho"
MOREOFUS - "Dread"
Opus - "Hide You"
Gundam & Jook - "Tactical Espionage"
 in stock $11.93
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