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Tramp Germany

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Cat: TR 245. Rel: 22 Mar 18
  1. Unchain My Heart (3:46)
  2. I Got A Woman (3:26)
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Movements Vol 9 (unmixed CD)
Cat: TRCD 9070. Rel: 01 Feb 18
  1. Gee Gee Shinn & Boogie Kings - "Fever"
  2. Connie Kaye Trio - "I'm A Woman"
  3. Bus Brown - "Mr LBJ"
  4. Earl Demus Band - "Her Spare"
  5. Chuck Finney Combo - "I Want A Man Like You"
  6. Chick Willis - "Sometimes Soon"
  7. Australia - "Wide Awake"
  8. JR - "Any Time Now"
  9. Joe Akens - "Nice"
  10. Hummingbird 4 - "Cho Cho San"
  11. Evangeline Made - "Burnt Flesh"
  12. Dario & The Inferno - "Brother, Where Are You?"
  13. Swoop - "Upside Down"
  14. Mel-O-Madnezz - "What You Getting High On"
  15. You - "You Got It"
  16. Hot Cakes - "Harlem Shuffle Theme"
  17. Reunion - "When The Well Runs Dry"
  18. The Counts - "Get Up Get Dancin'"
Review: The prestigious Movements series, like all its predecessors on Tramp contains rare groove nuggets recorded between the early 1960s and the late 1970s. Over a hundred great unknown songs have been re-released on the first eight volumes in the series, the majority of which can not be found elsewhere and this is is no exception. There are two cover versions: "Fever" by Gee Gee Shinn & The Boogie Kings and "I'm A Woman" by Connie Kaye Trio. Bus Brown, Earl Demus and Chuck Finney remain on the same vibe - their contributions are slightly jazzier. Chick Willis' gut-wrenching "Sometime Soon" and recordings by Australia, J.R. and Joe Akens are beautiful examples of privately produced soul from the 1970s. The latin-soul of "Cho Cho San" by Hummingbird 4 takes the sound in another direction for the next three tunes, highlighted by one more stunning cover version: Oscar Brown Jr.'s "Brother, Where Are You?". The album closes with some pre-disco tracks from the late 1970s: Mel-O-Madnezz' "What You Getting High On" and Hot Cakes' cover of "Harlem Shuffle".
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Cat: TRCD 9062. Rel: 02 Mar 17
  1. Little Mary Staten - "Steppin' Stone"
  2. Dede Copeland - "You Gotta Give Up Some Money"
  3. Big Daddy Rucker - "Just Do Your Thing"
  4. Big Daddy Rucker - "Jealous Man"
  5. Ervin Rucker - "Kids Together"
  6. Dede Copeland - "The Price I Had To Pay"
  7. Little Mary Staten - "Helpless Girl"
  8. Lani Groves - "Sweet Sixteen"
  9. Arlene Williams - "Duck All Over Town" (part 1)
  10. Arlene Williams - "Duck All Over Town" (part 2)
  11. Ervin Rucker - "She's Alright"
  12. Garnett Scott & Lani Groves - "Sunset Strip"
  13. Lenni Groves - "You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You"
  14. Lenni Groves - "I Feel Pretty"
  15. Big Daddy Rucker - "Christmas In The Ghetto"
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Tramp Germany