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Machine Jacked
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 in stock $8.78
Cat: STILLM 039. Rel: 20 Apr 15
  1. Wurk It (6:25)
  2. Acid Nothing (9:09)
Review: Founder and owner of Still Music Jerome Derradji finally makes his debut on the label with a pumping two-tracker for the dancefloor. "Wurk It" is a fast-paced, acid-laced techno monster reminiscent of the mid-90's Dance Mania sound that was coming out of Chicago then. On the flip, "Acid Nothing" is relatively tamer but nonetheless abrasive thanks to its menacing drops of 303 goodness. Quality.
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Kill Yourself Dancing: The Story Of Sunset Records Inc Chicago 1985-89
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 in stock $15.38
Cat: STILLMDLP 009. Rel: 16 Sep 13
Deep House
  1. Razz - "Kill Yourself Dancing"
  2. Ben Mays - "Lover Man (Lover Man)"
  3. White Knight - "It Could Be Acid"
  4. Boom Boom & Master Plan - "Face The Music" (dub mix)
  5. Modern Mechanical Music - "Persia"
  6. Master Plan - "Electric Baile" (Commercial mix)
  7. Hex Complexx - "I Want You" (The Transcontinental mix)
  8. Matt Warren - "Rock The Nation" (Kenny Jason remix)
Review: Having previously explored Chicago boogie and the roots of the Windy City's house scenes, Jerome Derradji's Still Music imprint turns its attention to the story of the largely unheralded Sunset Records Inc. A collaboration between Matt Warren, Miguel Garcia and Ralphie Rosario, the label blurred the boundaries between European-influenced sounds (specifically Italo, new wave and industrial) and "beat tracks" - what would become the city's greatest musical export: house. There's some terrific material here, from the touchy-feely piano house of Warren's "You Know The Way To My Heart" and freestyle/proto house fusion of White Knight's "Demons (A Mix 2 U)", to the dense disco drums of Master Plan's "Electric Balle (Large Dub)" and the foppish, Human League-go-Italo foppishness of Boom Boom & Master Plan's "Face The Music".
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The House That Jackmaster Hater Built Part 2
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 in stock $19.24
Cat: STILLMLP 012-2. Rel: 17 Nov 14
Deep House
  1. Terrance Woodard - "Jack The Box" (JD edit)
  2. Jordan Zawideh - "First Daze"
  3. Jackmaster Hater - "Hiccup Track" (original It's House)
  4. Kevin Starke - "Jaws"
  5. Jackmaster Hater - "Passion" (extended unreleased)
  6. Unknown - "Happiness" (Ron Hardy edit)
Review: Jerome Derradji continues his trawl through the impressive archives of KStarke Records boss Kevin "Jackmaster Hater" Starke, who boasts a stack of rare tapes of unreleased Chicago house material once belonging to Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles. This second instalment in the series features some of Starke's own acid-heavy compositions - some of which are covers of lost or unreleased tracks - as well as previously unheard material from the 1980s. Of those, the predictably dusty Ron Hardy edit of "Happiness" will probably gain most attention, though it's Derradji's edit of Terrence Woodward's stripped back but intense "Jack The Box" that hits home hardest.
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The House That Jackmaster Hater Built Part 1
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 in stock $19.24
Cat: STILLMLP 012-1. Rel: 17 Nov 14
Deep House
  1. Crystalite - "Cut By A Laser"
  2. Kevin Starke - "151" (Kstarke version)
  3. Unknown - "Track 1" (Ron Hardy edit)
  4. Traxmen - "No Way Back"
  5. Jordan Zawideh - "Newton's Sleep"
  6. Jackmaster Hater - "Drum Track"
  7. Jackmaster Hater - "Tracky 2"
Review: Kevin "Jackmaster Hater" Starke is something of a Chicago house archivist. As owner of the Wndy City's Kstarke Records (and a clutch of spin-off labels), Starke owns an impressive collection of rare tracks - mostly on cassettes - that were reportedly traded between the city's most high profile DJs during the 1980s. With a little help from Still Music boss Jerome Derradji, he's decided to gather some of these tracks together on The House That Jackmaster Hater Built Part 1. For those interested in the history of Chicago house, it's a tantalising proposition. Certainly, there's an illicit feeling about much of the raw, hissing, drum-heavy material on this first vinyl doublepack, from the Italo-influenced opener from Crystalite, to the previously unheard - and unknown - Ron Hardy edit that opens side two.
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In The Dark: Detroit Is Back
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 in stock $23.07
Cat: STILLM3LP 011. Rel: 11 Nov 13
Deep House
  1. Craig Huckaby - "The Answer" (feat Kelly Hayes)
  2. Alex Israel - "Bubble Wrap 106"
  3. Reggie Dokes - "Cyber Love"
  4. Patrice Scott - "Cosmic Rituals"
  5. Marcellus Pittman - "Make It Work"
  6. Terrence Dixon - "The Fall Guy" (part 1)
  7. Keith Worthy - "Cyclops"
  8. DJ 3000 - "Faygo"
  9. Alex Israel - "Cash Neutral"
  10. Gabbamonkey - "2 Pace Back"
  11. Mike Agent X Clark - "Free Your Mind"
  12. Raybone Jones & Jon Easley - "As She Moves"
Review: The ever-loving team at Still Music present yet another unmissable selection of East side beats, this time shifting focus from Chicago to Detroit to shine the light on some of the less celebrated talents operating in the city. There is boundless quality at every turn here, from the jazzed out tones of Craig Huckaby to the raw chemistry of Marcellus Pittman. Terrence Dixon does an excellent demonstration of wormhole techno with "The Fall Guy (Part 1)", and DJ 3000 brings a demonic brand of slow-chugging house to the table. Alex Israel also reminds everyone that he truly is one of the most slept-on gems the Motor City has to offer, so get busy and connect with this utterly essential selection.
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