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Timedance Vinyl & CDs

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Voice Crash
Voice Crash (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: TIMEDANCE 029. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Voice Crash (5:20)
151 (4:08)
Fussyhead (6:57)
Review: Bristol's Hodge is one of those producers with a signature style no matter the genre he makes. He's an adept studio craftsman who designs sounds in a way few others do and he shows that again here with this fresh 12" on the mighty Timedance. 'Voice Crash' opens up with clanking great hits over minimalist beat frameworks that are always on the move, and you will be too. '151' is a more manic and dense arrangement with malfunctioning loops, knackered synth mutations and whirring effects all making for something fairly mind-blowing. Last of all is 'Fussyhead', a percolating and potent rhythm underpinned with lashings of UK bass.
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 in stock $14.30
Pollent Part III
Cat: TIMEDANCE 027. Rel: 31 May 23
Leven Lever Liver Love (5:09)
Higher Higher Dawn (4:11)
Y Y Y MY (3:37)
Ark Specific (4:18)
Bullet Time (feat Older Brother) (5:20)
Review: Metrist closes doesn't a trilogy of EPs on Timedance with this third and final offering of Pollen. It is another meticulously well-crafted mix of intelligent synth design and hi-fidelity sound with inventive techno rhythms. 'Leven Lever Liver Love' opens with a hint of IDM and poppy synth madness. 'Higher Higher Dawn' is another brain-cleansing cut with a freaky vocal adding a human touch. 'Y Y Y MY' then layers up loopy sounds to melt the mind in a hyper-real fashion and 'Ark Specific' again pairs floating rhythmic airiness with bass weight and thrillingly fresh melodies. 'Bullet Time' (feat Older Brother) is a dystopian way to end this forward-thinking EP.
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 in stock $15.36
For When We Haven't Slept
Cat: TIMEDANCE 028. Rel: 30 Aug 23
Crazy BBY
Review: Taking a break from his own Deaf Test label duties, Ploy casually drops a terse three-tracker for Timedance here, returning to ravier and bassier roots. Nominally a "mission statement for the party athlete", the EP aims to defend the all-nighterers, wayward party animals and/or the ten-hour-afters-lovers, sonically suggesting that the art of the night out - nightcraft - is a fine art indeed. Or perhaps it's a lost art, hence Ploy's implicit attempt to revive it through song. Case in point: 'Crazy BBY' is the leading star, a snake-charming of unhesitant percs and giant detuned saws. 'Rose' fleshes the latter element out further, making for a clappy-happy alarma; and 'Finally' seems to suggest a quieter coda in Hessle-ific tribal drums and low-level love moans. Perhaps it's an ode to a quieter, more connected moment enjoyed among friends, towards the end of the night.
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 in stock $14.57
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