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WeMe Belgium Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on WeMe Belgium
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Ceerial Port (reissue)
Cat: WEME 084. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Acid Highway (1:29)
Red DX Acid (4:51)
Acid Whorl (3:28)
Acid Causeway 1 (5:31)
Tough Grugoy Acid (3:35)
Acid Surf Dream (7:40)
Woodlice Acid (4:31)
Review: First released in 2006, 'Ceerial Port' is the ultimate wildcard in the electro profligate Ceephax's towering discography. The seven-or-eight track album does things with the electro form that few of Mr. Jenkinson's contemporaries would dare ever indulge, were it not for this initial fatherly stamp of approval. lead reissue cut 'Acid Whorl' is the foremost case in point, hard-limiting and soft-clipping a cyclonic 'whorlwind' of pitch-whacked acid effluence. Further 8-bit playtimes come in the form of 'Acid Highway' and 'Acid Causeway', recalling the feeling of scouring the outer edges of an Atari Kart game and encountering nothing but rolling, pixelated skies; 'Tough Grugoy Acid' and 'Woodlice Acid' make up the longer wavelengths on the spectrum, stomping and echo-rimshotting to ever-weighty, yet jolly ends.
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 in stock $14.60
Exidy Tours
Cat: WEME 085. Rel: 01 Jun 24
Camelot Jostle
Rolls Royce
Cop 76
Nordic House
Hull Drum And Bass
Trolley Service
Northern Spirit
City Collars
Baddow Life
Essex Remblance
coming soon TBA
Sketches Of Silver
Sketches Of Silver (blue vinyl 12")
Cat: WEME 086. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Onyourmarks (4:48)
Sable (6:19)
Jack (4:52)
Cubed3 (4:53)
Silver City (5:09)
Review: Chromedealer's Sketches Of Silver EP is a collection of cuts that were originally recorded between 2021 and 2023 and now arrive on Belgium staple WeMe. They find the New York-based producer in scintillating form with opener ' Onyourmarks' fusing jungle and electro with masterful synth work to make for a thrillingly high-paced yet emotive rhythm from another world. 'Sable' is another track made from millions of seemingly small fragments of sound that all coalesce into a darker broken jungle soundscape then 'Jack' pairs lovely snappy snares and rolling amen breaks with celestial melodic sequences that drift up top. 'Cubed3' is more masterfully nimble drum programming and 'Silver City' brings a more melancholic mood to close.

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 in stock $15.14
Alterations In Gyral Form
Cat: WEME 087.
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Orange Peel
A Total Disregard For Whatever It Is You Think
Debbie Will Deck You
We Saw Your Mum In Tesco
Sad Stay Snakebitten
Where Is My Hat
Denzils Breath
Cheek Biting
Gravy Boot
Hera Endleofan
Nevermeant No 8593
coming soon $28.94
Calabi Yau Space
Cat: WEME 31330. Rel: 10 Feb 22
Calabi Yau Manifold (2:17)
Hyperelliptic Surfaces (12:15)
Holomorpic N-0 Form (2:32)
Compactification (1:43)
Mirror Symmetry (3:10)
Non Vanishing Harmonic Spinor (6:35)
Hypersurface (3:33)
Dimension II (4:14)
Review: It was 14 years ago that Dopplereffekt's Calabi Yau Space album landed on Rephlex Records, much to the delight of electro fans everywhere. Now it finally gets a much warranted reissue on vinyl thanks to WeMe Records. The album found Dopplereffekt head off into their very own musical realm, far away from here between the stars. The eight tracks are cinematic and spacious in feel but dense in ideas. There is a supernatural feel, a cosmic eeriness that always keeps you guessing as the modulated sounds, whirring machines and alien details all detail haunting leads and implied rhythms.
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 in stock $31.32
By Any Other Name
By Any Other Name (limited numbered 3xLP)
Cat: WEME 083. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Mental Cube - "Sightings" (4:32)
Yage - "1st Calling" (4:21)
FSOL - "Across The River" (4:28)
Indo Tribe - "Great Danger" (5:06)
Smart Systems - "Corridor Lm3" (3:39)
FSOL - "She's So Automatic" (4:30)
Mental Cube - "Keep Walking" (4:12)
Dope Module - "In A Cage" (4:51)
Yage - "Under The Rock" (2:14)
Smart Systems - "Visual Attack" (4:36)
Smart Systems - "You Might" (4:44)
Yage - "Garden Bridge" (3:07)
Dope Module - "We Bring It" (5:35)
Dope Module - "Kremlin Taped" (1:50)
Yage - "Travellers" (4:20)
Indo Tribe - "Just Look" (4:40)
Yage - "831AM" (5:52)
Review: Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated reissue compilations of the year is this collection of Future Sound of London side projects. In 2007 this was a CD-only compilation of early 90s tracks as well as unreleased ones from the same age. As the lore of FSOL continues to grow over the past 30+ years, their side projects have gotten more and more attention from the people who love those early rave sounds. Now for the first time, a vinyl version of it with no less than a 3x12 to harness all this early 90s techno goodness. All the tracks are by Dougans and Cobain and the aliases are the same. This 2007 album however has a wealth of new material from the same time period as Earthbeat. It is amazing that one release like this by two producers can be such a prime example of the UK sound that changed dance music forever. If you want the 90s UK rave reissue of the year, here it is!
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 in stock $36.90
Durocobrivis EP
Cat: WEME 079. Rel: 05 Jun 23
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Dunstable (7:18)
_o Ixed __mpo (5:30)
DBLE (7:37)
Review: Legendary Belgian record label WeMe has long been a pioneering force in the drum & bass underworld. It is Lord of the D who makes a devastating return here with all consuming sounds towering over you and do as they please with your brain and body. 'Dunstable' is all fizzing synths and hammering drum breaks then 'O Ixed Mpo' absolutely cuts loose with sonics in meltdown, reversed stabs and drum carnage that never resolves. 'DBLE' is another fucked up drum track that will leave you bedraggled and bewildered.
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 in stock $10.09
The 140 Album
The 140 Album (limited 2xLP)
Cat: WEME 082. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Deep Dubstep
Take The East (3:02)
Republic Energy No 1 (3:56)
Artificial States (4:12)
DRX (4:47)
Taken From You (3:31)
The Modern (4:29)
23423 (3:04)
Flowing (3:28)
Galactic (3:44)
How I Got Here (2:25)
Review: The accompanying notes with this say "don't call it a comeback" for NOT_MDK (aka Martin Wood-Mitrovski), even though it is an album that finds him exploring an all-new style. It is a meeting of steady 70/140 bpm grime drums and beats with IDM synth details and evocative breaks that soundtrack an all new type of late night urban conurbation. It's menacing and fresh, perfect for both body and head and is a long way from the jungle this artist made in the late 90s, or the cid and breakbeats he made in the years after that. It's a brilliant reinvention.
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 in stock $27.60
Grace (reissue)
Cat: WEME 080. Rel: 05 Jun 23
Waka Wac (3:46)
Ava Acid (4:13)
Yedek 2 (4:02)
10 Bedroom (4:49)
Rickshaw (3:29)
Youcun (4:44)
Kassp Acid (3:14)
Vox (4:00)
Jimb (2:38)
Oot (5:23)
Grace (4:22)
Sarangot (6:21)
Review: Joey Kendrick is perhaps better known for the braindance gear he's put out under his own name for Rephlex and the like, but he's also played around with plenty of aliases over the years too. His work as +10 actually predates his breakthrough years on Rephlex, having been released on the classy Canadian label Napalm Enema. Grace came out in 2007 and it sounds a little rowdier than later Kendrick works, but that's also part of its charm. Hence stalwart Belgian braindance believers WeMe have opted to reissue the CDr-only album as a double vinyl for your twitch, glitchy, acidic pleasure. It's a feast for the cerebellum, no doubt about it.
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Played by: M50
 in stock $31.59
Xor (2xLP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: WEME 077. Rel: 13 Jan 23
Xxxx (5:07)
A Lenticularis (4:25)
143UO (3:25)
Nimitz (4:06)
TT (4:28)
T1 (3:34)
Xor (5:58)
Lights Over Phoenix (4:27)
Estazin (4:45)
6EQUJ5 (5:06)
Played by: M50
 in stock $29.21
Circle (12")
Cat: WEME 081. Rel: 22 Sep 23
NRevenge (5:59)
ERA (3:41)
Drave (4:47)
Sub-0 (4:04)
Refletch A (4:46)
Folder (3:24)
Review: Braindance bastion WeMe welcomes RTR back for another round following the standout XOR album and a string of ear-snagging singles. The Hague-based producer rests on the electro end of braindance but you can absolutely hear the influence of Aphex and the like in particular synth lines. 'Nrevenge' is a cool and deadly machine funk monster with plush leads which sound like boogie given some poky uppers, while 'ERA' comes on like EBM if it was less sullen and more cheeky. There's clattering drum funk, boxy freak outs and heaps more to feast on from this razor-sharp addition to RTR's canon of mind-tickling workouts.
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 in stock $13.28
Folk Triumfator
Cat: WEME 064. Rel: 05 Mar 21
Safe Sailing For The Galleon Caladrius (9:14)
But Slowly I Made It My Own (8:00)
Folk Triumfator (4:35)
The Ski Resort Was Buried In The Avalanche (6:00)
Sword Of Sodan Spanned Three Discs (6:01)
Eis Im Schweizer Panzermuseum (7:12)
Things They Will Never Tell You (5:09)
Histoire Ancienne Des Dragons Blues (5:01)
Where The Fringes Of Suburbia Recede (5:33)
Always A Nice Story Before Bedtime (8:30)
Ooit Eens Aan Deze Kust (3:17)
Played by: Dj soFa
 in stock $23.89
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