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Solid Gold Fx

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Solid Gold FX EM-III Multi-Head Octave Echo Effects Pedal
Cat: 826282 Rel: 20 May 21
Multi-head tape-style oscillating delay pedal, with octave
Notes: SolidGoldFX EM-III- Compact Delay Powerhouse

Welcome to the new SolidGoldFX EM-III Multi-Head Octave Echo; the smallest, most powerful and by far the most versatile SolidGoldFX delay pedal to date.

Building on SGFX's Electroman Delay legacy, the EM-III manages to both echo the past, present and future. With EM-III's wide-ranging yet ultra-intuitive control set, warm analogue-voiced echoes, precise and modern delay, as well as experimental and futuristic sound designs, are all just a single stomp away.

At your feet (or fingers) you have a multi-head tape style echo, with the ability to add in a signal an octave lower to the primary delay head. This can result in dancing, rhythmic delays with body and gravitas, as well as bold washy soundscapes. These two core features are controlled via a single mini-toggle. Flick it left to select between 1, 2 or 3 delay heads or flick it right to toggle the octave effect on and off. From there, just set your Delay Level, Repeats and Time via the knobs or tap in your preferred tempo via the soft-click tap tempo switch and let the good echo times roll.

The EM-III also sports delay modulation introduced via the Flutter control. Keep it at centre position for no modulation. Dial it left for a slow and dreamy chorus-like modulation or right for a faster vibrato, letting you create lush oceanic movement, tape-style crinkles, eerie tension and beautiful dissonance.

The colour knob allows you to engage both high-pass and low-pass filtering. Dead-centre you have a pristine full-frequency digital delay.

Dial it to the left and you cut the highs, creating warm, murky analogue-esque repeats. Dial it to the right and you suck out the lows for crisp and bright tape-style repeats or super thin lo-fi delays.

EM-III also brings interactive warp and glitch features to the tonal table by pressing and holding either Tap, Bypass or both at the same time. Hold Tap to increase the repeats until self-oscillation, creating a swelling wall of sound. Hold Bypass to replicate the sound of a tape motor on the fritz and a tape reel snapping, or hold both for glorious noise seances that will act as the perfect song/set closer.

Additional features include soft-touch, relay based, true bypass switching with the option of buffered trails, top jacks and up to a full second of delay time.

Designed to inspire and evoke emotion, EM-III can sound as pretty and cheerful or as dark and macabre as you wish.

Tune up, plug in and immerse yourself in the EM-III experience.
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Solid Gold FX Funk Lite Envelope Filter Effects Pedal
Cat: 792818 Rel: 10 Dec 20
Envelope filter effects pedal
Notes: If your mothership has touched down on planet Funkatron and you're not sporting a quality envelope filter, it'll be a long time before your tone blasts off. If you need the finest quack on the market, Solid Gold have got it. Introducing the Funk Lite.

The Funk Lite contains the envelope core from Solid Gold's all-encompassing Funkzilla, preserving all the fresh funk and powerful envelope generation you'd come to expect from one of our quackboxes. Unlike many filters that skimp on the features, this has everything you need with a sublime sweep for each knob and some extra bells.

The core of the Funk Lite contains the only three controls that you need: Depth, Freq(uency) and Attack. A toggle switch changes the direction of the sweep, giving you everything from deep dubby sloshes to Zappa filter stabs and everything in between.

Depth adjusts the intensity of the filter sweep, from shallow cuts to deep scallops, while the Freq control adjusts the center frequency of the sweep. The Attack control adjusts two parameters at once- the sensitivity of the filter opening and the decay of the overall tone. As you might expect, these three controls are incredibly interactive, with a multitude of funktions on tap.

The Funk Lite is perfectly voiced to squash any unwanted high peaks or rough envelope artifacts, and is engineered to accept line- or instrument-level signals from guitar and bass to keys and anything else you can think of. Combine all this with an all-analog signal path and true bypass switching, and you have a funk box worth talking about.


Depth: From light and funky to deep and fun-kay, this knob adjusts the width of the envelope effect.

Freq: This control adjusts the frequency of the filter sweeps. At noon, the control is set neutral. Turn the knob down for lower-frequency dub blasts and turn it up for higher-frequency stabs that really cut.

Attack: This control determines how hard you have to hit the strings to get the filter to "open up." It adjusts two parameters at onceidecay time and the sensitivity. Turning the control up increases sensitivity but decreases the decay time, while turning it down decreases the sensitivity but increases the decay time. Turning this knob to zero slams the envelope shut and you can dial in fixed filter or "cocked wah" tones.


Dir: Changes the sweep direction between forward and reverse.


Input: Instrument or other pedal goes here.

Output: Amplifier or other pedal goes here.

True bypass footswitch: Turns the effect on and off.

POWER: The Funk Lite requires a center-negative 9VDC power adapter with at least 6mA of current (not included). Almost all power supplies meet this requirement, but check yours beforehand.


4.39" x 2.34" x 1.06" (112 x 60 x 27mm)
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Solid Gold FX Imperial MKII Effects Pedal
Cat: 815059 Rel: 05 Mar 21
Muff-style gated fuzz with j-fet preamp
Notes: Upon first glance at the Imperial MKII, you might be intrigued by its charmingly retro appearance. Inspired by the JEN Jumbo fuzz, one of SGFX's personal favourite vintage fuzzes, the Imperial MKII's four sliders, textured black paint and bold red graphics shows that you can immediately tell that this pedal means business.

If a ripping, royally raucous fuzz, with impeccable manners, is what you seek in your tone conquest or whether you are chasing those soaring Gilmour-esque leads that propel you to the far side of the moon, then look no further than the Imperial MKII.

So, what is the JEN Jumbo Fuzz and what makes it so awesome? JEN Elettronica was an Italian manufacturer who made pedals for Vox, Dallas Arbiter and Sound City (among others), in addition to making equipment under their own brand. The Jumbo Fuzz was their spin on the venerable EHX Big Muffr that swapped the knobs out for sliders and added a nifty germanium noise gate. In terms of sound, the tuning of the Jumbo Fuzz lies somewhere in the Ram's Head camp - not overly scooped or woofy, with a nice gain range - just a great sounding pedal!

While the Jumbo's noise gate is a great feature and gives this BMP variant a unique at-tack with practically zero noise, vintage units vary greatly from one unit to another, with some gating too much and others not at all. Capturing the Jumbo Fuzz's vibe and redesigning the gate was essential to our Imperial redesign. Let's dive in...

True to the original SGFX Imperial, the MKII retains our high impedance JFET preamp, giving the low noise floor detail and definition you would expect from any SolidGoldFx pedal. Bass, guitar or synth, stick it anywhere in your effects chain and feel free to ride your volume knob for clean-up - the Imperial's preamp will respond. While the tone stack is carried over from the original design, a new Contour slider replaces the mids switch, which changes the frequency of the high-pass filter in the tone stack. This allows you to boost or scoop your mids, with every shade in between.

About that noise gate, this is where the Imperial MKII really shines. We've swapped out the Jumbo Fuzz's germanium transistor design with silicon devices and given it an improved envelope generator, to ensure consistency and response throughout. Having fine-tuned the attack and release, not only does the noise gate allow for virtually zero noise, but it also gives the pedal a unique, sharp attack with no loss of sustain at higher fuzz settings. Align this to a nice, dry attack at low settings, and Imperial MKII will pair great with other dirt boxes too. The noise gate will even allow you to add fuzz to a hollow-body, while controlling the howl and feedback should you choose.

Finally, the Imperial MKII package is completed with dual LED indicators (one for bypass and the other indicating the gate status), top jacks, true bypass switching and, of course, the retro sliders and vintage inspired artwork.
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Solid Gold FX Lysis MKII Effects Pedal
Solid Gold FX Lysis MKII Effects Pedal (polyphonic octave fuzz pedal with LFO ramping/breaking modulation)
Cat: 841360 Rel: 25 Aug 21
A fuzz pedal, an octave, a sweeping filter, designed to meld the world of stringed instruments with that of synths
Notes: Super weirdo synth-fuzz tones from this creative update on Solid Gold's excellent Lysis. Polyphonic octaver effects push your guitar tone into new synth-like territory.

Supplier's Notes:
The LYSIS MKII is finally here! Is it a fuzz pedal, an octave, a sweeping filter, some kind of synth machine? YES!!

Building on the foundation of SGFX's original LYSIS design, the LYSIS MKII pushes the envelope even further with a number of new features and functionality that helps to increase player interaction and versatility.

Bursting with possibilities, LYSIS MKII is designed to meld the world of stringed instruments with that of synths. The LYSIS MKII applies thick, resonant filters, multiple polyphonic voicings and sweeping LFO's, all drenched in an analog square-wave fuzz to your instrument of choice.

At the core of the LYSIS MKII is a discrete FET preamp and high-gain fuzz circuit. This feeds into SGFX's digital polyphonic voice and filter generator, then back into a discrete transistor output stage, offering the best of both analog and digital signal processing.

While the high-pass and low-pass filters carry over from the previous generation, they are now controlled by SGFX's new tap tempo LFO.

This is now loaded with 33 different triangle, sine and square waveshapes coupled with 3 preset resonance settings for your choice of soft modulation or heavy, rhythmic sweeps. The Voice selector has been expanded to include the previous octave down setting, as well as a new octave down/octave up voicing and SGFX's Super Power Chord featuring octave down/fifth pitch shifting.

Combined with a feature-rich, yet easy-to-use control set, the LYSIS MKII quickly becomes an extension of your instrument and an inspirational toolbox. There's nothing left to do but to plug in and let the LYSIS MKII sweep you off to synth/fuzz nirvana and enjoy punishing octave-down fuzz, rich, gooey filter sweeps or anything in between.
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Solid Gold FX NU-33 Vinyl Engine Chorus & Vibrato Effects Pedal With Integrated Noise Generator
Cat: 793057 Rel: 30 Oct 20
Chorus & vibrato pedal with noise generator
Notes: Built around a philosophy of perfect imperfections, the SolidGoldFX NU-33 is here to make your tone warble, glitch, bend and break in all the right ways. Packed to the brim with warm and gooey chorus/vibrato tones, as well as a built-in noise generator plus a host of filters and waveshapes, this unique vinyl engine will deliver all the dusty dreamy modulation textures your lo-fi heart can handle.

While features like tap tempo, expression and CV in, momentary speed ramping and triggered vinyl skips perfectly propels this nostalgia machine into the modern age.

The NU-33 packs a ton of creative potential beneath its six knobs, four toggles and two switches. Blend lets you dial in the mix of the modulation, from a subtle shimmer to deep-sea chorusing and all the way to wiggly vibrato. Flutter and Rate are your classic speed and depth controls, effectively setting the intensity and speed of the modulation, but the NU-33 actually packs some extra cool tricks up its sleeve here. Setting Flutter to minimum will effectively stop the LFO movement, while Speed will let you determine the delay offset, letting you use the pedal as a rich and organic doubler effect as well.

Those controls will have your modern hi-fi chorus/vibrato tones covered, but you want that warbly vintage flair too, right? Just turn the unique Hiss control to blend tastefully engineered vinyl grove noise, crackle and pops into the modulation, color it with the selectable lowpass or high-pass filter modes and finally shape it with one of the 3 different waveforms and you have your own custom designed lo-fi modulation tone.

But we're not ready to pull the needle off the record just yet. NU-33 also has two momentary effects hidden under its bypass and tap tempo switches. Holding down the Bypass switch will create momentary vinyl skips and stutter effects, while pressing and holding the Tap Tempo switch momentarily speeds up or slows down the modulation. Perfect for adding that element of organic glitchy randomness into your sound.

You'll also find top-mounted I/Os as well as an expression input on the NU-33, which delivers hands-free control over all the knobs on the device via either an expression pedal or a CV sequencer, making these sounds of yore fit perfectly into any present-day guitar rig, synth setup or studio situation.
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Solid Gold FX Oblivion Quad Flange Effects Pedal
Cat: 792824 Rel: 25 Nov 20
Flanger pedal
Notes: If you think you have Flangers all figured out and placed neatly in your little square genre-defined box, then get ready to have your world turned upside down by the OBLIVION QUAD FLANGER. An otherworldly vast sonic sea awaits you with this device, as every turn of a knob and flick of a switch unlocks mind-melting tones. From epically lush modulated movements to intense regenerating alien airwaves, lo-fi bit-crushed textural landscapes and much more, Oblivion is not here to capture a snapshot of the past, it's here to open portals to the future!

With the OBLIVION, you have the traditional Speed, Range and Regen controls, but where this pedal really shines is in the three distinct Flange modes available.

The OBLIVION has a Flanger and throw in Thru-Zero capabilities to pull you in and out of space. To push things a little bit further, the Bi-Flange mode was added - offsetting a pair of modulating delay lines for even more sweeping movement.

The quad-flange mode adds those four (yes, four!) independent delay lines for massive swooshing tsunamis of ominous textures.

To make things even more interesting, each of these three Flangers have their respective Degrade modes, introducing a lo-fi element unique to this pedal that grants you access to eyebrow raising textures, reminiscent of ring mods or robotic overtones.

Once all of that was accomplished, tons of flexibility was added for even more fine tuning. A Blend control helps to adjust your wet and dry mix for light and polite Chorus sounds or for a full-on swirling whirlpool of Flange. Expression and CV capabilities, with internal Dip Switches, add even more variation and control. Not to mention the multi-function foot switch capabilities for Tap Tempo, Speed Ramping and LFO Braking.

With top-mounted jacks and soft touch, relay True Bypass switching, this pedal truly has it all. So, what are you waiting for? Jump on into the sea of the OBLIVION, where growing layers of waves filled with the push and pull of the tide are waiting to wash over you.
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Solid Gold FX Sasori Companion Fuzz Effects Pedal
Cat: 792826 Rel: 03 Nov 20
Fuzz pedal
Notes: Inspired by the cult classic Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz, Solid Golid's Sasori (Japanese for scorpion) is a modern, improved take on the original with an equally rich, searing sound.

Supplier's Notes:
Shin-Ei's FY-2 Companion Fuzz was born in a time when the East and West shared a hunger for fuzz, and all the fuzz pedals were being made that are now considered modern classics. As for the Companion Fuzz, let's just say the original needed some work. Despite this, it still had its devotees- lots of them- just ask Wata of Boris. As a humble tribute, the Sasori is offered.

The Sasori - Japanese for scorpion - lives up to its name by delivering a punishing fuzz tone that checks all the boxes of a versatile fuzzbox, yet is still very much a Companion Fuzz at its core. The tremendous load of harmonics and bite that characterized the original still exist within the Sasori with none of the drawbacks.

Anyone who's played an original Companion Fuzz can tell you about them- the fuzz isn't louder than unity, even when all the way up, the Fuzz control is extremely subtle and the enclosure is just plain huge. Fear no more, Solid Gold have worked overtime and have crafted an antidote to these maladies.

Like any good fuzz, the Sasori excels at both chord and lead work, but with a venom-tipped buzzsaw-like edge that pierces through the densest layers of mix without sounding like an icepick. Looking for a harmonically rich, doomy fuzz that can sound like a synthy gated snarl on demand? Make way for the Sasori.

The volume drop of the original Companion Fuzz has been properly dealt with, and Solid Gold have included a tone control to change the character of the grind from dark and moody to brash and untamed. Like the original, the Fuzz control mixes between two different flavors for maximum versatility. This is one Companion Fuzz you'll want to keep close.


Fuzz: The original Companion had this control wired as a mix, but Solid Gold have made sure it controls the actual fuzz amount, from barely there to tons of hair.

Tone: Unlike traditional tone knobs, this one controls the mids. It starts at scooped and delivers a punishing dose of midrange.

Vol: There's enough volume on tap to put the sting on your amp's front end.


Input: Instrument or other pedal goes here.

Output: Amplifier or other pedal goes here.

True bypass footswitch: Turns the effect on and off.


The Sasori requires a center-negative 9VDC power adapter with at least 5mA of current (not included). Almost all power supplies meet this requirement, but check yours beforehand.


4.39" x 2.34" x 1.06" (112 x 60 x 27mm)
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Solid Gold Fx
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