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These Days Germany

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Cat: TD 13. Rel: 18 Jul 12
Deep House
  1. Dont Need To Practice
  2. UK Style
  3. Malibu (feat Amnaye)
out of stock $8.38
Cat: TD 04. Rel: 04 Nov 09
Deep House
  1. What Time Is It?
  2. Let Me Out (feat Ditto)
Played by: Luca Bacchetti, GummiHz
out of stock $9.73
Dominonation (red vinyl 12")
Cat: TD 18. Rel: 07 Oct 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Without Me (Alan Fitzpatrick remix) (7:17)
  2. Kill For My Treats (June remix) (6:45)
out of stock $8.64
Day One (12")
Cat: TD 01. Rel: 11 Feb 09
Deep House
  1. Argy & Alexander Ross - "See No Evil"
  2. Argy - "Upon Ourselves" (feat Bajka)
  3. Argy - "Bottom Heavy" (remake)
 in stock $15.41
Cat: TD 05. Rel: 20 Jan 10
Deep House
  1. Argy - "Sometimes I'm Blind"
  2. Alexander Ross - "Room"
out of stock $9.73
Day Two (12")
Cat: TD 02. Rel: 13 May 09
Funky/Club House
  1. Argy & The Martinez Brothers - "Who Made Who" (Vinyl version)
  2. DJ Duke - "Someday" (Argy's dub edit)
  3. DJ Duke - "Someday" (Beat Pharmacy Reduction)
out of stock $9.73
Cat: TD 08. Rel: 17 Jun 10
Deep House
  1. Etienne Jaumet - "For Falling Asleep" (Christian Vance Slow Burning Saxless remix)
  2. Art Of Tones - "Call The Shots" (feat Jaw - Motor City Drum Ensemble remix)
  3. Reelsoul & Alix Alvarez - "Bom (R2)" (Alix Alvarez dub)
  4. Argy & DJ Said - "Dope Track"
  5. Filsonik - "Can U" (Argy's tool mix)
  6. Jerome Sydenham - "Deep Fried"
  7. Dennis Ferrer & Jerome Sydenham - "Jero" (extended version)
  8. Kerri Chandler - "Hallelujah" (Kaoz club mix)
  9. DJ Duke - "Someday" (Argy's dub edit)
  10. 51 Days - "Tracktion"
  11. Ribn - "This Feeling" (Rapidsnare mix)
  12. David Alvarado - "Aire"
  13. Argy - "Sometimes I'm Blind"
  14. Aril Brikha - "Setting Sun"
  15. Recorded Life - Forest
out of stock $16.22
  1. Stephen Brown - "Speak"
  2. Club Lonely - "Shelter"
  3. Club Lonely - "Shelter" (dub version)
Review: The second installment of the Universal Consciousness series on These Days sees Stephen Brown and Club Lonely go back to back for a double techno treat. Brown's Speak features some heavy kicks and delicate hollow keyboard stabs that pepper the track wonderfully and keep things nicely buzzy in a Detroit style. Club Lonely (a name given to the collaborative efforts of These Days' in-house production family) offer up Shelter on the flipside, which is a warm old-school slice of funky techno complete with a bassy organ sound that carries the whole beat along perfectly. Check out the dub version too for an ideal extended DJ tool.
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out of stock $8.64
Cat: TD 24. Rel: 21 Nov 16
  1. Green (Argy Floor Adaptation) (5:39)
  2. Eternal Aspects (Argy edit) (6:44)
  3. Squeezed (Argy Stripped edit) (6:55)
  4. Subbass (Argy extended) (5:23)
Review: Argy's These Days label is an occasional treat in the world of stripped down tech house, and it makes its first appearance for 2016 with a selection of club-ready remixes from the label boss, tackling various productions from German techno mainstay Paul Brtschitsch. The "Floor Adaptation" of "Green" heads into subterranean pastures, albeit with a powerful beat propelling it, and "Eternal Aspects" maintains that underground mood with a warmer synth repertoire. On the more flamboyant B-side, "Squeezed" takes on a wild old-skool quality perfect for more fiery moments on the floor before "Subbass" continues the jacking theme in fine style.
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 in stock $5.68
Day Three (12")
Cat: TD 03. Rel: 02 Sep 09
Deep House
  1. Diva Jaguar (original)
  2. Diva Jaguar (These Days Beats)
  3. Can U (Argy's Tool mix)
  4. Diva Jaguar (Alexander Ross Space dub)
  5. Recorded Life (Cicadas)
out of stock $9.73
Cytheria (CD)
Cat: TD 10. Rel: 30 Mar 11
Deep House
  1. Cytheria
  2. Pulsar
  3. Cube Runner (Virtual Reality mix)
  4. Original Heartbreak
  5. Blue City
  6. Saturn
  7. Lost Area
  8. Always Together (interlude)
  9. Les Emotions S'eteignent
  10. Pyramid (Lost In The Labyrinth mix)
  11. She Lost Control (Out Of Control edit)
  12. Alleviation
  13. Sea Of Stars
  14. Pathway 2 (Her Dream)
Review: The latest long player from Argy's These Days label is a surprise full-length from relative newcomer Tasmpikos Fronas. Having only previously released a handful of 12" singles, the Greek producer has yet to build much of a reputation with electronic music circles. Cytheria could go some way to changing that. A whirlwind of crystalline electronics, sunshine-bright melodies and playful synthesizer riffs (with a dash of original chi-town jack thrown in), it comes on like a particularly cosmic jam session between Plone, Daniel Wang, Claro Intellecto and Larry Heard. On the moon. On this evidence, Fronas is clearly one to watch.

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Played by: ARGY, GummiHz
out of stock $17.30
Cat: TD 09. Rel: 02 Mar 11
Deep House
  1. Cube Runner (Virtual Reality mix)
  2. Cytheria
  3. Lost Area (DJ Sprinkles Lost Dancefloor)
  4. Lost Area (DJ Sprinkles Empty Dancefloor)
Review: Any release from Terre Thaemlitz, be it under his DJ Sprinkles nom de plume or any other of his many aliases, is always worth more than a cursory glace. They usually fall somewhere between 'very good' and 'utterly brilliant' - his two remixes of June on German imprint These Days very much veers towards the latter. The way his tracks makes a stately progression from raw, dusty drum programming with subtle acid undertones towards a gorgeous piano melody via disturbed vocal screams has an impact far beyond the remit of this review. You simply have to listen to it. His second, 'empty dancefloor' remix of "Lost Area" last just a matter of seconds, a brief, whispy sketch that is over before it really begins, and will have you pining for more. The two original tracks from June, meanwhile, are still very worthy of your attention, although pale slightly in comparison to the majesty of Sprinkles efforts. "Cube Runner" is characterised by soaring synths and a nice analogue chug, while the more cerebral "Cytheria" bodes well for the release of a full length June album in 2011.
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out of stock $9.73
Konfused (12")
Cat: TD 12. Rel: 03 Apr 12
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Konfused (original mix)
  2. Konfused (Quell Unholy Grail mix)
  3. Konfused (Argy Back To The UK mix)
out of stock $8.64
Cat: TD 14. Rel: 22 May 13
Deep House
  1. Time 2 Dance
  2. Time 2 Dance (Jerome Sydenham remix)
  3. One More Time
Played by: Fog, Last Mood
out of stock $8.11
  1. Jerome Sydenham - "Bang Me Deep"
  2. Filsonik - "Mandali"
  3. Radio Slave - "X Beat"
  4. Marlon D - "Trust The Drum" (Argy edit)
  5. Gummihz - "Jack Raw"
  6. CJ Jeff - "Deadly Bees"
out of stock $8.64
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These Days Germany