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Cat: 656605755120. Rel: 15 May 08
Funky/Club House
  1. Not An(other) Unlove Song
  2. Fall Apart Again
  3. Towards The Light
  4. Trembling, On The Verge
  5. Flushed & Flamelike Themselves
  6. Something Sweet
  7. The Whole World
  8. As Bright As The Stars
  9. Prince Of Wands
  10. The Mystery, It Never Lasts
 in stock $22.15
Liferz (CD)
Cat: 656605 756028. Rel: 19 Jan 08
  1. Hibernation
  2. The Ditch
  3. Liferz
  4. Lightning Song
  5. Junkeee Julieee
  6. Gogogo
  7. Rize
  8. Sorry Sorry Sarah
  9. The X
  10. Turnaround & Shut Up
  11. Acid Fight
Review: Social Registry brings you Blood On The Wall's new album 'Liferz'. Having gone from hometown heroes to national fan favourites and critical darlings, the band has earned its reputation as top of the rock heap.
Putting out raucously fun records, this is a portrait of a band at the top of their game - somehow they have managed to get even more awesome.
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$27.54 SAVE 33%
 in stock $18.45
Cat: 656605754628. Rel: 01 Nov 07
  1. Love's Not Yours
  2. Do You Wish I Left?
  3. Pope John Paul
  4. Mu Love For You Is All But Gone
  5. Town Crier
  6. The Enemies Of My Enemies Hate Me Too
  7. No One Could Ever Say It's My Fault
  8. Forever A Failure
  9. The Sky Behind The Sea
 in stock $20.49
Cat: TSR 072CD. Rel: 09 Feb 09
  1. Today The World Is Wothy Of My Loathing
  2. One Moment's Peace
  3. A Fool For Everyone
  4. Like A Politician
  5. I'm A Decent Man, I Kept Repeating
  6. What I Have Left
  7. Much More Than Love
  8. Give Up On Guitars
  9. Everybody's Always Coming Down On Me
 in stock $16.52
Cat: TSR 045. Rel: 01 Aug 07
  1. Ocean
  2. Ghost
  3. Thunder & Lightning
  4. New Years
  5. Noah
  6. Signs
  7. Island Song
  8. Birds
 in stock $20.30
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