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Soul Clap US

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Cat: SCR 1238. Rel: 19 Apr 18
  1. Hard To Fall (feat Cry No Mas) (5:56)
  2. Le Freq (feat Giana Scola) (6:01)
  3. Arizona Heart (5:34)
 in stock $14.34
This Time With You EP (12" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: SCR 1220. Rel: 08 Oct 15
  1. This Time With You (feat Zopelar) (6:20)
  2. This Time With You (feat Zopelar, Charli James - Inkswel remix) (4:54)
  3. Ethnic (feat L_Cio) (7:32)
  4. Juno Ballad (5:23)
 in stock $9.93
New Directions in Funk: Peep This (white marbled vinyl 7")
Cat: SCRNDF 01. Rel: 17 Dec 15
  1. Funkadelic & Soul Clap - "Peep This" (feat Nick Monaco, G koop & Greg Paulus) (4:53)
  2. Brian Ellis Reflection - "Slow Motion" (feat Howard Johnson) (4:20)
 in stock $7.18
Cat: SCR 1211. Rel: 29 Jul 14
Deep House
  1. Take A Dip (with Signor Andreoni)
  2. Mulatar House (with Jordy Lockruf)
  3. Peru Berlin Connection (with Jordy Lockruf)
Review: Occasionally Jay Haze will take some time away from his productions on Contexterrior to release music with other labels like Leftroom and Desolate, or he'll provide a mix for Fabric. Here, in 2014, Jay Haze debuts on Soul Clap - and brings some friends with him. These friends are Signor Andreoni, an Italian producer that's not released a solo record since 2010 (his last was with Haze) and the unknown Jordy Lockruf. "Take A Dip" is a new-school cut of retrospective Italo with those moaning synths perfect for a Rimini dancefloor, while the two joints with Lockruf provide one clunky, slide guitar twanging disco jam and a shuffling house cut that ever so lightly verges on electro swing - but not too much!
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 in stock $6.07
Cat: SCR 1241. Rel: 15 Mar 18
  1. I Feel Joy (Feel The Spirit) (8:36)
  2. Ooo Ooo Ooo (4:02)
  3. Keep Funkin For The World (7:03)
  4. Scream (Like You Want It) (4:43)
 in stock $14.34
Cat: SCR 1235. Rel: 15 Jun 17
  1. Side Of Life (5:05)
  2. The Changer (7:27)
  3. Get It On (feat Amy Douglas) (6:54)
  4. Get It On (feat Amy Douglas - Bosq remix) (8:08)
Review: The heat's been roaring on this one ever since Soul Clap and Michael dropped the rare groove soul power "Get It On" digitally as a surprise late last year. Fronted by the raunchy sermon of Amy Douglas, it's now stacked on the wax it deserves and coupled by two more sterling disco gems: a revolution boogie stomper "Side Of Life" and "Changer", a sexy high-strut jam with precision string stabs and a mutant bassline that wraps itself around your tender bits. Throw in a shaking Bosq remix and you've got a nonstop party.
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 in stock $23.17
Vicious Love (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SCR 1216. Rel: 17 Nov 14
  1. Night Flight
  2. Vicious Love
  3. Pick Up
  4. Trouble T
  5. Electric Shock
Review: Cosmic disco ensemble 'Midnight Magic' find their way on to the ever adaptive Soul Clap imprint for their next release. "Viscous Love" is a 5 track EP which see the Magic Ones explore the more spaced out corners of the disco universe. The EP Starts with the funked out, slap-bass heavy, 'Night Flight' before weaving its way to the more slo-mo pitched down 'Viscous Love' and 'Pick Up', the later showcasing some synth work that Parliment would be proud of. 'Trouble T' and 'Electic Shock' finish the EP with aplomb, 'Electric Shock' being one of the stand outs of the release with its driving Italo-Disco bass line.
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 in stock $11.87
Cat: SCRCD 01. Rel: 02 Feb 15
  1. Mating Call
  2. BabyFace
  3. Ancient Ritual (feat Brandon Cain)
  4. Private Practice
  5. I Can't Breathe Without You
  6. Brooklyn Is A Submarine (feat Slow Hands)
  7. Maintenance Man
  8. TooHighToDrive
  9. She Got That Fire
  10. Freak Flag
Review: San Francisco-based DJ/producer Nick Monaco has long been part of the Soul Clap family, releasing his first 12" on the label back in 2012. Mating Call, a double 12" set running at album length, is easily his most expansive release yet. It's typically eccentric, delivering a range of songs - featuring his own distinctive vocals - that blend numerous styles whilst retaining a loose, funky and altogether rather kaleidoscopic feel. It's rooted in Balearic pop, but also touches on dub, deep house, boogie, dub disco and a strangely deep and contemporary take on the triple-beat rhythms of glam rock. It's hard to accurately describe, but is really rather good; certainly, it's one of Soul Clap's strongest releases of recent times.
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Cat: SCR 1242. Rel: 19 Apr 18
  1. Citlalmina (6:13)
  2. Where Do We Go Now? (5:38)
  3. Rio Magdalena (HazMat remix) (6:52)
  4. Rio Magdalena (6:29)
 in stock $14.34
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