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Aria Aperta
Cat: TRULE 015. Rel: 08 Jun 22
  1. Aperta (Improv 1) (6:55)
  2. 278 Dub (Improv 2) (7:42)
  3. Doppio (6:04)
  4. 278 Dub (Al Wootton remix) (7:36)
Review: Following some great releases by Bakongo and Stefan Dubs, Big Hands is next up on Trule with three dubbed-out percussion jams. Layers of drums and sparse synths all run through intricate delays on this hypnotising release. On the A side, lose yourself in the deeply meditative atmosphere of 'Aperta' (Improv 1) featuring trumpeter Abraham Parker, who appears again on the low end theory of '278 Dub' (Improv 2) which then receives a minimal techno dub remix by Al Wootton over on the flip.
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 in stock $13.02
Wyre (12")
Cat: TRULE 016. Rel: 27 Jul 22
  1. Wychwood Dub (5:03)
  2. Palants Grove (5:39)
  3. Wyre (5:19)
  4. Mercia (6:04)
Review: While Al Wootton has released some mesmerising - and thoroughly inspired - music on Livity Sound and ZamZam Sounds, the techno/bass music fusionist often saves his best for the Trule imprint he founded in 2018. Wyre, the third and final part of a trilogy of EPs inspired by daydreaming in secluded forests, is a fantastic example. It's a genuinely fantastic collection of cuts which sees Wootton sashay between deep, dubbed-out tribal techno (the impeccable 'Wychwood Forest'), hazy and hissing deep dubstep ('Palants Groove'), unfeasibly creepy and crackly deep techno ('Wyre'), and breathless, analogue-rich polyrhythmic techno ('Mercia'). Simply essential.
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Played by: Jane Fitz
 in stock $12.77
Callers Spring
Cat: TRULE 014. Rel: 08 Feb 22
  1. Callers Spring (6:08)
  2. Grounding (5:01)
  3. Saraph (5:04)
  4. Doxa (5:49)
Review: The man occasionally known as Deadboy returns to Trule with more far-out garage subversions in the form of 'Callers Spring'. Sitting somewhere between techno, dub, UKG and deconstructed jungle, the title track sets the scene with its well-oiled, slippery beats and rising sub pressure. It's backed up by the brilliant 23rd century jazz of 'Grounding', the Isolee-meets-Carl Craig style spirals and sense of space on 'Saraph' before 'Doxa' closes the EP with a sparse minimal adieu that sits somewhere between Basic Channel and Zed Bias. Spring when you're winning.
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 in stock $13.02
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