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Serotonin US Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Serotonin US
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Millenium Sounds Remixes
Cat: SER 027. Rel: 10 Jul 23
Millenium Sound (Radioactive Man remix) (6:44)
Millenium Sound (Selway New Millenium version) (6:05)
Millenium Sound (Sync 24 remix) (5:03)
Millenium Sound (Transparent Sound remix) (7:22)
Review: Way back in 1998, New York techno scene stalwart John Selway opened his Zoids Volume 2 EP with a quirky chunk of razor-sharp, acid-fired electro called 'Millennium Sound'. On the eve of its 25th birthday, Selway has decided to get the track remixed by some serious electro talents. Keith Tenniswood kicks things off as Radioactive Man, offering a fiendishly sub0heavy, alien-sounding electro rub that's guaranteed to put extra pressure on bassbins and sub cabinets, before Selway himself re-frames the cut as a moody, foreboding chunk of sci-fi electro excellence. Over on the flip, Sync 24 delivers a more percussively intense and weighty dark electro roller, while Transparent Sound joins the dots between classic 80s electro and the cybernetic moodiness of Selway's 1998 mix.
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 in stock $14.74
Get The Freaks & Get Some
Cat: SER 004. Rel: 20 Dec 22
Get Some (7:13)
The Freak (5:21)
Set It Off (4:46)
Cosmic Connection (8:31)
Review: Synapse's Get The Freaks And Get Some is an acid, electro and techno classic from 1996. The pair behind it - Jason Szostek and John Selway - dropped only a couple of EPs in the mid-noughties, then a couple more around five years ago, and this was their standout. Opener 'Get Some' is tense, electrifying stuff with lively synths, crunchy drums and pummelling bass. 'The Freak' is another edgy and hard hitting cut with frosty Detroit electro overtones and 'Set It Off' then slowing down to mangle your brain. 'Cosmic Connection' closes out with a deeper more astral exploration.
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 in stock $10.53
Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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