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Cat: WTN 58. Rel: 09 Aug 17
  1. Don Leo 2 (1:37)
  2. 16-16 (6:17)
  3. Fitness Talk (3:55)
  4. Barbecue Stains (5:10)
  5. Pantoffels (5:10)
  6. Don Leo 1 (1:05)
 in stock $10.48
Solyaris (12")
Cat: WTN 60. Rel: 08 Aug 18
  1. Solyaris (6:35)
  2. Conflict In Yemen (6:51)
  3. Former Alien Who Has Been Naturalized As A US Citizen (5:50)
  4. Fidel Gastro (5:51)
Review: Bergsonist is Moroccan born and NYC based Selwa Abd, who has had releases on Styles Upon Styles, Borft and Angoisse amongst others. Her uncompromising and otherworldly creations on the Solyaris EP are an ode to the present broken education system that allowed her to sustain her dreams in New York. As an immigrant, she felt uncertain of the future and was able to channel all that anxiety through music, during her time of studies. Tough and gutural lo-fi techno workouts here, like on dusty warehouse jams "Conflict In Yemen" or the title track, to the rusty tunnel vision of "Former Alien Who Has Been Naturalized As A US Citizen" that was well tripped out.
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 in stock $10.48
Clap (12")
Cat: WTN 52. Rel: 07 Dec 16
  1. Oolovka (4:45)
  2. Cxema (5:47)
  3. Isolate (6:05)
  4. Before Encore (6:02)
 in stock $10.48
Cat: WTNLP 07. Rel: 24 May 17
  1. Strangest Dream About U (3:36)
  2. Crack (0:50)
  3. Rattlesnake (4:14)
  4. Dark Secret World (3:11)
  5. It's A Horror & It's A Wonder (6:31)
  6. Cheers Tears Ears (1:25)
  7. Gyal A Devil (5:37)
  8. The Living Hell (4:01)
  9. OBEAH (5:26)
  10. Keyhalahiya (2:46)
  11. Weakness (4:01)
Review: Since debuting on Charles Drakeford's FTD label back in 2014, Lutto Lento (AKA Polish producer Lubomir Grzelak) has proved to be one of experimental electronic music's most distinctive talents. This debut album further enhances his credentials via a series of dark, intoxicating and unsettling compositions built around dusty, obscure and frankly rather weird samples. It's a kind of cut-and-paste master class for fans of bizarre horror movies and analogue electronics. Along the way, there are nods to early jungle, dancehall, twisted psychedelia and vintage breakbeat hardcore, as the talented pole mixes and matches inspirations to create trippy new tracks.
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 in stock $13.90
Assimilation (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WTNLP 09. Rel: 23 May 18
  1. Alive & Ready (feat Merlin Nova) (4:39)
  2. What I Can See (feat Micachu) (5:07)
  3. Sensory Crossing (feat Rupert Clervaux) (8:22)
  4. Tower Of Cells (feat Valentina Magaletti & Cam Deas) (10:47)
  5. Assimilation (7:35)
 in stock $14.68
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