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Sonic Cathedral Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Sonic Cathedral
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Consciousology (gatefold orange vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 235LP. Rel: 27 Jul 23
Shyness Of Crowns (4:29)
Unchanged (4:58)
Bleached By The Sun (5:34)
Moon Flowers (4:48)
220Hz (2:22)
Double Rainbow (6:12)
Milk & Honey (3:43)
Mother Tree (5:05)
Weeping Roses (4:07)
 in stock $26.21
Cat: SCR 235. Rel: 27 Jul 23
Shyness Of Crowns
Bleached By The Sun
Moon Flowers
Double Rainbow
Milk & Honey
Mother Tree
Weeping Roses
 in stock $12.69
Bedroom (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 160LP. Rel: 16 Dec 20
Momo (3:46)
Push/Pull (4:31)
A Reason To Celebrate (3:42)
Gush (3:48)
Happy (3:52)
(The Silence) (2:37)
(Un)Happy (3:22)
If (4:53)
Is That What You Wanted To Hear? (5:08)
Forget The Credits (5:49)
 in stock $21.17
Port (orange vinyl 12" + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 199T. Rel: 18 Aug 22
Post Rock/Experimental
Port (4:44)
Port (Working Men club remix) (7:02)
Port (WH Lung & Tom Sharkett remix) (7:37)
Port (Daniel Avery remix) (5:54)
Port (A Place To Bury Strangers remix) (3:21)
Port (Jonathan Snipes remix) (4:18)
Port (Mouth Company remix) (3:54)
Review: Hull and Leeds-based band bdrmm finally follow up their acclaimed debut album Bedroom - which was instantly passed as a modern day shoegaze classic - with a new EP. It features the recent single 'Port' as well as fresh remixes by the ever more essential Daniel Avery, plus Working Men's Club, A Place To Bury Strangers and others. That single, 'Port,' took the band in a new direction with a darker sound fun of distorted drones and beats, with howls of anguish and manic guitar frenzies. That is carried over into the rest of the EP next to some radical reworks.
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 in stock $16.41
Another View
Cat: SCR 175. Rel: 11 Jun 21
Indica (Pye Corner Audio remix)
Skywalker (Pye Corner Audio remix)
Cherry Cola (Pye Corner Audio remix)
Love Comes In Waves (Pye Corner Audio remix)
I Was Alone (Pye Corner Audio remix)
Indica (Pye Corner Audio remix - GLOK re-edit)
The Commune (Pye Corner Audio remix)
Plastic Bag (Pye Corner Audio remix)
The Commune
Plastic Bag
Love Comes In Waves (acoustic)
Cherry Cola (acoustic)
Skywalker (acoustic)
Perfume (acoustic)
The Commune (acoustic)
Review: Andy Bell's 2020 album The View From Halfway Down rightly won praise for its attractive fusion of ghostly electronics, simmering strings, crackling experimentalism, drowsy vocals and hypnotic, spaced-out soundscapes. Here he presents an alternate take on the album, with fresh reworks from lauded experimentalist Pye Corner Audio being joined by a mixture of shoegaze-inspired bonus tracks and acoustic recordings of some of the Isle of White-based singer-songwriter's greatest songs. It's the PCA remixes that hit home hardest (even if the acoustic tracks are wonderfully sparse and baggy), with highlights including an acid-heavy, Brown Album-era Orbital style revision of 'Love Comes in Waves', a psychedelic revision of 'Indica' and a dreamy ambient pop version of 'I Was Alone'.
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 in stock $11.38
Flicker (gatefold clear vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code with obi-strip)
Cat: SCR 200LP. Rel: 04 Feb 22
The Sky Without You (2:51)
It Gets Easier (4:42)
World Of Echo (3:37)
Something Like Love (4:05)
Jenny Holzer B Goode (3:44)
Way Of The World (6:09)
Riverside (3:30)
We All Fall Down (3:55)
No Getting Out Alive (6:38)
The Looking Glass (3:01)
Love Is The Frequency (3:18)
Gyre & Gimble (2:00)
Lifeline (3:35)
She Calls The Tune (5:41)
Sidewinder (3:53)
When The Lights Go Down (4:16)
This Is Our Year (5:42)
Holiday In The Sun (5:00)
Review: The second solo album from Andy Bell of Ride and more latterly Oasis fame. The lead track 'Something Like Love', suggests a lean much more towards the spangly, hazy sound of his former band rather than the Mancunian legend, with Bell explaining that some of the songs date back to the '90s, meaning the process of making 'Flicker' was almost like exchanging ideas with his younger self.
Read more
 in stock $24.88
The Grounding Process EP (acoustic)
The Grounding Process EP (acoustic) (limited green splattered vinyl 10" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 204. Rel: 25 Nov 22
Something Like Love (acoustic version) (3:46)
World Of Echo (acoustic version) (3:10)
She Calls The Tune (acoustic version) (3:24)
Lifeline (acoustic version) (3:37)
Review: Entering his fourth decade of service it's probably fair to call Andy Bell - guitarist with Ride, Oasis bassist and an increasingly renowned solo artist - an indie icon and round legend. After an EP of covers of tunes that inspired his last album this month, 'The Grounding Process' features four stripped down versions of tracks from 'Flicker'. Bell says 'World of Echo' was written at the height of an obesession with Scouse indie/skifflers The La's, while 'She Calls The Tune' was penned on tour wioth Oasis in 1999, particularly dear to Bell as it ended a long period of writer's block.
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 in stock $14.56
Untitled Film Stills EP (covers)
Untitled Film Stills EP (covers) (limited blue splattered vinyl 10" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 206. Rel: 25 Nov 22
Listen, The Snow Is Falling (3:52)
Light Flight (3:10)
The Way Love Used To Be (3:17)
Our Last Night Together (6:33)
Review: Ride guitarist and songwriter Andy Bell drops this blue-splattered 10" with covers and acoustic versions of tunes that are said to have inspired his last album Flicker, which was released on Sonic Cathedral to great acclaim back in February. It is one of three such EPs and this one features an opening track written by Yoko Ono, a second cut by Bert Jansch, John Renbourn, Danny Thompson, Terry Cox and Jacqui McShee, one by Raymond Douglas Davies and a closer by the late, great Arthur Russell. He brings his unique alternative and indie perspective to the originals and they serve as a great backstory and accompanying listen to the aforementioned album.
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 in stock $14.56
I Am A Strange Loop EP (remix)
I Am A Strange Loop EP (remix) (limited pink splattered vinyl 10" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 207. Rel: 25 Nov 22
The Sky Without You (David Holmes Radical Mycology remix) (5:53)
It Gets Easier (Maps remix) (5:58)
Something Like Love (Richard Norris remix) (5:20)
Way Of The World (Bdrmm remix) (6:38)
Review: Andy Bell, guitarist with Ride, onetime bassist of Oasis lead singer and now established solo act, presents 'I Am A Strange Loop', an EP of four remixes of tracks from his last album 'Flicker'. As if enlistig the skills of PiL/Orb bassist Jah Wobble wasn't enough, the remix roll call includes David Holmes, James Chapman (Maps), bdrmm and Richard Norris, all getting to work on the post-punky philosophising on Bell's own state of being.

Read more
 in stock $14.56
Tidal Love Numbers
Cat: SCR 245. Rel: 18 May 23
Murmuration Of Warm Dappled Light On Her Back After Swimming
The Slight Unease Of Seeing A Crescent Moon In Blue Midday Sky
Tidal Love Conversation In That Familiar Golden Orchard
A Pyramid Hidden By Centuries Of Neon Green Undergrowth
Review: He may be a shoegaze and dream-pop legend, but sometime Ride guitarist and songwriter Andy Bell has spent much of the last few years making ultra-immersive, out-there ambient soundscapes that are as mind-soothing as they are enveloping and, at times, overwhelming. Tidal Love Numbers, his latest album, once again puts his gorgeous, layered guitar playing front and centre, with collaborators Masal (a duo from Essex) providing complimentary harp, synth and drum sounds. They call the resultant four tracks "ambient, astral jazz". That's a fairly apt description, with the four stretched-out tracks sitting somewhere between Bell's own ambient work, the ambient-Americana of Jonny Nash, and the open-minded experiments of 21st century harpists such as Zeena Parkins.
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 in stock $11.64
Days Go By
Cat: SCR 185CD. Rel: 28 May 21
If It's You
So Long For This
Well It's Hard
He Was My Gang
Give Me Something
Are You Ready
Pneumonia Blues
Sunlight In My Room
Walking At Night
The Calfless Cow
 in stock $9.00
Days Go By
Days Go By (yellow vinyl LP + MP3 download code in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: SCR 185LP. Rel: 28 May 21
If It's You (5:11)
So Long For This (5:56)
Well It's Hard (4:38)
He Was My Gang (4:23)
Give Me Something (3:50)
Are You Ready (5:15)
Pneumonia Blues (3:39)
Sunlight In My Room (4:20)
Walking At Night (3:10)
The Calfless Cow (2:07)
 in stock $19.59
Deary EP
Deary EP (clear vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 260EP. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Heaven (4:24)
Only Need (3:29)
Fairground (3:55)
Want You (2:46)
Sleepsong (3:29)
Beauty In All Blue Satin (4:49)
 in stock $17.99
Dumb EPs
Dumb EPs (limited translucent green vinyl LP + MP3 download code with obi-strip)
Cat: SCR 215LP. Rel: 01 Sep 22
Angel's Gear (2:21)
Avant Garde Gas Station (4:36)
Slacker Mask (3:19)
Folk Song (3:45)
Touch The Chimes (7:50)
Thursday Morning (4:40)
Pool Dizzy (2:55)
Nuages (3:11)
Mediocre Garden (4:14)
Second Contact (2:09)
Prime Mover Unmoved (4:01)
Review: If there's a list of bands to get - or be - excited about to hand, then add Dummy to it. The Los Angeles crew formed in late-2018, and had a solid run of things through to the great pandemic pause, and between then and now have evolved pretty quickly to get to where they are. All the trappings of a group deserving of cut status, although sadly perhaps not huge commercial success (then again, who is these days?), attempting to define their sound isn't easy.

As this vinyl-only outing proves. Comprising two EPs - logically entitled 'EP1' and 'EP2', both released in 2020 - this is very dense stuff indeed. Veering from the blissful, earthy ambience of 'Second Contact', to sci-fi synth refrains on 'Touch the Chimes', and Pixies-style garage rock chaos with 'Slacker Mask', we implore you not to pass these over.
Read more
 in stock $23.03
Datura (blue vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 265LP. Rel: 15 Jun 23
Psych/Garage Rock
Datura (4:54)
Invisible (3:59)
Dinamo (3:28)
Arco (3:54)
Golpe Blanco (4:08)
Ave En Reversa (3:50)
Ovalo (4:46)
Dos Noches (5:09)
 in stock $23.03
Datura (CD)
Cat: SCR 265. Rel: 15 Jun 23
Psych/Garage Rock
Golpe Blanco
Ave En Reversa
Dos Noches
 in stock $13.24
Cat: SCR 195. Rel: 22 Oct 21
Psych/Garage Rock
Chemo Brain
Elliot's Floor
Glen Plays Moses
$11.64 SAVE 25%
 in stock $8.73
Cpa I-iii
Cpa I-iii (limited pink vinyl LP)
Cat: SCR 196LP. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Post Rock/Experimental
CPA (I) (18:31)
CPA (II) (4:49)
CPA (III) (16:30)
 in stock $21.17
Cat: SCR 255. Rel: 12 Jan 23
Post Rock/Experimental
The Golden Age
Sunday Kid
So To Speak
The Lot
 in stock $11.64
Red Sunset Dreams
Red Sunset Dreams (limited translucent red vinyl LP)
Cat: SCR 230LP. Rel: 15 Sep 22
Switch On The Sky (5:56)
Golden Cloud (4:39)
Silver River (4:31)
Dusty Road Ramble (3:34)
The Musical Box (3:24)
Tamaroa (2:40)
Red Sunset Dream (5:03)
Sundowning (4:20)
Review: Mark Peters returns with his second solo album, which is just as accomplished as its predecessor, but approaches the listener with a much wider lens. Whereas before we had a work that was spectacular in it smallness - purposefully insular sounds inspired by a trip back home to his Wigan birthplace, only translated through a psyche machine - here the vista opens up dramatically into stargaze-worthy pieces of ambient rock that could almost rub shoulders with contemporary classical.

While inspired by North West England, in many ways the grand overtures here would be more suited to score visuals showing the Big Country expanses of vast wildernesses in the US, South Africa, or Australia. You can feel the skies above never ending as the twinkling, subtle but highly evocative melodies wax and wane through our very conscious.
Read more
 in stock $16.41
The Magic Hour EP
The Magic Hour EP (translucent yellow vinyl 10")
Cat: SCR 233. Rel: 23 Mar 23
Magic Hour (3:36)
Alpenglow (4:48)
Silver River (Dawn Chorus & The Infallible Sea remix) (6:03)
Sundowning (Richard Norris remix) (6:50)
 in stock $14.81
Let's Remerge! (Sonic Boom remixes)
Let's Remerge! (Sonic Boom remixes) (limited orange vinyl 10" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 212. Rel: 03 Nov 22
Haze Loops (4:10)
Saturation Point (5:03)
Warmth Of The Sun (6:52)
Review: Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio kept existing fans happy and won over many more new ones with his Let's Emerge! album in summer. As it often the way it now gets remixed with a Sonic Boom twist. The three cuts are all fresh and original fusion of cold wave and synth with analogue textures and enveloping sub bass, heady sound designs that make you wonder how and plenty more besides. 'Haze Loops', 'Saturation Point' and 'Warmth Of The Sun' are all classics in the making.
Read more
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan, Mimi, M50
 in stock $15.87
Let's Emerge!
Let's Emerge! (translucent yellow vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 210LP. Rel: 15 Jul 22
De-Hibernate (5:08)
Lyracal (4:43)
Does It Go Dark? (3:51)
Haze Loops (4:17)
Let's Emerge (part One) (2:27)
Saturation Point (3:34)
Sun Stroke (2:58)
Let's Emerge (part Two) (1:14)
Luminescence (4:31)
Warmth Of The Sun (7:18)
Review: Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio has been a busy man. He ended a fine trio of albums last year with Entangled Routes, then dropped a live album on this label early in the year, and now quickly follows it up with yet another fine long player. Ride guitarist Andy Bell plays on five of the tunes and is a collection that comes heated by plenty of sun and coloured with bright acid psychedelics. Says the man himself, "I try to tailor my work slightly differently for the various labels that I work with, and this seems to fit nicely with Sonic Cathedral's ethos." He has sure done that.
Read more
 in stock $19.59
Social Dissonance
Social Dissonance (blue & green swirl vinyl LP)
Cat: SCR 188LP. Rel: 15 Apr 22
Track 1 (21:08)
Track 2 (21:07)
Review: Pye Corner Audio headlined Sonic Cathedral's 15th birthday bash at The Social in London back in late 2019. It was a fiery gig which had the artist reworking his own material in impressive improvisational fashion. Now the recording has been remastered by Antony Ryan and makes its way on to wax for the first time. Says Pye Corner Audio, aka Martin Jenkins, "this is a recording of a gig in a small space with a big heart." At the same gig, Martin made pals with Andy Bell, with whom he has since gone on to collaborate.
Read more
 in stock $19.04
Transmissions EP
Transmissions EP (CD single)
Cat: SCR 177. Rel: 07 Jan 22
I Couldn’t Tell You
Opened Up My Arms
Laid Out
Forty Year
 in stock $8.46
Widows (Expanded Edition)
Cat: SCR 190. Rel: 09 Jul 21
I Couldn't Tell You
Opened Up My Arms
Laid Out
All The Time
It's Not Like It Used To Be
One & The Same Thing
Next Day
Hard To Take
I Knew A Girl
Forty Years
It's Good To Know
Watch The Skies
Just Wanted To Know
 in stock $11.64
Rymixes (splattered vinyl 12")
Cat: SCR 145. Rel: 18 Jan 19
Inhabil (XAM remix) (6:25)
Noordzee (Gwenno remix) (6:16)
Del Tiempo (Slowdive remix) (5:58)
Cruce (Mark Peters remix) (3:47)
 in stock $14.29
Live At St Pancras Old Church London December 2013
Cat: SCR 276LP. Rel: 15 Dec 23
Emancipated Hearts
Blue Thunder
When Will You Come Home
Lost In Space
Love Is Colder Than Death
Ride Into The Sun
Temperature's Rising
The Deadliest Day Since The Invasion
The Longest Bridges In The World
Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste
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Xam Duo II
Xam Duo II (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 220LP. Rel: 17 Jun 22
Blue Comet (5:52)
LGOC (3:53)
Kaisha (2:03)
The Middle Way (2:24)
Lifeguard At Mohang Beach (4:48)
Cold Stones (6:55)
 in stock $18.52
Xam Duo II
Cat: SCR 220. Rel: 17 Jun 22
Blue Comet
The Middle Way
Lifeguard At Mohang Beach
Cold Stones
 in stock $8.46
XAM Duo RMX (10" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 224. Rel: 20 Oct 22
Cold Stones (James Holden remix) (10:59)
LGOC (The Early Years remix) (5:12)
Blue Comet (Richard Pike remix) (3:57)
Played by: Shine Grooves
 in stock $14.29
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