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Verbos Electronics

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Verbos Electronics

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Verbos Electronics Amp & Tone Module
Cat: 760208 Rel: 15 Jan 20
10HP amp & tone module
Notes: This is a new version of our old favorite.

Verbos has taken the functions of the Amp & Tone module into a smaller 10HP package and shortened the name to what we have always called it. For those who don't know, the module is a Sallen-Key lowpass filter followed by a VCA.

The signal path is still all discrete, but now the filter is also made from transistors. The sound shaping possibilities remain, including a balance of distortion from the input stage or the filter as well as simultaneous linear and exponential control of the VCA.
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Verbos Electronics Black Box 42HP Flat Skiff Case
Cat: 760204 Rel: 17 Jan 20
skiff case for Verbos Mini Horse module
Notes: The Black Box (AKA Ponyhof) is a 42HP skiff case designed as an enclosure for the Verbos Mini Horse module.

The enclosure is made of 1.5mm Powder Coated Steel. It includes an internal Verbos power supply and an external power supply.
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Verbos Electronics Blank Panel Set (comprising of 4 panels - 1HP, 2HP, 2HP with logo & 4HP)
Cat: 760209 Rel: 15 Jan 20
blank panel set comprising of 4 panels
Notes: A set of blank panels to be used in dedicated Verbos systems. Packaged only as a full set.

The set comprises 1HP, 2HP, 2HP with Logo, 4HP.
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Verbos Electronics Control Voltage Processor Module
Cat: 725952 Rel: 25 Mar 19
Two flexible mixers & function generator in one module - 18HP
Notes: The Control Voltage Processor from Verbos Electronics GmbH is a suite of control voltage processing possibilities divided into 3 sections in a slim 18HP package. The lower 2 sections are DC coupled mixers that allow mixing, inverting, offsetting, scaling, multiplying, dividing, crossfading or a combination of these functions. The top section is a voltage controlled slewing processor with independent control of Positive and Negative slew rate, with some unique tricks. The Positive and Negative slew, or Rise and Fall rates if you like, have reversing attenuators. The slopes can be blended from linear to RC curves (starting all slides fast and ending slow, like a proper "East Coast" Portamento) without a change in speed. It can be triggered like an AD envelope and has a Gate out that goes high when the CV out is below 100mV. Of course it can loop by patching the Gate out to the Trigger in. The Bounce control adds a unique flare of overshoot to CV changes, a bit like the effect of stopping a tape reel from turning and then letting it go. The combination of multiple voltage processors offers the user the functions of analogue computer.
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Verbos Electronics Foundation Oscillator Module
Cat: 760205 Rel: 28 May 20
oscillator module
Notes: Compact oscillator with Verbos's trademark Buchla-inspired design philosophy: in addition to conventional square and triangle wave outputs, a multiplying waveshaper gives morphable sine, saw, square and spike outputs.

Supplier notes:
The long awaited small VCO from Verbos Electronics.

It is based on the same discrete transistor core as the other Verbos oscillators. In addition to outputs for the Square and Triangle waves directly from the core, there is a brand new multiplying waveshaper giving the effect of a VCO in hard sync with the core. Furthermore, there are three outputs that fade between Sine and Saw, Square and Spike (a Buchla Music Easel classic).

In other words, there is a "Richness" control that multiplies the Saw, Square and Pulse and a Timbre control that fades from Sine and the richer multiplied waveforms.

HP : 12
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Verbos Electronics Multi Delay Processor Module
Cat: 690806 Rel: 25 Jun 18
Voltage controlled 8 tap digital delay - 28HP
Notes: The Multi-Delay Processor is a creatively usable echo effect with eight taps. The module's sound may remind you of classic bucket-brigade devices. - It even generates distinctive pitch effects when altering the delay time. An input mixer gives audio material a crisp, analogue character. Thanks to feedback channels with pitch shifter and reverb processor, shimmering echoes and other atmospheric effects can be achieved. A total of nine envelope followers and 14 audio outputs invite you to do extensive feedback patches and other edgy experiments.

The Multi-Delay Processor isn't just a high-quality echo effect but was designed to be a fundamental ingredient of patches. Its core is a bank of eight digital delays, which are wired in series. Together, the circuits form a multi-tap echo. The volume of each signal repetition as well as the raw material can be adjusted via faders. Furthermore, there are individual audio and envelope follower CV outputs for the dry signal and all taps. An analogue clock is used to control the echo circuits. The delay time can be set manually via a potentiometer plus there are two CV inputs with bipolar attenuators. Altering the delay time parameter during operation leads to pitch effects. At this point at latest, you'll realize the superiority of the serial memory design used by Mark Verbos over average effect chips. Despite its digital core, the Multi-Delay Processor offers charming sound reminiscent of a classic bucket-brigade device. - Only cleaner and more transparent.

A three-channel mixer with dedicated level potentiometers adds analogue character to signals before they are fed to the delay circuits. Without patch cables plucked into the second and / or third input, you can use these channels as feedback paths with additional effects. In detail, a pitch shifter calibrated to +1 octave (channel 2) and a reverb (channel 3) are available. - A perfect setup for creating shimmering echoes and other atmospheric effects. High feedback values make the module self-oscillate. In contrast to the multi-tap delay, which consists of individual components, an FV-1 chip is used for pitch shifting and reverberation. This processor is well-known, as it is the main component of multi-effects modules like the Erica Black Hole DSP and numerous guitar pedals. Here, the FV-1 is "just" a creative addition to the main effect.

In addition to the manual mix output, which emits the mixture of raw and effect material dialled in via the faders, there are four other audio outs. Two of these connectors provide signals derived from summing up all even respectively odd taps. The other sockets emit preset mixes with increasing or decreasing level. - Very cool for quickly creating special effects.
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Verbos Electronics Multi Envelope Module
Cat: 700723 Rel: 28 Aug 18
Dual multi-envelope generator - 22HP
Notes: Reimagining the envelope generator, several shapes of 4 stage functions are available simultaneously on each of the two parts in the Multi-Envelope. From the same set of controls and voltage control inputs, each shape has its own dedicated output. All at the same time... Delay Attack Decay Sustain Release, Attack Hold Decay Sustain Release, Delay Attack Hold Release and (on the upper generator) Attack Decay Attack Release. End pulse outs allow chaining and looping. Gate and Trigger inputs can be used alone or together to control re-trigger characteristics. The "shape" control blends continuously from linear ramps to RC curves typical of East Coast Synthesis, without changing the overall time. The upper generator also has gate outs that are high during each stage.
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Verbos Electronics Multiple Module
Cat: 700725 Rel: 28 Aug 18
Dual passive 4 way multiple - 3HP
Notes: Not as simple as it may appear, this is a dual passive 4 way multiple. It is important to have the ability to split signals to send them to multiple destinations. Also, because the pulse outputs on Verbos Electronics modules are floating diodes, which allows these mults to be used as boolean ORs for pulse signals within the system.
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Verbos Electronics Noise & Filter Module
Cat: 760206 Rel: 17 Jan 20
noise & filter module
Notes: A simple noise generator and 4 band fixed filter bank.

The noise is normalled to the Filterbank input. The cutoff frequencies are matched to the Bark Filter, so that four bands of the Bark Filter correspond to a band on the Noise & Filter.

It is a small and quick noise source and pairs well with Scan & Pan and Amp & Tone.

HP : 4
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Verbos Electronics Scan & Pan Module
Cat: 700724 Rel: 07 Sep 18
Scan & Pan Module with 4 channel mixer 14 HP
Notes: Each channel has a mono input and a gain control. The level can be set manually with a fader and modulated by a CV. Furthermore there's a panning function with a manual potentiometer for determinig the channel's panorama position and a CV input for modulating it.

In the dark highlighted, right part of the module we find the L and R outputs as well as the scanning function:
The "Center" parameter is used for selecting a channel, while "width" also selects the adjacent channels. For instance if channel 2 was selected with center control and remain static if is possible to fade in and out chennels 1 and 3 (or even 4).
It can be interesting to use this function with different wave forms of an oscillator but also with totally different signals. It can be even more exciting if the channels have different panorama positions which means the channels which are faded in appear in different stereo field positions.
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Verbos Electronics
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