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Staalplaat Holland

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Cat: ARCHIVE SIXCD. Rel: 07 Feb 13
  1. Ayatollah Dollar
  2. Taliban Code
  3. Sari & Reebok
  4. We Have Shafika Habibi On Our Bus
  5. Radio Sharia, Eyes As Well
  6. Arvinda Jewel Box
  7. Come Insider My Chador
  8. Lost Iranian Tourist
  9. All I Have Is Sand
  10. Najibi
  11. Brotherhood Of Tikrit
  12. Purdah Zealot
  13. Aljar Zia Audio
  14. Jai Jai Ram & Harmonium
  15. Rani Rupmati, Diamond Swallower
 in stock $14.15
Satyajit Eye (limited CD)
Cat: STAA 001. Rel: 07 Feb 13
  1. Amristar
  2. Vote Hezbollah (remix 1)
  3. Vote Hezbollah (remix 2)
  4. Vote Hezbollah (remix 3)
  5. Zion Poison
  6. Cuareg
  7. Satnajit Eye
  8. Dhobi
  9. Caste
Review: During his lifetime, Manchester-based producer Bryn Jones was unfeasibly prolific. During his most productive period in the early 1990s, he would record and release an album every week. The most notable thing about his productions, though, was his explicit support for the Palestinian liberation movement (despite, bizarrely, not being a Muslim or ever visiting the Middle East). His brand of tribal IDM was heavily influenced by traditional Arabic music, too, giving his protest works an intoxicating authenticity. Satyajit Eye, first released in 1993, is arguably one of his greatest works. Here, the original album is accompanied by three tracks from Vote Hezbollah, a similarly minded set recorded in the same period.
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Played by: Kondaktor
 in stock $15.80
Cat: ARCHIVE TWENTYONE. Rel: 21 Jan 14
  1. Khan Younis (Shaheed mix)
  2. Amritsar (short)
  3. Drugsherpa (long)
  4. Jerusalem Knife (Wail mix)
  5. Miyazawa (Sun mix)
  6. Satyajit Eye (reverse mix)
  7. Gulfwar (remix 86)
 in stock $16.61
Cat: ARCHIVEFIFTEEN. Rel: 21 Dec 17
  1. Aquamareez
  2. Zaramic Gaze
  3. Baieh Na Khair
  4. Shortwave Iranian
  5. Rezinz
  6. Obalisq
  7. Apricot Zoom Buddha
  8. Chaikhana
  9. Mezes
  10. Izfahan
  11. Zaman
  12. Return To Kuwait City
  13. Chott El Djerid
  14. Degla Ennour
  15. Cayenne Dupatta
  16. Pulicharki Marastoon
  17. Karakum Burqa
 in stock $13.28
  1. Minaret Speaker
  2. Minaret Speaker
  3. Minaret Speaker
  4. Minaret Speaker
  5. Minaret Speaker
  6. Bamboo Bound
  7. Minaret Speaker
  8. Black Aba
  9. Minaret Speaker
  10. Minaret Speaker
  11. Rest Track
  12. Rest Track
  13. Rest Track
  14. Rest Track
 in stock $16.61
Ingaza (2xLP)
Cat: ARCHIVE 36.
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coming soon $34.31
Cat: 24658. Rel: 30 Dec 16
  1. Kurds Eye View
  2. Imam Fainted
  3. Burnt Pages Of Ali Jinnah Koran
  4. Rafia In Her Voluminous Black Tent
  5. Yousif Water Pipe Habit
  6. Opulent Maghrebi Meze
  7. Cold Turkey
  8. Because He Had A Mustache & Beard, They Thought He Was An Arab
  9. Abu Kaff, Your Guide Around A West Bank Bedouin Shack
  10. Abdullah Kosher Halal
  11. Bleu Box Of Zaffarool Goudarzi
  12. Zahir Din, Cabdriver Of Zind
  13. Indo Muslem Atlas
  14. For Larger Iran
  15. Hazarajat
 in stock $14.71
Souk Bou Saada (limited CD)
Cat: ARCHIVETHREE. Rel: 18 May 17
  1. Hindu Gold Leaf
  2. Maskara
  3. Tariq Aziz
  4. Salman Pak Baghdad
  5. Algiers & Karachi
  6. Injoy Your Bombay Duck
  7. Arzuaga Jade
  8. Your Snake Charm
 in stock $16.61
Izlamaphobia (2xCD)
Cat: MUSLIMLIM 001. Rel: 18 May 17
  1. Hudood Ordinance
  2. Gilded Madrasa
  3. Moroccan Lemon Chador
  4. Khadija & Fereshta
  5. Zakat Zakat
  6. Lahore Morphine Market
  7. Kabul Kite
  8. Zindan Bug Pit
  9. Vanilla Jellaba
  10. Tozeur Palm
  11. Najibullah Headless
  12. Hijab Muzzle
  13. Hammam Jackal
  14. Ulug Bek Sextant
  15. Almond Pilau Mosaic
  16. The Eternal Illusionist Of Oid Bachdad
  17. The Ottoman Museum Of Cherished Momentos
  18. The Dead Sea Indego Net
  19. The Nile Is Blue Around Elephantine Island
  20. The Fragrance Aroma
  21. The Public Flogger Of Lahore
  22. The Emir Of Agua
  23. The Handless Of Bazzars
  24. The Ganges Swimmer
  25. The Hanging Judge Of Iran
  26. The Poisoner Of Citrus
  27. The Limb Amputator Of Rinadh
  28. The Iraqi Who Grew Orchids
  29. The Female Guard Of Libya
  30. The Sari Of Cholera
  31. The Syrian Majishan
  32. The Broken Radio Of Istanbul Station
  33. The Suffocator Of Hindustani
 in stock $20.97
Items 1 to 9 of 9 on page 1 of 1


Staalplaat Holland
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