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Spectral Sound US

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Cat: SPECTRAL 51. Rel: 30 Oct 08
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Audion - "Fred's Bells" (Onur Ozer remix)
  2. Kate Simko - "She Said" (Barem remix)
  3. Daso - "Meine" (Lucio Aquilina remix)
Played by: Garnica, Dirty Channels
 in stock $14.76
Immune (CD)
Cat: SPECTRAL 72. Rel: 02 Jul 09
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Meaning & Memory
  2. Hyperlight
  3. I'll Hold Your Hand
  4. What Did You Say
  5. Imitation Lover
  6. Arigato
  7. Subspace Radio
  8. Spacial Harmonics
  9. Immune
 in stock $19.06
Petty (limited 12")
Cat: SPC 141. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. Gulf Stream
  2. I Know I Am Petty
  3. Tree Frog Whistle
  4. Offset In The Shadow
coming soon $12.35
Like No One (2xLP)
Cat: SPECTRAL 052. Rel: 07 Feb 08
  1. The Second Night Cycle (feat Ellis Monk)
  2. Don't Even Try It (The Beat)
  3. The Boxx
  4. Got To Let You Know
  5. Saturn V (Come Into My Life)
  6. Lojak (Part 5)
  7. Sensational Rhythm (with D'Mark Cantu)
  8. Possesed Amplifier
Review: James T. Cotton (known also as JTC, Dabrye and his real name, Tadd Mullinix) has been an integral part of the Spectral family since its origins, and after a string of successful releases on the Creme, Nation and UDEK labels, we
are proud to unveil his new album, the fittingly titled, 'Like No One'. Cotton returns with his confident new album, taking his dark techno paranoia into new realms and this time he's brought a posse. 2004's 'The Dancing Box LP' was a
powerful look into the mind of this creative producer, tracks like 'Press Your Body' and 'The Drain' suggested a dystopian landscape, marrying Belgian new beat and acid into a classic melange. As part of a new wave of
producers exploring the "Jakbeat" sound, Cotton provides a re-understanding of classic house and techno rhythms, which steers clear of retro cheekiness. Cotton has paired up with scene luminary Traxx (as Saturn V) for the
bouncing 'Come Into My Life' and with his 2AM/FM counterpart, D'Marc Cantu, for the ecstatic 'Sensational Rhythm'. Cotton's solo ventures like 'The Boxx' and 'Got To Let You Know' are proof that 'Like No One' plays as a
document of the dance music moment, where genre falls away, and true energy and prowess thrives.
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 in stock $22.28
 1 in stock $17.38
SPC 140 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SPC 140. Rel: 18 Oct 18
  1. Untitled III (7:20)
  2. Organelle (6:12)
  3. Empire (7:11)
 in stock $16.91
Cat: SPC 1383. Rel: 25 Jul 17
  1. You Never Listen (6:46)
  2. Feel Your Body (7:13)
  3. German Friendship (4:45)
  4. Alternate Mindset (7:11)
  5. Upper Peninsula (feat Terekke) (6:11)
Review: Max Ravitz, aka Patricia states that 'the synthesizer is designed to theoretically reproduce any imaginable structure of sound' and that he was always more interested in sound design than being able to play well and that 'the synthesizer allows for a slow and thoughtful approach towards crafting sound.' He allows his machines to speak for themselves: 'I occupy the role of a composer or conductor, in a sense, determining how the music sounds while employing my various instruments as the players.' For the third and final installment of his new album Several Shades Of The Same Color, be prepared for yet more raw and gothic techno/house/EBM derivatives. From the darkly soulful early '90's techno of "You Never Listen", to the very K. Alexi sounding acid house groove of "Feel Your Body" or the slow burning "German Friendship" which sounds like a D.A.F. record on -8. But he saves the best for last on what is probably the album's finest moment of all: his collaboration with lo-fi house hero Terekke on the dreamy and evocative deep house jam "Upper Peninsula".
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Played by: Agnostic Rhythm, VRRS
 in stock $16.91
Spectral 139 (2xLP)
Cat: SPC 139. Rel: 19 Sep 18
  1. Gunnar Haslam - "Versione Antica" (6:37)
  2. Minimal Violence - "Travel By Night" (3:44)
  3. Matrixxman & Riccardo Limiti - "Inferno" (5:44)
  4. Russell EL Butler - "Run Away With My Heart" (5:51)
  5. D’Marc Cantu - "Regular People" (7:00)
  6. Earth Trax & Newborn Jr - "Paradox" (8:14)
  7. X-Altera - "Entry" (JTC Sparkz Mahlecyul remix) (5:29)
  8. Nigel Caenaan - "January’s End" (6:50)
Played by: Savile
 in stock $22.28
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Spectral Sound US
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