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Soul Garden Japan Vinyl & CDs

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Eastern Comfort
Cat: SG 056. Rel: 04 Apr 18
Eastern Comfort (6:38)
Eko Ile (5:22)
Review: Fela Kuti fans Jaribu Afrobeat Arkestra last came to our attention in 2014 via a fantastic sophomore set on Soul Garden. Here, the Japanese neo-Afrobeat combo returns to the same imprint with the first of two simultaneously released 7" singles. A-side "Eastern Comfort" is a typically jaunty and undulating affair, with bold, Fela-esque tenor sax motifs and delay-laden spoken work vocals dancing around Nigeria '70 guitars and loose, Tony Allen style drums. Flipside "Eko Ile" is an altogether more forthright and up-tempo affair whose rasping horns and JuJu guitars are slightly overshadowed by some elongated organ action.
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 in stock $15.25
Rock Steady (reissue)
Rock Steady (reissue) (transparent green vinyl 7")
Cat: SG 081GREEN. Rel: 22 Dec 22
Rock Steady (4:09)
Rock Steady (Macka-Chin edit) (4:25)
Review: Jaribu Afrobeat Arkestra are an entirely unique phenomenon, a Japanese collective pushing forward Neo-Afrobeat with heavy influence of the classic Japanese jazz sound and the long tradition of covering iconic western soul/funk tracks. Aretha Franklin's 'Rock Steady' is a collaboration with fellow Japanese artist Tina (aka Luv Tina), a decorated vocal powerhouse in the early 2000s R&B landscape, culminating in a mind-boggling genre mashup that defies expectations. The J.A.A. chorus section matches Tina's power perfectly with the blaring jazz instrumental, with phenomenal sax and trumpets. Swipe this coloured reissue before it goes again, you have to hear it to feel it.
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Played by: Voodoocuts
 in stock $16.83
Will (7" + insert)
Cat: SG 078. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Will (4:12)
Will (English) (4:12)
Review: Q.A.S.B. is a Japanese funk and soul ensemble with a.yu.mi. handling lead vocals, a singer celebrated for her funky style reminiscent of James Brown but captured here in a more romantic and subdued mood here. 'Will' is a new single on Soul Garden that offers up soulful and pop-leading sounds with elegant vocals and graceful grooves backed by big band horns. Interestingly, the same tune gets served up again on the flipside, only sung in English. It neither improves nor detracts from the original but proves to be an interesting experiment for that reason.
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Tags: Japanese
 in stock $14.47
Baby Soul
Cat: SG 079. Rel: 31 Oct 22
Baby Soul (4:25)
Love Merry-Go-Round (3:09)
 in stock $18.92
Thank You
Cat: SG 068. Rel: 13 Apr 20
Thank You (4:37)
Week-End (4:32)
Review: For well over a decade Japanese combo Q.A.S.B has been serving up slices of soulful goodness that variously join the dots between James Brown, Kool & The Gang, Sly and the Family Stone and slower, more thoughtful moments. Here they return to regular home Soul Garden with their first single of 2020. A-side "Thank You" is suitably and summery, with sweet female vocals, glistening guitar riffs, sustained organ chords, hazy horns and simmering strings rising above a skittish, jazz-fired groove. The party intensifies on flipside "Week-End", a Japanese language vocal number that makes the most of a more disco-centric, jazz-funk style soul backing track.
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 in stock $15.25
Good Guy
Good Guy (limited 7")
Cat: SG 032. Rel: 13 Apr 16
Good Guy (3:22)
Bad Boy (3:44)
Review: In amidst a veritable deluge of seven inch-shaped sharpness from Japan's crucial Soul Garden label this week comes this absolute must grip 45 session from Q.A.S.B. The nine-piece Tokyo funkateers have been holding it down since 2005 and this seven picks out a horn heavy highlight from last year's Q.A.S.B. III LP in the shape of "Good Guy." Throwing down a similar vibe to the Quantic Soul Orchestra, this track is all about the lead vocal from Amy A and those warm, tooting horns. Face down and QASB engage flipmode, slowing the tempo down and cranking the sass up on "Bad Boy". If seven inches were vegetables this would be one hot pepper!
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 in stock $15.25
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