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Sosure Music

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Sosure Music

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Tomorrow's World EP
Cat: SSM 040. Rel: 17 Jul 19
Deep House
  1. Tomorrow's World (4:26)
  2. Really Into You (7:30)
  3. One With The Sun (12:22)
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No Limits
No Limits (12")
Cat: SSMLCH 001. Rel: 02 Mar 21
Deep House
  1. No Limits (Danny Krivit edit) (8:12)
  2. No Limits (vocal mix) (6:16)
Review: 'No Limits' is a record that has been causing waves since 2019. A collaboration between production duo Danism + Train and vocalist DJ RAE (aka DTR Project) the song is reminiscent of New York City's heyday of the early '90s. This year, London-based SoSure Music reissues the hit on vinyl, with the legendary Danny Krivit providing another one of his revered re-edits on the A side which will live on beyond 2021 as an uplifting house anthem - we just know it!. On the flip, the original deep and funky version is equally as worthy of your attention.
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Get Over U
Get Over U (12")
Cat: SSMDC 006. Rel: 23 Jun 20
Deep House
  1. Get Over U (Chambray remix) (4:58)
  2. Get Over U (Tedd Patterson remix) (7:55)
  3. Get Over U (Mr Director's 'Feels Good' dub) (9:04)
  4. Get Over U (Director's cut mix - Sami Dee edit) (6:15)
Review: SoSure Music have re-released Director's Cut's 2012 funky house anthem "Can't Get Over U" with a couple of modern reshapes for modern dance floors. The duo was comprised of 'Godfather of house music' Frankie Knuckles with veteran producer Eric Kupper. Berlin's Chambray (REKIDS/&Friends/Dirtybird) injects a bouncy lo-fi shuffle into his rework, while industry legend Tedd Patterson keeps that classic vibe alive - like only he can - on his version. On the flip, we have Frankie's own 'Mr Director's 'Feels Good' Dub' (a vinyl exclusive) of which Frenchman Sami Dee serves up a brilliant edit as well.
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I'll Take You There
Cat: SSMDC 003. Rel: 24 Jul 19
Deep House
  1. I'll Take You There (Moplen remix) (7:18)
  2. I'll Take You There (Directors cut Classic Signature remix) (7:48)
  3. I'll Take You There (Dimitri From Paris re-edit) (7:48)
  4. I'll Take You There (The Shapeshifters remix) (7:42)
Review: Back in 2011, Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper debuted their Director's Cut project by teaming up with old pal Jamie Principle on "I'll Take You There". Here it gets the reissue treatment, with a trio of classic mixes being joined by a fresh revision from scalpel maestro Moplen. His version is delicious, with Principle's loved-up vocal rising above bubbly synth-bass, evocative organ lines, swirling synthesizer motifs and sunrise chords. There's another chance to enjoy Director's Cut's own warm and glassy-eyed "Signature Remix", a second spin for Dimitri From Paris's slightly breezier (but no less loved-up) re-edit and a boisterous funky house rework from the Shapeshifters that some may have missed first time around.
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Baby Wants To Ride
Cat: SSMDC 001. Rel: 30 Jan 19
Deep House
  1. Baby Wants To Ride (Re-Directed) (10:08)
  2. Baby Wants To Ride (Jimmy Edgar re-edit) (5:57)
Review: 2011 saw the launch of Frankie and long-time production partner Eric Kupper's 'Director's Cut' project, aiming to reproduce classic cuts from the godfather of house music's back catalogue to fit with the modern and evolving dancefloor. On his undisputed 1987 anthem " Baby Wants To Ride", Knuckles and Kupper have extended the intro and outro plus given it a crisper, more detailed feel to the overall production - while providing a subtle vibrancy to Jamie Principle's saucy vocals. On the flip, Detroit wunderkind Jimmy Edgar delivers a stomping re-edit of the track, which was originally a tribute release after Frankie's passing in 2014. The Frankie Knuckles Foundation will receive 50% of the profits from this project.
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Your Love
Your Love (12")
Cat: SSMDC 007. Rel: 10 Nov 20
Deep House
  1. Your Love (Darius Syrossian remix) (6:51)
  2. Your Love (Alan Dixon Love Attack remix) (7:30)
  3. Your Love (Director's cut Signature remix) (9:14)
Review: Almost a decade ago, Frankie Knuckles and Eric Kupper launched the Director's Cut project with a re-make of Jamie Principle's early Chicago house classic 'Your Love' (or, to be more precise, Knuckles' 1987 version of the track). Here it gets the reissue treatment, with Knuckles and Kupper's 'Signature Mix' from 2011 - a glossy, loved-up and deliciously colourful affair - getting another airing on side B. On the A-side you'll find two fresh reworks. First, Darius Syrossian strips back and beefs up the cut while playing around with the famous synthesizer riff, before Alan Dixon delivers a chunkier and up-tempo take that makes great use of some of Knuckles and Kupper's wonderfully colourful instrumentation.
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The Director's Cut Collection Volume Three
The Director's Cut Collection Volume Three (gatefold 2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: SSMDCLP 1V3. Rel: 30 Mar 21
Deep House
  1. Inaya Day & Robin S - "Right Now" (A Director cut Master) (7:50)
  2. Inaya Day & Duane Harden - "Good Feelin" (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Director cut mix) (8:58)
  3. Peyton - "Beautiful" (7:27)
  4. Inaya Day - "Let's Stay Home" (Tony Humphries Work & Play mix) (7:28)
  5. Dbow - "Get Involved" (Director cut Classic House mix) (7:34)
  6. Marko Militano - "Good People" (Director cut Signature mix) (7:07)
  7. Vintage Lounge Orchestra - "Dreams" (Director cut Classic mix) (6:54)
  8. Martina Topley Bird - "Crystalised" (feat Mark Lanegan & Warpaint - Director cut Signature mix) (7:04)
Review: Frankie Knuckles collaborated with Eric Kupper for many years, but it was arguably only when they joined forces as Director's Cut, late in the Godfather of House's lengthy career, that the most musical magic happened. This excellent compilation of Director's Cut productions and remixes- the third to date remixes - offers further proof of this assertion. Full of colourful, tactile, classic-sounding house in the typical Knuckles mode, the collection's many highlights include a soulful, sing-along interpretation of Inaya Day and Duane Harden's 'Good Feeling', the piano-smothered brilliance of Peyton's 'Beautiful', a wonderfully shuffling, organ-rich rendition of Marko Militano's 'Good People' and a simply sublime, glassy-eyed take on Vintage Lounge Orchestra's memorable cover of Fleetwood Mac classic 'Dreams'.
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The Director's Cut Collection
Cat: SSMDCLP 1V. Rel: 22 May 19
Deep House
  1. Frankie Knuckles Presents Director's Cut - "The Whistle Song" (Re-Directed) (7:59)
  2. Frankie Knuckles Presents Director's Cut - "Your Love" (feat Jamie Principle - Director cut Signature mix) (9:20)
  3. Frankie Knuckles Presents Director's Cut - "Get Over U" (feat B Slade - Director cut mix - Sami Dee edit) (6:18)
  4. Frankie Knuckles Presents Director's Cut - "I'll Take You There" (feat Jamie Principle - Director cut Classic Signature mix) (7:49)
  5. Ashford & Simpson - "Bourgie Bourgie (A Director's Cut Exclusive)" (Director cut Exclusive) (8:29)
  6. Joey Negro & The Sunburst Band - "The Secret Life Of Us" (feat Donna Gardier & Diane Charlemagne - Director cut Signature mix) (7:54)
  7. Artful & Ridney - "Missing You" (feat Terri Walker - Eric Kupper Director cut Tribute To FK' mix) (7:02)
  8. Marshall Jefferson - "The House Music Anthem (Move Your Body)" (feat Curtis McClain - Director cut Retro Signature mix) (8:54)
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Cat: SSMLP 002. Rel: 22 Sep 20
Deep House
  1. You'll Know When You Feel It (1:42)
  2. Can't Let Go (6:48)
  3. The Way You're Making Me Feel (4:38)
  4. Uptown Sunday Morning (aka Flashback) (5:24)
  5. Take It Slow (4:58)
  6. Reasons For Leaving (interlude) (1:32)
  7. City Blues (4:23)
  8. Emotion (6:25)
  9. A Page About Manhattan (5:13)
  10. All That I Have (5:20)
  11. A Fair Goodbye (3:31)
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Sosure Music
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