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Cat: SWR 014. Rel: 25 Nov 11
  1. Ivory Waves (original mix)
  2. The Bells Of Hackney (original mix)
  3. Ivory Waves (Downtown Party Network remix)
  4. Ivory Waves (Sare Havlicek remix)
Review: Following their recent track on Redux's Pick & Mix Vol. 1, the disco legend that is Pete Herbert and Melbourne's Golden Fleece further cement their collaboration with this full EP on Space Walker Records. "Ivory Waves" is a 90s influenced cut of uplifting piano-driven Balearic house, complete with lush cosmic flourishes, whilst "The Bells Of Hackney" is a more low-slung, but no less powerful production. Initially combining a snaking live bassline and spaced-out arpeggios, the track builds to a crescendo as heavily flanged piano and tights guitar licks come into play. The B-Side meanwhile serves up two remixes of "Ivory Waves"; Lithuania's Downtown Party Network recompose it as an even more-good time anthem (if such a thing is possible) with their trademark melodic charm, while Slovenia's Sare Havlicek takes the track into deeper territory bringing the thick bassline teasing the melody with dubbed out stabs, slowly bringing the huge piano line in before dropping it with force, taking the anthem potential of the original and running with it.
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Cat: SWR 016. Rel: 23 Apr 12
  1. Dangerous Grooves (oriignal mix)
  2. Dangerous Grooves (Rotciv remix)
  3. Royal Pains (original mix)
  4. Royal Pains (Kid Who remix)
Review: Now firmly established within the international disco network thanks to contributions from the likes of Pete Herbert, Sare Havlicek, Mustang and Downtown Party Network, Budapest based label Spacewalker Recordings slip out their latest dose of discoid brilliance with Julian Sanza at the helm. Collaring the Argentine is quite the coup given his sizeable discography for the likes of Rebirth, Solardisco and Lost My Dog among others, as well as his involvement on keys for the excellent 2020 Soundsystem. Proceedings commence with the classic disco strings of "Dangerous Groove" treated with contemporary studio dust and slick echo laden filtration and aligned to a flirtatiously low slung bump, and the track gets hollowed out for an excellent fizzing dub disco remix by the Brazilian half of The Rimshooters aka Rotciv. "Royal Pains" has Sanza on more playful form, triggering vocal loops over a dusty beat whilst teasing out a sublime disco infused house groove in a manner akin to Jiscomusic era Mark E. Completing the cosmopolitan line-up is London based DJ and producer Kid Who of Mindless Boogie fame who turns in a fine remix that strips down "Royal Pains" into a refined laser disco jam.
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