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V Recordings

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Capers (12")
Cat: PLVLGN 005. Rel: 15 Sep 21
Drum And Bass
  1. Capers (6:16)
  2. Inside (6:50)
Review: Woi and indeed oi, V return to their vinyl-only Legends series where they dig deep into the vaults and pull out key dubplates that never saw the official release light of day. Key dubplates like these two big Bristol bruisers from DJ Die. Both written in 96, Die's Full Cycle rawness and innate sense of groovemanship is present and correct on both sides - the jazzier, busier work-out 'Capers' and the heavier, stripped-back 'Inside' which you can imagine was made in response to some of the game-changing sounds Krust was making at the time. Legendary business.
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Carnal Mind Remixed
Carnal Mind Remixed (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: PLV 140. Rel: 07 Jul 21
Drum And Bass
  1. High Times (with MC Fats - Break remix) (4:55)
  2. No Sound (with Drs - Dogger & Mindstate remix) (5:16)
  3. Spellbound (Spirit remix) (4:57)
  4. Night Prowler (with Inja - Alibi remix) (4:53)
Review: Brazilian badboy L Side gets the remix treatment from some exceptional names in drum & bass right here on V Recordings. Break sets the benchmark once again with the already stunning 'High Times' with Fats. Dogger & Mindstate make the soulful Manchester connection on the DRS-fronted 'No Sound' while Alibi turn 'Night Prowler' into a disturbingly dark shock-out. But most importantly, we have one of Spirit's last ever productions here with his remix of 'Spellbound'. Made not long before he passed in 2018, it hits just as sharp and forthright as he always did. Rest in peace.
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 in stock $12.51
Operation X
Operation X (limited 12")
Cat: PLVLGN 004. Rel: 07 Jul 21
Drum And Bass
  1. Operation X (6:37)
  2. Synction (4:12)
Review: Oof! V Recordings continue to dig deep in the vaults and dust off rarities and unreleased dubs from some of the most legendary pioneers who 've come through the V University. Following the likes of Krust, Lemon D and Dillinja comes Roni Size with two brilliantly contrasting examples of his contributions and influence in jungle. 'Operation X' smacks of early 2000s golden era liquid with its big bashy samples and bubbling bassline while 'Synction' is a much headier brew of bass and dark funk. Timeless.
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 in stock $11.38
Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1


V Recordings
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