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Solarsiv Italy

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Soundwave Splash (unmixed CD)
Cat: BLISSCD 001. Rel: 24 Aug 06
Psy/Goa Trance
  1. GMS - "Soundwave"
  2. Sirius Isness vs Cyrus The Uirus - "Summer Splash"
  3. Gatrka vs E - Fact - "Never Trust A DJ"
  4. Alien Project - "Stereophonic Sound"
  5. Bio Tonic - "Antarion"
  6. Indigo - "Blue Lagoon"
  7. Alien vs The Cat - "The Race" (Orbital Vibes remix)
  8. Rig - "Feel The Signal"
  9. System 7 - "High Plains Drifter" (Blissdom remix)
Review: DJ Takashi is the organizer and DJ Isao is a resident of the Blissdom party organisation in Japan. Together they have compiled and produced one extremely full-on compilation from an upcoming line of songs. Brand new songs reaching state of the art sounds, created here in Japan by the top trance artists in the world. You can find artists such as GMS, Alien Project, Bio-Tonic, who are known thrillers at every party; leaders in psychedelic music, System7, Gataka, building on success; Sirius Isness and the new project Rig (which is a different project from Sign6, who is from UNI). The song "Blue Lagoon" Indigo is made by DJ Takashi and his brother Isao. This disc is packed with songs for summer season. This compilation includes 9 unpublished originals. This is the first compilation CD which Blissdom presents to the world.
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Kimiks (CD)
Cat: SLS 0006. Rel: 03 Mar 08
Psy/Goa Trance
  1. Nizzel - "Resorama"
  2. Ski Fi - "So Far"
  3. Satyagraha - "Detector"
  4. D Tektor - "Square Roat"
  5. Aviron - "Snow View"
  6. Xhano - "Sense"
  7. Innermind - "False Step"
  8. Actsense - "Spell The Vision"
  9. Psyborg - "Dias De XL"
out of stock $15.64
Eos (CD)
Cat: SLS 007. Rel: 07 Dec 07
Psy/Goa Trance
  1. Ice Burn
  2. Eos
  3. Four Walls Falling
  4. The Breath Of The Morning
  5. T Beat
  6. Without Kill
  7. Now We Are One
  8. Interstellar Burst
  9. Japan Is The Reason
Review: Perfect Motion's "Eos" is full of acoustic and electronic instruments as well as virtual synths. This is a psy-chotic Solarsiv release.
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Folkloristik Tunes (unmixed CD)
Cat: SLS 0004. Rel: 26 May 06
Psy/Goa Trance
  1. Jex vs Lito - "Hot Day"
  2. Alion - "Omega"
  3. Psyborg - "Spirit Of love"
  4. Alion - "Be Quite" (Psyborg remix)
  5. Audiomatic vs Block 4 - "Digitalica"
  6. Dereinspunkt - "Stomach"
  7. Sensifeel - "Flagada"
  8. Atmospheres - "Dropman"
  9. Ski - Fi - "Jedi Trick"
out of stock $13.55
Cat: SLS 0003CD. Rel: 18 Feb 06
Psy/Goa Trance
  1. Xenical - "I Don't Know"
  2. Alfredo Garcia - "In A Moment"
  3. Digitalsoul - "Mucho Gusto"
  4. Atmospheres vs Trom - "Connected"
  5. Niebla Del Mar - "Digital Blue"
  6. Alion - "Digital Kiss"
  7. J & X - "Se Viene La Contra"
  8. Necmi & Katayami - "Chromopolaris"
out of stock $14.59
Cat: SLS 0005. Rel: 23 Aug 06
Psy/Goa Trance
  1. Polaris - "Music Vibration"
  2. Drugon - "C-Lans"
  3. Intelabeam - "Moving On Up"
  4. Vaishiyas - "Rolin"
  5. Hamelin vs Ikki - "Tha Lesson"
  6. Atmospheres - "Megatron"
  7. Sensifeel - "Mysterious Land"
  8. Pulsar - "Who Are You"
  9. Psyborg - "Happiness"
Review: Who and what is Ca Cu Bo? Coming to life between 2004 and 2005, Ca Cu Bo is an open cultural space that was created following the takeover of an ex-slaughterhouse in Bologna (Italy). The structure, an industrial area of over 20,000 square meters has 7 separate spaces where musical events and a lot more take place, all in line with the idea of transforming the place into a meeting point for everyone organizing artistic exhibitions, galleries, performances and everything else that has to do with us living as a community and sharing our cultures. This compilation encompasses a variety of styles and tastes, representing a full range of artistic collaborations, in particular among labels such as: Hommega, Com.Pact, Solarsiv, Magma, Nano Recs, and Antiworld. Solarsiv Records want to give you a taste of all that has been produced inside Ca Cu Bo so far in 2006. Special thanks go out to all artists who made this project come to life, pitching-in their contribution and creating a varied, powerful compilation, something that truly represents the style and cultural vitality of Ca Cu Bo. The CD comes with 9 tracks that will lead you into a journey through all 7 dance halls and atmospheres of the collective space. In fact, while listening to the CD you will feel projected into the surreal ambience of the different spaces and events inside of Ca Cu Bo. Music, metallic robots, futuristic monsters, fountains, statues, paintings, graffiti, steel, backdrops, open spaces, all mix to create an intimate and intense atmosphere that will wrap you up in itself. In short, it will feel like a stroll on a different planet. Includes artists such as Polaris, Vaishiyas, Pulsar, Psyborg, Drugon, Intelabeam, Atmospheres and more.
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Solarprogressiv (unmixed CD)
Cat: SLS 008CD. Rel: 31 Jul 08
Psy/Goa Trance
  1. Shisma - "Kilocal"
  2. Psyborg vs Ultimate Spheralix - "Drops"
  3. Shisma - "Change Life"
  4. Starscream - "Slave To The Rhythm"
  5. Enil - "Franz"
  6. Dream Donor vs Tiamat - "Wicked"
  7. Hamelin - "Skunk Na Celulosa" (feat Depac)
  8. Sunhize vs Kostas T - "Digital System"
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Solarsiv Italy