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Cat: 629679 Rel: 20 Oct 16
Lightweight & compact waterproof wireless Bluetooth speaker, with 6-hour rechargeable battery
Notes: Barricade Mini's portable design offers rugged good looks and powerful sound for listening indoors or out. Impact and water resistant, it packs a 6-hour rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity for sharing your music absolutely anywhere.

Powerful sound:
- The classically designed shape and built-in passive radiator create powerful, full-spectrum sound.

Impact resistant:
- Built to take a hit without missing a beat, no matter where you take it.

Water resistant:
- An IPX5 rating means that this speaker can handle more than just splash.

Classic design:
- Not sacrificing style for the sake of rugged reliability, it's designed to look good anywhere you put it.

Bluetooth wireless:
- Thirty-three feet of cord-free Bluetooth means listening anywhere without reaching for your phone.

6 hour battery:
- Listen loud and long with six hours of rechargeable battery life.

Built-in remote:
- Manage your music and turn it way up with the built-in control buttons.
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Cat: 572292 Rel: 21 Oct 15
Rugged portable speaker with Bluetooth functionality, on-board microphone & 3.5mm AUX port
Notes: Get the party started wherever you go with Shrapnel!

This drop-resistant, splash-resistant Bluetooth speaker is light enough to carry around and tough enough to withstand abuse. You can easily answer calls with the on-board mic.

Go ahead, turn it up!
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 2 in stock $29.23
Cat: 537120 Rel: 30 May 14
Closed back street headphones with inline mic/remote for smartphone use and dual layer ear cushions
Notes: Skullcandy's Uprock musical burn unit brags twin 40mm drivers, tangle-proof flat cables and a mixed-material composition sturdy enough to deal your beats and withstand opposing jerks, drops and hustle without breaking.

Don't mistake the ergonomic design, soft-touch finish, and plush ear pillows for weakness - this headphone thrives on around-the-clock rocking.

True to its urban dance-based namesake, Uprock is the ideal tool of engagement for synchronizing music with your daily routine. Plus, you can keep your colors correct without losing your shirt.
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 1 in stock $37.18
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