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Semantica Spain Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Semantica Spain
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Cat: SEMANTICA 143. Rel: 11 Apr 23
Fugacity (2:16)
Diorama (5:38)
Natura (7:43)
Delta (6:33)
Natant (3:31)
Floodplain (6:20)
Review: We have long been fans of the specific sort of techno that Spanish label Semantica deals in. It is always artful and superbly well-designed and this new Artefaklt record totally fits in with that vibe. It finds Dutch pair Robin Koek and Nick Lapien layering up hypnotic drones and linear deep techno drums to perfectly escapist and heady effect on 'Diorama', while intricate sound designs add the sort of details to 'Natura' that make this miscue as suited to home listening on headphones as losing it in a club. 'Natant' is another undulating mix of electronica, ambient and techno that casts your mind free. 'Floodplain' is a heavenly closer.
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 in stock $16.31
Diorama EP
Cat: SEMANTICA 148. Rel: 05 Jun 23
Diorama (6:22)
Transponder Code (5:06)
Preserving Machines (5:40)
Homeostasis (5:34)
Review: The sublime and subliminal Semantica sound out of Spain is one of our favourites when it comes to deep techno. Now the label is fast approaching its 150th EP but still keeps on turning up the quality, this time with Domenico Crisci and Retina It at the controls. 'Diorama' is a raw, chattery and urgent techno opener and the pent-up energy of it carries over in to the hurried 90s hustle of 'Transponder Code'. On the flip is the bleeding and mind-melting workout that is 'Preserving Machines' and 'Homeostasis' shuts down this most high-impact and high-energy outing with paranoid synths roaming over slick drum machine rhythms.
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 in stock $13.94
Between Method & Madness
Cat: SEMANTICA 160. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Particles (9:43)
Black Hole (4:24)
Fear (7:33)
Train Of Thoughts (7:24)
Colliding Atoms (7:29)
Sequential Dust (6:09)
Madness (6:21)
Within A Dream (6:41)
Review: Polish artist Blazej Malinowski drops his first artist album on the Semantica label and it is a brilliantly personal work that showcases his trademark sounds. Between Method and Madness also fits perfectly with the MO of this vital Spanish label - exquisitely designed and deep, loopy techno that has its own sophisticated and alluring sense of dark atmosphere. Things start is low, cavernous fashion with mediative drones and groans before drums start to take more of a centre stage on cuts like 'Train Of Thoughts' and the dubby 'Colliding Atoms'. Closer 'Within A Dream' is another highlight with its suspensory pads and icy hi hats over elongated grooves that space you out perfectly.
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 in stock $28.67
Vira (12")
Cat: SEMANTICA 170. Rel: 09 Feb 24
These Is No Butterflies (4:18)
Vira (7:26)
It Wasn't All In Vain (4:11)
The Saddest Music In The World (6:43)
Frozen No More (7:35)
 in stock $15.15
Victory Over The Sun Remixed
Cat: SEMANTICA 113X. Rel: 14 Jun 21
An Unusual Sunrise (Wanderwelle remix) (4:30)
Red Skies (Vledder remix) (5:05)
Before The Rain (Grand River remix) (5:54)
Emerging Sights (Anthony Linell remix) (8:32)
Black Spheres (Ptwiggs remix) (3:52)
Celestial Crusade (E-Saggila remix) (4:27)
Victory Over The Sun (Svreca remix) (6:36)
Eternal Dusk (Ettkeiz Kroff remix) (4:54)
Review: Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikforening's masterful Victory Over The Sun album gets skilfully reinterpreted by some of techno's most forward thinking protagonists. Amsterdam pair Wanderwelle themselves go first with a misty ambient take of 'An Unusual Sunrise' that sets a perfectly dramatic scene. Label boss Sverca serves up one of the highlights with his deep, pulsing hypnotic version of the title track and Anthony Linell sinks us way down below the ocean surface on his meditative dub roller. There is more energy to the busted beats and hidden vocal sounds of Celestial Crusade (E-Saggila remix) and plenty more greatness through the other tracks.
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 in stock $16.83
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