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Truncate Us

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TRNCT 7 2 (Record Store Day 2019)
Cat: TRNT7 2. Rel: 22 Apr 19
  1. Track 1 (5:15)
  2. Track 2 (5:20)
Review: Raw analog acid tracks. Special record store day limited edition RED vinyl.
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 in stock $9.46
20 (white vinyl 12")
Cat: TRUNCATE 20. Rel: 11 May 20
  1. Repeat (5:51)
  2. Repeat (Luis Flores remix) (6:14)
  3. El Sonido (4:37)
  4. El Sonido (No Vox) (4:39)
Review: Number 20 drops on Truncate and plunges us back into a world of chiseled, deadly serious techno. "Repeat" opens things up with some slowly modulating themes that teasingly evolve from veiled threat to clear and present danger. Luis Flores takes on a remix of the track that adds some industrial heft to the rhythm section and leaves a generous dose of white noise debris in its wake. "El Sonido" is a wound up jacker dreaming of peak time - a tight but swinging groove bringing the funk and end of the world interplay between the nervy synth line and the displaced vocal snippets. There's also a "No Vox" version of the track if that voice doesn't do it for you.
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 in stock $11.45
HYD (12")
Cat: TRUNCATE 21. Rel: 08 Mar 21
  1. PNQ V1 (5:47)
  2. HYD V1 (5:05)
  3. HYD V2 (5:07)
Review: Truncate is celebrated by his fellow DJs for the grand power and impact of his drums. However he shapes them, they cannot fail to arrest the attention of any dance floor. This outing on his own Truncate label is another fine example crafted alongside Dotdat. There is a trippy Detroit melodic minimalism to 'PNQ V1' that will tie your mind in knots, then 'HYD V1' layers up jacking drum loops that never resolve with edgy synth pulses. It's tense and unrelenting techno for late night experiences and to close, 'HYD V2' brings more raw and wild textures to the ever-pounding kick drums. Devastating stuff.
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! low stock $11.45
First Phase
First Phase (limited coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: TRUNCATE 22. Rel: 04 Oct 21
  1. First Phase (Planetary Assault Systems remix)
  2. First Phase
  3. The Eve (James Ruskin remix)
  4. The Eve
Review: In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Truncate we've put together a special limited edition release which will be coming out on a special splash color vinyl and full color jackets. To celebrate this milestone we've gotten remixes from none other than techno legends Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems and James Ruskin. Straight forward no nonsense techno as Truncate has always been about.
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est. release 04 Oct 21 $14.32
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Truncate Us
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