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Canzone D'Amore
Cat: TRI 1306.
  1. Canzone D'amore
  2. Verita Nascoste
  3. Venerdi
  4. Gioco Di Bimba
  5. Aliante
  6. Aspettando L'alba
  7. Se Io Lavoro
  8. Collage
  9. Immagini
  10. La Fabbricante D'angeli
  11. Era Inverno
  12. Cemento Armato
  13. Giofrello
  14. Sguardo Verso Il Cielo
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Pronti Funky Via !
Cat: LP 1005.
  1. Pianeta Terra
  2. Funkora (feat Sam Paglia)
  3. Niente Da Perdere
  4. Everybody Funky
  5. Ciao Ciao Ciao (feat Randy Roberts)
  6. L'invenzione Della Donna
  7. Shake 'Em Up (feat Ronnie Jones)
  8. Paura Di Un Bacio
  9. Algoritmo (feat Black Taste)
  10. Buongiorno Anche A Te
  11. Stasera Che Sera (feat Marina Santelli)
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Unlimited XIV (unmixed 2xCD box)
Cat: KRU 018CDD. Rel: 11 Dec 12
Funky/Club House
  1. Fish Go Deep - "Blue Flame"
  2. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Show Me" (feat Elzi Hall)
  3. Lovebirds - "This Time" (feat Novika - Tiger Stripes remix)
  4. Andy Compton - "Take It Easy" (feat Ziyon (Liquideep) - Leighton Moody Soulsideup mix)
  5. Osunlade - "Same Thing" (feat Maiya James - Spiritchaser remix)
  6. Dolls Combers - "Tonite" (feat Al Olive - Johnny Montana remix)
  7. Hnny - "For The Very First Time" (original)
  8. The Layabouts - "Here With You" (feat Terri Walker - The Layabouts vocal mix)
  9. Peven Everett - "Love We Had" (Miguel Migs original vocal)
  10. Loui & Scibi - "Who Am I" (fewat Alex Sun Drae - original mix)
  11. Demarkus Lewis - "Wipe Ur Mouth"
  12. Cathy Battistessa - "Une Nouvelle Humanite" (Rurals remix)
  13. Kerri Chandler - "Rain" (Atjazz remix)
  14. Portia Monique - "Get To Know You"
  15. Nathan G - "Something About You" (original mix)
  16. Montana & Stewart - "Slow & Steady" (feat Christa)
  17. Danny Clark & Jay Benham - "I Knew You" (feat Robert Owens - DJ Be Deeper groove remix)
  18. Groove Addix - "Faith" (feat Annette Taylor - DJ Spinna Galactic soul remix)
  19. Miguel Migs - "Dance & Clap" (original)
  20. Distant People - "Have No Fear" (feat Carla Prather - Ezel mix)
  21. Harley & Muscle - "Thank You" (feat Marie Tweek)
  22. YSE - "Magic In Your Eyes" (feat Frank H Carter III - Gion remix)
  23. RAE - "Another Day" (Kort remix)
  24. David Penn - "Lovin' U" (feat Max C - Federico Scavo remix)
  25. Kort - "Give In" (feat Janai - Full vocal mix)
  26. Steven Stone & Marco Evans - "Who's To Blame"
  27. Random Soul - "Take Your Time" (feat Kristen Pearson - Random soul classic mix)
  28. Something Good - "Before Dawn" (feat Sansa - The Shapeshifters remix)
Played by: Vincent Inc
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