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Twisted Electrons

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Cat: 634213 Rel: 11 Dec 17
Vintage computer synthesizer featuring 3 oscillators in 1 module
Notes: The AY3 is a programmable sound generator (PSG) designed by General Instrument at the end of the 1970s. The AY3 gave voice to the Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Intellivision, AppleII Mockingbird sound card, MSX, Vectrex, ZX Spectrum 128K. Many early 1980s Arcade Games used two AYs; the Gyruss arcade board had five!

The AY3 Eurorack module is the perfect solution to capture this piece of history in your rack with its slick & sturdy all-metal design and intuitive controls. The module can be set to 3 clocking modes: normal, helium (overclocked) and deep (underclocked), pushing the range of frequencies and sounds to the extreme. The AY chip brings with it a whole range of strict limitations which were embraced resulting in some highly unique forms of sound and music.


Osc 1+2:
- Osc 1 & 2 are detuneable and can be switched or arpeggiated.
- Use the tune knob to tune both oscillators within 1 octave range.
- The spread knob will increase osc2 pitch up to an octave above osc1.
- Chords: Turn the spread knob above 80% for 3 chords: Major, Minor, fifth. Only active when Arp is running!

With Arp Knob at 0% both oscillators play simultaneously. Above 5% osc1 and osc2 alternate for arpeggiator effects. (0.5Hz to 125Hz).

- Gate effect: When arp is above 5% and only osc1 is active (spread knob below 5%) osc1 will toggle on & off resulting in a gate effect.

- The trig input has two modes (selectable via a jumper at rear):
- Gate Mode: send a 5V pulse to turn Osc 1 & 2 on or off (5V=On 0V=off).
- Arp Mode: send a 5V pulse to clock the switch/arp (overriding the arp knob).

- Osc 3 outputs digital noise for sound effects.
- The pitch can also be modulated via the pitch jack (0-5v)
- The Osc3 gate can be opened and closed via the trig input (5v pulse) or held open via a jumper.

- MIDI in (3.5mm midi cable supplied)
- 2x Audio Out
- DC In (power supply suited for your region supplied)
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Cat: 634214 Rel: 18 Jul 18
Versatile voltage generator module with 16 touch-sensitive pads
Notes: The Twisted Electrons Cells features 16 touch-sensitive pads including integral LED lights to give visual feedback on which pads are activated. The Eurorack style module can be fed up to two 12-bit values (semi-tone quantized or free scale) ranging from 0 to 5 volts. This duophonic rack-style instrument is primarily made for generating low-bit tones but can be also used to modulate parameters such as filters or amps and anything else that features a CV input. You can use the module as a sequencer using the 2 trigger inputs with the left input shifting up a row and the right input shifting right by one column. The handmade design features 2 CV/gate outputs, 2 tune buttons and 2 trigger inputs for optimal versatility, allowing you to use the Twisted Electrons Cells for a range of modulation applications.

Operation Overview:

Feed It:
- Tap a pad to select it
- Hold a tune button to engage the "feeding process" (left button for channel 1, right for channel 2).
- Adjust a knob to the desired pitch (left knob for channel 1, right for channel 2).
- So long as a tune button is held, the output is automatically changed as you move the knob
- Release the button, pitch information is stored to Eeprom

You can toggle between free scaling and semi-tone increment modes by pressing both tune buttons simultaneously.

Play it:
- Press a pad to trigger both gate and CV outputs
- Hold 2 or more pads and Cells will arpeggiate, the rate can now be changed with the left knob. The right knob changes the octave range.

Sequence it:
- Sequence the cells using the 2 trigger inputs. The left input shifts up a row and the right input shifts right by one column
- The gate outputs mirror the trigger inputs.
- Cells requires +5V DC power to operate, as well as +/- 12V. On-board 12V to 5V conversion is provided if 5V isn't available in your system. This is configured via a jumper on the rear of the module
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Cat: 682399 Rel: 18 Jul 18
Desktop sequencer featuring 8 MIDI tracks on 2 ports
Notes: Crazy8 Beats is a stand-alone desktop sequencer that can also be installed as a 40HP module in a Eurorack system

8 Hybrid Analog/MIDI Tracks:

- 8 MIDI tracks, 3 MIDI ports (1 In & 2 Out)
- 8 Analog Trigger outputs

Variable Accent/CV output per step:

- MIDI velocity amount, CC modulation, or both per step.
- 8BIT 0-5V Analog CV output per step
- Trigger input/output to sync Crazy8Beats to other devices
- MIDI input to receive MIDI clock and set up parameters
- MIDI Clock sent on both ports
- 16 patterns per track
- Up to 16 steps per pattern
- Individual patterns change per voice (or all at once)
- Up to 16 patterns can be chained to create a song
- 4 play modes per track (forward, reverse, ping pong, random)
- Copy, Paste, Clearing of patterns
- 8 Levels of Swing per track
- Crazy feature enables probability and live remixing of patterns
- Rhythmic Drill effect with variable rate

16 Pads can be used to punch record patterns live or program visually.

The pads are backlit to provide visual feedback of the pattern you are programming and the tracks that are active.

64 Step LEDs enable you to see 4 tracks advance at any time.
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Cat: 634215 Rel: 18 Jul 18
Multiplexer/switch module - sequences up to 8 signals or potentiometers

Octopus is a dual 8 way multiplexer/switch capable of sequencing up to 8 signals or potentiometers. Sequence pitch with pots, switch audio signals with the CV inputs, so many possibilities! The horizontal axis sets the channel, the vertical axis stores 8 channel positions.

The fun begins when you start sequencing or modulating the channel selector either:

- Manually by use of the two large potentiometers
- By overriding the potentiometers with CV (0-5V DC)
- By moving up and down the vertical axis via Triggers (5v DC pulse)

NOTE: The CV inputs are not limited to Control Voltages. You can use octopus to "switch" audio too, like multiple waveforms of an oscillator, or audio tracks of a song!
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Twisted Electrons µAcid8 Portable 8 Bit Bass Line Synthesiser
Cat: 689783
Bass synthesiser featuring 6 high quality potentiometers
Notes: Acid8 on the go!

uAcid8 is a portable 8Bit bass-line synthesiser borrowing the characterful wavetable engine from Acid8 and the essential elements of its highly praised step sequencer.

uAcid8 features some new tricks including transposition automation, filter wobbler, stutter and vinyl spin-down effects.

uAcid8 requires only two AAA batteries and can be synced to external instruments and pocket operators.
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Twisted Electrons
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