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Vega Vinyl & CDs

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Elements Of Life: Extensions Part 2
Cat: VR 196. Rel: 03 Sep 20
Deep House
A Better Day (feat Raul Midon - DJ Spinna remix) (6:05)
Love Is On The Way (feat Blaze - Roots mix) (5:31)
Nos Vida (feat Anane - Masters At Work remix) (4:53)
Mon Amour (feat Anane - DJ Gregory remix) (3:52)
Mozalounge (Jazz N' Groove remix) (4:35)
Messin' About (9:01)
Love Is On The Way (feat Blaze - Louie Vega Latin mix) (4:54)
Our People (EOL bonus track) (7:51)
Steel Congo (feat House Of Rumba) (5:25)
Review: One of the joys of Louie Vega's Elements of Life project is the Masters at Work man's enthusiasm for lengthy versions of the hands soul-fuelled tracks, which regularly join the dots between disco, Latin music, deep house, jazz-funk and, on rare occasions, NYC freestyle. It's for this reason that this second selection of extended versions of key tracks - some provided by remixers and re-editors - is such a vibrant set. For proof, check DJ Spinna's soft-focus, samba-influenced soulful house revision of "A Better Day", the broken beat-influenced Masters at Work version of salsa-house shuffler "Nos Vida", and Vega's own superbly percussion, soulful and life-affirming "Latin Soul Mix" of Blaze hook-up "Love Is On The Way".
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 in stock $23.63
Exodus (double 12")
Cat: VR 216. Rel: 14 Jun 23
Last Night Changed It All (7:49)
Crazy (9:41)
Being Free (5:56)
And So She Waits (5:55)
The Exodus (Of 21) (6:30)
Cranberries In Cream (6:07)
Review: Vega Records finally drops this EP from Honeysweet having teased tunes from it on the Vega Records 5 Pack Unreleased III. It's a superb house offering with lashings of soulful groovers, all produced by Josh Milan. First out of the blocks is 'Last Night Changed It All' featuring Lawrence Clark on sax. It's a jam that will pack out the floor but brims with real musicality from the magical Rhodes, picked bass guitar, rhythm guitar and drums. 'Crazy' is a more raw, textured percussive sound but then come plenty more feel-good grooves for sun-kissed dance floors such as 'Being Free.'
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 in stock $26.02
Percussion Maddness: Part One
Cat: VR 194. Rel: 24 Sep 20
Deep House
Tumbao (6:51)
Our Love (feat Anane) (5:12)
Love Remains The Same (feat Josh Milan) (3:47)
Quintero's Jam (feat Hilton Ruiz) (7:26)
Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbogodo (feat Francis Mbappe) (8:58)
G-Force (feat EOL Soul Brothers) (4:52)
Aquilas Coisas Todas (8:35)
Play For Me (feat EOL Soul Brothers) (5:03)
Review: For his next album project, the Master at Work that is Louie Vega links with Luisito Quintero, a veteran percussionist who has played with La India and others in the New York scene. He is as creative and original as they come and fuses afro-Latin rhythms and bossa nova sounds into fresh new forms and now serves up Part One of his Percussion Madness album. It ranges from seductive deep house to swaggering Stevie Wonder style funk via irresistible afro beats. Luisito has shared the stage with Robert Plant, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and more, but deserves just as many plaudits for his own solo work.
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 in stock $23.63
The Curse
The Curse (12")
Cat: VR 218. Rel: 13 Dec 23
Deep House
The Curse (5:04)
The Underground (4:26)
The Curse (Revisited) (5:07)
B Side Only (4:40)
Review: Almost a year after it debuted on digital download, Mr X's most celebrated single for Vega Records finally lands on wax - and in expanded EP form, too. Lead cut 'The Curse' is a terrifically energetic, sweat-soaked affair with incessant electric piano riffs riding a breathless base of swinging, bumping house drums, deep bass and echo-laden percussion fills. The mysterious, New Jersey-based producer remixes it himself on 'The Curse (Revisited)', opting for a darker, moodier sound and loose-limbed, Kenny Dope-esque drums. He also offers up two bonus cuts: the funky bass-propelled jack-track 'The Underground', and the low-slung, heavily edited disco-house throb of 'B-Side Only'.
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Tags: US Garage
 in stock $17.79
Percussion Maddness Revisited Part One
Cat: VR 198. Rel: 30 Nov 20
Deep House
Tumbao (8:30)
Skinny Papa (feat Chulius Of Los Amigos Invisibles, Jose Mangual Jr & Milton Cardona) (4:12)
Aquilas Coisas Todas (feat Josh Milan) (6:20)
Love Remains The Same (5:24)
Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogodo, Gbodogo (feat Francis Mbappe) (5:26)
Our Love (feat Anane) (6:47)
Free My Soul (12:01)
Review: Not to be confused with the 2007 remix album Percussion Madness Revisited, this excellent double-pack offers features some of the best bits of Latin percussionist Luisito Quintero's Louie Vega-produced Percussion Madness album. If you missed that set 14 years ago, it's well worth picking up. Heavily percussive and rich in South American rhythms from start to finish, the set sees Quintero, Vega and collaborators flitting between slick soulful house (see the Josh Milan-voiced 'Love Remains the Same'), heavy salsa ('Tumbao'), boogaloo ('Skinny Papa'), tech-tinged Afro-house (Francis Mbappe collaboration 'Gbagada, Gbagada, Gbogogo, Gbogodo'), bossanova ('Our Love', with Anane) and epic, jazz-flecked Latin house (12-minute closing cut 'Free My Soul').
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 in stock $23.63
Apaga La Luz (remixes)
Cat: VR 219. Rel: 11 Jan 24
Deep House
Apaga La Luz (Tony Touch OG mix) (3:54)
Apaga La Luz (Mike Dunn Re-Touch) (5:09)
Apaga La Luz (David Guetta remix) (3:40)
Apaga La Luz (Pablo Fierro Raw dub) (5:56)
Apaga La Luz (Two Soul Fusion remix) (6:46)
Apaga La Luz (Two Soul Fusion Beat-Sax mix) (6:46)
Apaga La Luz (David Morales remix) (4:46)
Apaga La Luz (David Morales Alt mix) (4:46)
Review: Tony Touch's 'Apaga La Luz' single gets reworked here by several different artists across the new double 12" on Vega which kicks off with a new take from the man himself. His Tony Touch OG mix brings raw horn work to the Latin tech beats and edgy percussive textures. The Mike Dunn Re-Touch is a big one with more Latin vocal flair and coarse drum textures. David Guetta brings his big room energy to a remix and Pablo Fierro offers a more raw dub with tropical heat emanating from the core. Further reworks come from David Morales and Two Soul Fusion.
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 in stock $27.88
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