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Toppobrillo Music Electronics

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Cat: 581150 Rel: 05 Feb 18
Multi-functional quantizer module - 8HP
Notes: The Quantimator is a multifunctional quantizer concept designed to derive a trio of interrelated and musically useful control-voltages from a single control source. There are 2 distinct modes of operation- a CHORD mode and a SCALE mode.

In "Chord Mode", a control source (sequencer, etc.) is quantized to the nearest semitone value [1/12V] within a 5-octave range; 2 other control values are generated, according to chord-type, to form a 'chord' (available at outs 2 and 3) when used with multiple 1V/OCT VCOs. The HOLD input will cause the outputs to hold their value when high- Triggers received in this state will "rotate" the outputs arpeggio style! there are 32 chord types available in any key.

In "scale mode" an input is quantized according to the selected scale. Values are passed down the line ["Analog" Shift Register style] with each trigger (1 to 2, 2 to 3) when HOLD is initiated, no new values are acquired and the data in memory will be continually looped to the 3 outputs with each trigger. There are 32 scales available in 2 banks of 16. Bank and mode are indicated in the 7-segment LEDs decimal places.
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Cat: 623954 Rel: 05 Feb 18
Stereo mixer with 4 fully-featured input channels
Notes: Clean stereo mixer with four full-fledged channels, each with a pre/post selectable aux send, popless mute/solo as well as voltage control of panorama, level and aux send amount.

The module has a loud headphone output which emits either a monitor mix or a cue mix with a wide range of applications. The aux return is stereo and has level control; the panorama circuitry has a compensated "constant power" law.

- 4 fully-featured input channels, with voltage control over LEVEL, PAN position and AUX SEND level.
- Pop-Free Muting | Cueing | Soloing. (long press on the LED Mute Switch enables SOLO for selected channel).
- -3dB compensated "constant power" pan law.
- Stereo Aux Return with level control. ("L/Mono" return normalized to "R" return for Mono if "R" is unpatched). Extra gain available for outboard effects.
- "Cue Mix" output available for use as pre-listen, a second FX send channel, alternate mix, etc...
- AUX send can be switched to PRE or POST fader for each of the four channels. -10dB pad available for aux send via jumper.
- Loud and super clean stereo headphone driver allows monitoring of either "Main Mix" or "Cue Mix" which allows for previewing input sources before adding them to the Main Mix. This can also be used to link to line level TRS outboard recording/processing devices, stereo send, etc... Independent level control of both headphone and main mix.
- Master volume control and dual 5-segment VU metering.
- Efficient design. Relatively low power consumption and very low-noise/ low distortion audio path. Audio AC coupled through low-distortion "audio grade" film capacitors and a very low-noise opamp.

Revision 1.1 offers improved LED response and the pan law is closer to the ideal. Furthermore, the HP amp is even louder than before. The most noticeable thing, however, is a new channel expansion header on the circuit board.
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Toppobrillo Music Electronics
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