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Soul Direction Vinyl & CDs

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(Too Long) I've Been Waiting
Cat: SDO 1001. Rel: 25 Nov 21
  1. (Too Long) I've Been Waiting (2:47)
  2. Please Don't Leave Me (2:28)
 in stock $15.81
Everybody's Got A Problem
  1. Everybody's Got A Problem (3:50)
  2. In Shallah (3:59)
Review: Starting out as a group called The Dreams, Washington DC's Father's Children hit their stride in 1972, recording some early sessions before hitting the road around America. Unfortunately their career never quite gathered momentum despite releasing an album in 1979, but fortunately the masters from their early days were preserved and finally unearthed for a 2011 reissue on Numero. It's from this reissue that two of their finest early singles are pulled for this perfect soul nugget on Soul Direction, the slow and funky 'Everybody's Got A Problem' and the joyous, dreamy 'In Shallah'.
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 in stock $18.32
Ready Willing Able (reissue)
Cat: SD 002. Rel: 19 Oct 21
  1. Ready, Willing, Able (3:10)
  2. Too Young For Love (2:41)
Review: A steady stream of super singles is coming from the good people at Soul-Direction Records this month. Next up is this previously unissued 60s soul groover from Eddie Holman which has until now been lost in the belongings of legendary Philly producer, musician and songwriter John Stiles. But lucky for us, it has now been unearthed. Word is it was recorded at Virtue Studios in Philadelphia and Eddie's rendition comes with piercing vocals. They are over the top of a pounding Northern Soul style beat that will find plenty of fans on a heaving and sweaty dance floor.
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 in stock $14.80
Boy You've Been Acting Strange
Cat: SD 007. Rel: 06 Jan 22
  1. Boy, You've Been Acting Strange (3:25)
  2. Celebrate (Legacy To The Bone) (3:48)
 in stock $17.56
Don't (7")
Cat: SD 009. Rel: 27 May 22
  1. Don't (3:43)
  2. More Love (3:06)
Review: This new Soul Direction 7" features a pair of previously unreleased tracks from the great Norman Feels. Little is known about the artist other than the fact he was an underground singer in the 70s. He put out two albums back then on the Just Sunshine Records label and then disappeared without much trace. This one opens up with 'Don't' in a different form to the version that came on his album - it is raw and punchy with his soulful vocals over the top. On the flip is something never rebased before in any form. It is slower, more sensuous and was found on acetates that were purchased via a sound engineer from the studios he once recorded in.
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 in stock $17.56
Nobody Beats My Love
Nobody Beats My Love (7" + insert)
Cat: SDO 1002. Rel: 25 Nov 21
  1. Nobody Beats My Love (2:29)
  2. If You Give Up Your Love (2:28)
$15.81 SAVE 25%
 in stock $11.85
The Pot Can't Talk About The Kettle (reissue)
Cat: SDO 1005. Rel: 27 May 22
  1. The Pot Can't Talk About The Kettle (2:58)
  2. Gossip Won't Worry Me (2:24)
 in stock $17.56
You're The One
Cat: SD 008. Rel: 24 Feb 22
  1. You're The One (3:24)
  2. My Love Just For You (4:11)
Review: Des Moines in Iowa is usually best known as the hometown of prolific writer Bill Bryson, but it is also the small-town which gave rise to this obscure R&B outfit. Split Decision Band deserve to be up there with any of their peers but for whatever reason they only realised this one single back in 1978. It came on the local Network label and has since take on cult status-meaning this EP often fetches high prices amongst avid soul collectors and for good reason. The a-side is a big, swirling and feel good tune with lush instrumentation and 'My Love Just For You' slows it down to a more sentimental sound.
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$18.32 SAVE 25%
 in stock $13.74
We Got To Start Over
We Got To Start Over (7" + insert)
Cat: SDO 1006. Rel: 05 Aug 22
  1. We Got To Start Over (2:34)
  2. What More Can I Say (2:53)
 in stock $18.32
I Want You
Cat: SD 012. Rel: 14 Jul 22
  1. I Want You (3:39)
  2. Call For Love (5:13)
Review: Mega-chromatic soul-jazz with a dash of weirdness from The Universal Togetherness Band. 'I Want You' and 'Call For Love' were recorded between 1979 and 1982, and were subsequently shelved until one of the duo's members began doling out cassette versions, which led to an unearthing in 2014. Subdued and laid-back drums, clack-guitar and toothy bass all poke through this release's sexy soul snark.
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 in stock $18.32
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