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Cat: 567653 Rel: 25 Mar 15
Carbon fibre record brush for removal of dust & other particles from vinyl grooves
Notes: This brush contains more than one million very fine carbon fibre bristles. The cross section of these bristles is so small that they can easily get into all the nooks and crannies of the record groove. Because the carbon fiber conducts electricity it takes away all the static to earth via the metal handle and the person holding the brush. Then the dust lies loose in the groove so the next set of bristles can easily pick them up and remove them from the record groove.
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Cat: 567676 Rel: 27 Mar 15
Replacement 7" record inner sleeves, pack of 50
Notes: Tonar single album cover 17,5 cm/7 inch" records. 125 mu PP. Suitable for single records only (7 inch" - 17,5 cm).

50 pieces per pack.
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Cat: 567724 Rel: 27 Mar 15
High quality cork turntable mat for better isolation of the record from surroundings
Notes: During the past 20 years the quality of record players and vinyl records have improved dramatically. Acoustic feedback is one of the big problems when playing records. The cause is the sound that has just been produced by the speakers which comes back to the record player and cause it to vibrate. The problems is that there is a very slight time difference between the reproduced sound and the sound that is fed back onto the record player. This results in a big loss of detail and clarity and makes the sound "muddy". So every effort has to be done to isolate the record player from its surroundings as well as to isolate the record from the record player.

In order to reduce acoustic feedback from the surroundings back to the record and the cartridge a lot of effort has gone into developing turntable mats that make the reproduced sound crystal clear with great separation and detail. This has been done by experimenting with various materials which absorb unwanted vibrations which were not present in the original recording. Now many people are trying to combine these different materials as a sandwich at the same time in order to reach better results. Now Tonar offers you this opportunity to experiment yourself but at modest pricing.

In order to enhance the better contact between the record and the mat, the center part - with the dimensions of the label have been recessed to accommodate the thicker label part.

- Diameter 295 mm.
- Thickness 3 mm.
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Tonar Cartridge Alignment Protractor (cartridge alignment tool)
Cat: 567734 Rel: 27 Mar 15
Cartridge alignment tool for proper setting of your cartridge offset and overhang
Notes: This cartridge alignment protector allows the proper setting of the cartridge offset and overhang
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