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Smiling C Holland

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That's The Way
Cat: SC# 04.
  1. Fools Love
  2. That's The Way
  3. Bahama Unite
  4. I Want Her
  5. Chate
  6. In The Haert
coming soon $20.90
Cat: SC 1201. Rel: 03 Aug 18
  1. Muz Ze Skla (3:40)
  2. Muz Ze Skla (remix) (3:42)
 in stock $15.42
I Know You Feel It (double 12")
Cat: SC# 03. Rel: 08 Feb 19
  1. Anomakoliwa (9:00)
  2. She's A Queen (6:00)
  3. What's On Your Mind? (6:36)
  4. I Know (You Feel It) (7:36)
  5. Dali Wam (6:03)
  6. Picnic (Moger) (8:01)
 in stock $26.13
Cat: SC 01. Rel: 17 Jan 18
  1. Hedi Bled Noum (4:16)
  2. Rai Al Mal Boule (3:52)
  3. Shams Dinn (Wald Bladi Zine) (3:55)
  4. Vieille France (3:27)
  5. Ane Dassi M'we (3:47)
  6. Sleke Machine (2:58)
  7. Hedi Bled Noum (instrumental) (4:08)
  8. Toutes Ces Femmes (3:16)
Review: Props to new label Smiling C, which debuts with a thrilling collection of tracks by obscure 1980s Moroccan rapper Shams Dinn. Originally, the label intended just to re-issue his sole single, 1987's brilliant electro-funk/rap hybrid "Hedi Bled Noumo", but quickly discovered that he had a wealth of unreleased material ripe for release. These six previously unissued tracks, which mostly join the dots between original New York electro, synth-pop, P-funk and boogie with a few trademark North African touches, are all on a similar tip to his most famous outing. More impressively, they're all unbelievably hot dancefloor workouts that deserve wider recognition. In other words, you need this in your life.
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out of stock $20.39
Cat: SC 2. Rel: 16 May 18
  1. Latonya - "Dance Time" (4:50)
  2. The Aset Players - "Skip" (5:33)
  3. Latonya - "Eyes Of A Child" (3:43)
  4. Latonya - "We Will Teach The Adults" (5:16)
  5. Whax - "Can I Take You Home?" (long version) (6:15)
  6. Treo - "Demands Decrease Desire" (3:52)
  7. Treo - "Second Is Too Close" (3:24)
  8. Treo - "When Your Lover Has Gone" (3:05)
Review: Smiling Cis a reissue label focused on obscure 80's and 90's music from around the world. Working closely with the artists to make sure their musical works are presented to listeners in the loveliest way. Here they present a wonderful compilation entitled A Totally New Sound, which showcases the sound of Aset: a collective founded by a group of individuals deeply involved in community improvement initiatives and the struggle for justice and equality. The project links motivated adults with talented young people in the Washington, DC area. Featuring the in-house band members, supporting emerging talents like 11 year old Latonya, singing about divorce, love and dancing on "Eyes Of A Child". The 'poster children' of the project, Treo - a trio of high school girls singing about love and relationships on the neon-lit "Demands Decrease Desire". And of course Whax, the 'strange' high school boys strutting their stuff on the '80s derived swing of "Can I Take You Home?"
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 in stock $24.58
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Smiling C Holland
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