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Signature Vinyl & CDs

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Signs (12")
Cat: SIGNSSOUL 80. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Badmarsh & Shri - "Signs" (Calibre remix) (5:46)
Calibre - "Soul 80" (6:00)
Review: Just as they were likely originally intended, two of Calibre's said-to-be most coveted productions come remastered fresh from the vaults, and reissued on black vinyl via the sonic conservationists over at Signature. First comes the 2001 remix of Badmarsh & Shri's 'Signs', to which Calibre lends an extra rolling signification, its no-nonsense industrial break and tensing, two-note pads doing most of the legwork here. Then there's the original 'Soul 80', a unique fusion of dub-delayed chipmunky vox splices, modular synth piques, and a massive, untechy breakbeat.
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 in stock $13.76
Feeling Normal
Cat: SIGCD 016. Rel: 26 Feb 21
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Change With Me
Time To Breathe (with Cimone)
Has To Happen
Feeling Normal
Badman (with DRS)
Good Times
Say Enough (with DRS)
Man Got Sandwich
Regular Bull
Review: Dominick Martin AKA Calibre has made many fine albums in his time, but even by his standards Feeling Normal - his 17th solo set - is something special. While naturally rooted in the soulful, emotive style of drum & bass that he's become renowned for, the album's 13 tracks also incorporate rhythmic and musical elements drawn from two-step garage, the sub-heavy end of UK techno, ultra-deep house, dub techno and dubstep. As a result, the vast majority of the cuts on show neatly sidestep convention, delivering hybrids that gleefully celebrate the impact of soundsystem culture on the UK bass continuum while also offering something new, fresh, melodious, hugely listenable and exceptionally entertaining.
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 in stock $12.17
Feeling Normal
Feeling Normal (4xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SIGLP 016. Rel: 26 Feb 21
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Barren (6:04)
Change With Me (6:08)
Time To Breathe (with Cimone) (5:53)
Has To Happen (6:24)
Feeling Normal (5:05)
Badman (with DRS) (5:38)
Good Times (7:23)
Say Enough (with DRS) (6:05)
Miami (5:14)
Predicatable (6:34)
Man Got Sandwich (5:44)
Wrong (5:58)
 in stock $46.32
Shelflife 6
Cat: SIGCD 015. Rel: 08 May 20
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Things Like This
Latin 2000
Pillow Dub
Guide You Through
Crazy For You
The Goat
One Drop
Sense Soiree
Be Beautiful
When Sunday Goes
 in stock $12.17
Lit (12")
Cat: SIGLP 012LTD. Rel: 06 Oct 17
Deep House
Lit (7:14)
Gentle Push (4:36)
Played by: Sebo K
 in stock $12.97
Second Sun (remastered)
Second Sun (remastered) (4x12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SIGLP 001RP. Rel: 24 May 19
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Bullets (feat Diane Charlemagne) (5:19)
Got A Thing (4:53)
All The While (5:25)
Second Sun (6:00)
Is It U (5:36)
Consulate Charm (6:20)
Go Back To Go Forward (5:26)
Kiya (feat Crow) (5:56)
 in stock $42.34
Shelflife 5
Cat: SIGLP 013. Rel: 29 Jun 18
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Addict (6:51)
City Life (with DRS) (5:05)
Jaboc (5:44)
Two Ones (6:02)
Deep Down (6:45)
Makes Me (5:48)
Bluesday (with Marcus Intalex) (5:37)
Review: While Calibre's studio albums are invariably superb, his periodic Shelflife compilations of unreleased tracks and tried-and-tested dubplates are often even better. Predictably, this fifth volume in the series not only hits the spot, but also contains some genuinely grade-A material. Many will naturally gravitate towards high-class DRS hook-up "City Life" and the sought-after Marcus Intalex collaboration "Bluesday" (a typically warm, melodious and soulful affair), but there are plenty of other highlights amongst the 12 tracks on. These largely tend towards the more sun-kissed and breezy end of the D&B spectrum, though there are some tougher and darker workouts (see the low-slung sci-fi growl of "Jaboc") amongst Calibre's waves of dancefloor positivity.
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 in stock $38.10
Shelflife 7
Shelflife 7 (4xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SIGLP 017. Rel: 20 May 22
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Wetter (5:18)
Cure Amen (5:13)
Cross The Line (5:37)
Dumplings & Stew (5:36)
Ready Beek (5:36)
Black Mountain (with Jet Li) (8:26)
Snoopy (5:21)
Blimp Op (5:19)
We Call It Rising (6:01)
Roga Funk (6:23)
Nearly Nothing (5:43)
Moonlight (9:07)
 in stock $46.32
Shelflife 8
Cat: SIGCD 018. Rel: 17 Nov 23
Drum & Bass / Jungle
I Dont Care Wot U Say
No Sense
I Cant Change You
Fall Away
Well Being
Dont Wonder
Review: Dominick Martin's Shelflife series takes us back into the very core of Calibre over the past 20 years, finally sharing tracks which were previously only aired in his DJ sets. It's testament to his rigorous approach to the music he released over that time, given how incredible some of these cuts are, but it's also a relief to finally be able to cop the likes of 'Breather', 'Home' and 'I Don't Care What U Say'. The range of d&b on offer here is remarkable too, from moody, heads-down tech steppers to gorgeous, soul drenched swooners, with an unerring quality which lets you know it's Calibre at the controls.
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 in stock $13.50
Trust (12")
Cat: SIG 0032024. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Trust (5:55)
Waiting (5:58)
 in stock $13.24
Makes Me Wonder
Cat: SIG 0022024. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Makes Me Wonder (5:59)
Got To Have You (5:46)
 in stock $13.24
Peso (12")
Cat: SIG 0012024. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Peso (6:09)
My Chances (6:18)
Review: Is there a more prolific yet consistently high-standard producer in any genre, or in fact any art form, than Irish man Calibre? Seemingly forever, the low key but high class talent has been kicking out the jams across the worlds of drum & bass, ambient and even tech house in his earlier days. Now the Signature label boss is back once again with another impeccable one-two on this Peso 12". The title cut is a pent up bumper with killer bass and soulful vocal flourishes. 'My Chances' is a little more edgy and raw, direct and hard hitting but still with well worked vocals samples which could originally come from a Bob Marley record, if you ask us.
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 in stock $13.24
Rudy (3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SIGLP 019. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Stunted (5:17)
More Fool Me (feat Cimone) (4:58)
The Game (4:53)
Heaven (4:55)
Tripping Out (5:30)
Cousin (6:04)
Treason (6:04)
Dumb Bum (5:46)
Flu Jet (6:05)
No Stopping (6:02)
Warbling (6:05)
Hard To Believe (4:54)
Review: Calibre's brand new drum & bass album Rudy comes in a minty-fresh contrapuntal breath, following hot on the heels of a new white label reissue of his earliest and most enduring works from the mid-to-late 1990s. The sudden time-warp back into the present day proves just how far he has come since then, yet also just how much he has retained what worked, too; Rudy begins in an orthodox liquid jungle fashion with the likes of 'Stunted', before breaking away into impressionistic vocal free-associations like 'The Game' (with Dominic Martin) and halftime reese-swellers like 'Heaven'. All the tracks originate from the same aetheric stratosphere - imagine if drum & bass had kicked off not on a terrestrial, but totally gaseous planet - yet Calibre still gleans enough variation from this potent condensate to either pack both more vacuumy punches ('Cousin') or more laid-back but cerebral inhalations ('Dumb Bum').
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Played by: Soul Intent
 in stock $38.64
Rudy (CD)
Cat: SIGCD 019. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
More Fool Me (with Cimone)
The Game
Tripping Out
Dumb Bum
Flu Jet
No Stopping
Hard To Believe
Living Without Your Love
Review: Calibre as we all know is a machine. The man has produced thousands of records, each one as exceptional as the next, across drum & bass, house and bass music. His latest album Rudy shows no dip in quality with another a masterful display of his signature sound making it another timeless classic. Each track is a journey into his famously lush melodies, intricate rhythms, and soulful vocal touches, all of which showcasing Calibre's unmatched skill in crafting emotive drum & bass compositions. From dreamy atmospheres to the pulsating low ends, heart aching samples and driving drums, every moment captivates with its depth and keen sense of musicality.
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! low stock $13.24
Feeling Happy
Cat: SIG 0042024. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Feeling Happy (6:09)
Think Again (5:50)
Review: Irish drum & bass.. icon? pioneer? Powerhouse? All are fair descriptors of Calibre, the machine-like music maker who has turned out thousands of equally high-quality tunes for more than 20 years. Whether ambient, tech house or drum & bass in nature, they are always better than most of the competition. His own Signature label has been home to most of it and that is where he lands now with this latest 12", another impossibly tasteful two-tracker. The title cut is a lively one with bustling breaks and chopped vocal stabs that bring the joy. On the flip is 'Think Again', a deep, soulful roller with exquisite pads and driving drum & bass energy. Pure class.
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 in stock $13.24
Bad & Badder
Cat: SIG 028. Rel: 12 Feb 21
Deep Dubstep
Bad (6:34)
Badder (6:33)
Review: Although Rhythm & Sound and Basic Channel man Mark Ernestus has worked with or remixed many different artists over the years, we didn't expect him to join forces with D&B scene stalwarts Calbre and DRS. Yet that's exactly what's on offer here, as the Hardwax founder delivers two typically deep, dubbed-out techno outings crafted from portions of the pair's collaborative cut 'Badman', which is due to feature on Calbre's forthcoming sixteenth studio album, Feeling Normal. Both 'Bad' and 'Badder' are typical of Ernestus' ultra-deep and hypnotic style, with snippets of the duo's original instruments, beats and vocals echoing in and out of a warming, all-encompassing, sub-heavy groove. In a word, it's superb.
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 in stock $13.24
Run Away
Run Away (12")
Cat: SIG 020. Rel: 11 Sep 14
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Run Away
Somethin Heavy
Review: Does drum and bass get any better than this? Two of the finest names in the genre club together for "Run Away", met in the middle by the man like Fox who puts his vocal stylings into the mix. Rolling out smooth, it's that lulling bassline and softly-spoken chorus that takes the edge off punchy drums and signature Intalex-style strings from the pad section. Fans have been waiting for a release on this for some time now - finally, it's ownable. Showing that they can still deliver tastier goods for the dancefloor, "Something Heavy" is a funk-fuelled hips-mover with Fox sending out his raggamuffin sounds over down and dirty bass. You've heard it in the dance, now get it on repeat.
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 in stock $13.24
Collage (12")
Cat: SIGLTD 003. Rel: 23 Apr 21
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Collage (Calibre remix) (6:09)
Collage (Calibre dub remix) (6:09)
 in stock $10.33
Valentia (remastered)
Valentia (remastered) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SIGLP 008RE. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Easy Living (5:34)
Need (4:44)
Table Top (4:20)
Autumn (3:14)
Time (3:07)
My Friend Alone (feat DRS) (4:36)
I Wish I Could (3:03)
Love Is (3:54)
Review: Dominick Martin is best known as stone-cold drum & bass don Calibre, a prolific producer with a masterfully deep and smoky sound. He has also made tech house under his own name, but lesser known is this album
Valentia which was originally released in 2013 and has now been remastered and repressed on 180 gram vinyl with a sleeve containing the lyrics. It was written on the amazing Valentia Island, joined to the west coast of Co Kerry in Ireland by a bridge t and battered by strong winds. Says Martin, "I took my computer and mic with me not knowing what to expect when I got there. In one of the rooms sat a piano, and as my fingers touched the keys I knew there was a story there waiting to be told."
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 in stock $30.97
Lungs (12")
Cat: SIGLUNGS 001. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Lungs (Calibre remix extended)
Lungs (Calibre dub remix extended)
Review: Ruti's 'Lungs' was only released last month, establishing much initiatory clout for the up-and-coming singer-songwriter. Now, fresh on its heels, comes this quick-off-the-mark new remix set from genre veteran Calibre. Stretching Ruti's original R&B-pop cut to an expansive stasis, Calibre's version shines a crisp spotlight on Ruti's frank voice, on which she sings of the bittersweet melancholies of the heights of achievement - "can't get any higher - blinded by desire". The dub remix lays down a subtle variation, eschewing the string breakdown for a more extensive rollage.
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