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Tempo Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Tempo
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Dodgy Acid Trax
Dodgy Acid Trax (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: TEMPOZONE 00. Rel: 23 Sep 21
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Dodgy Acid Tracks (5:13)
Blood On The Mound (feat Deapmash) (2:44)
Int 1 (2:00)
All Circles Vanish (6:55)
Soft Fog Dystopia (5:31)
$12.45 SAVE 40%
 in stock $7.48
Predator Trax
Predator Trax (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: TEMPOZONE 05. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Underpass Rouge (5:50)
Predator Trax (7:12)
Paranorm (5:29)
C50 (7:16)
Zap Me To The Moon (4:53)
 in stock $15.63
One Time (Collectors Edition)
One Time (Collectors Edition) (limited hand-numbered 12" picture disc)
Cat: TEMPOSPEED 06. Rel: 07 Apr 22
Drum & Bass / Jungle
One Time (7:32)
Just Me (6:04)
Something Nu? (5:39)
Review: A blast from the past made in the present: Tempo Records present this gem from Hidden Agenda (Jason Goodings), who operates in a well-trodden but no less effective drum n' bass style. Printer Jams and running companions abound on this three-track 12", fusing urban breakbeat, old-skool jazz and obscure samples to solid effect. 'One Time' certainly won't be playing on our turntables just one time, while 'Just Me' eases into neurofunk and 'Something Nu?' lowers the tempo to deliver just as much - fans of Concord Dawn or John B will be impressed.

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 in stock $14.57
Untitled (limited gatefold 2xLP in luminous sleeve)
Cat: TOEP 744941. Rel: 27 Jul 23
Intro (1:59)
Starting Over (4:05)
Bitch We Got A Problem (3:27)
Evolution (3:40)
Hold On (3:12)
Kiss (4:11)
Do What They Say (4:20)
Ever Be
Love & Luxury (3:00)
Innocent Bystander (3:29)
Killing (3:41)
Hushabye (3:55)
I Will Protect You (5:32)
Sing Sorrow (bonus track) (4:23)
Overture Or Obituary (bonus track) (3:07)
 in stock $50.32
2 Tone
2 Tone (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: TEMPOCORE 05. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Pugilist - "Aperture" (4:39)
Pugilist & Tamen - "2 Tone" (4:43)
Pugilist - "Mirrors" (4:55)
Pugilist - "Scatter" (4:13)
 in stock $15.63
Ability II Corrupt
Ability II Corrupt (clear vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: TEMPOLP 02. Rel: 05 Oct 23
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Societal Structure (5:43)
Snuffed Out (7:20)
Obscura (6:29)
Ability II Corrupt (8:05)
Repetitive Future (14:00)
Head Of The Buccaneer (5:22)
No Control (5:45)
Desperance (11:44)
Review: Response & Pliskin continue their relentless exploration of the darker side of d&b with this new drop for Tempo. Prior albums for Northern Front and Western Lore have been masterclasses in their cinematic vision for brutalist breakbeat science, and now they're bringing that scope to the always-essential Dutch label Tempo. There are snarling slammers, pad-soaked dreamscapes and oddly-angled experiments which prove how much the Manchester duo are capable of. Pressed up on three heavyweight slabs and ready for your shelling pleasure, this is what upfront d&b is all about.
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 in stock $35.76
Bite Before You Bark Remix
Bite Before You Bark Remix (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: TEMPODUBS 01. Rel: 08 Dec 23
No Fear (Electro remix) (4:59)
Da Hostyle (4:23)
Bite Before You Bark (instrumental remix) (5:12)
Balancing (5:47)
So Far So Good (6:54)
 in stock $15.63
Items 1 to 7 of 7 on page 1 of 1
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