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best vinyl albums of 2022 so far
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Deep Talk EP
Cat: SAIS 002. Rel: 07 Oct 21
  1. Walk Walk (5:34)
  2. Deep Talk (4:29)
  3. Goddess Welcoming A Soul (5:21)
  4. Cold White (5:16)
  5. Soul Evolution (5:37)
  6. Do Not Cry (5:33)
Review: Japanese producer Takuya Sugimoto is hugely prolific and for this six track Dei Talk EP he assumed his COLOGNe alias. Originally released on Japanese CD only label Viola in 1999, it offers a great snapshot of his sound where IDM meets techno. These are intelligent tracks that elevate the soul with glistening electronics, inventive drum machine sounds and futuristic ideals. There is loose playfulness on 'Deep Talk,' dark and abstract design on 'Cold White' and heady melody on 'Do Not Cry.'
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Thought LP
Thought LP (2xLP + insert)
Cat: SAIS 003. Rel: 16 Mar 22
  1. Living In The Room (3:58)
  2. Nurse (extended LP version) (4:49)
  3. Gyro (extended LP version) (5:30)
  4. Sargasso (extended LP version) (5:03)
  5. Screw (extended LP version) (5:15)
  6. Direct Mail (extended LP version) (4:59)
  7. Build (Extitute mix - extended LP version) (6:04)
  8. Hands (4:22)
  9. Community Chest (4:39)
  10. Chelsea (extended LP version) (5:33)
  11. 27PM (extended LP version) (5:05)
  12. Thought (5:00)
Review: The latest project to emerge from DJ Junki Inoue's reissue-rainmaking is Thought, the debut album by Suzukiski, a prolific '90s Japanese producer whose work, as of now, has been saved from slinking into obscurity. Now available on 12" double pack vinyl for the first time, this edition contains liner notes by Rei Harakami and Masaaki Hara, who headed up the album's original releasing label, Soup Disk, in 2003. From the indeterminate tones of 'Nurse' to the spouting, speed-garage chirpsynths of 'Chelsea', this album really does paint a picture of Sukukiski's thoughts, and paints a picture of sedate techno domesticity; it's no wonder the artist went on to produce a further 8 or so hardware-based techno EPs and LPs.
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 in stock $23.36
Sounds Of Transonic
Cat: SAIS 004.
Deep House
  1. Organisation - "Space Ball"
  2. Palomatic - "Under The Ground"
  3. Suzukiski - "Chelsea"
  4. Interferon - "Blasting Soul"
  5. Mind Design - "Dream Trance"
  6. Organisation - "Call"
Review: London-based Japanese artist Junki Inoue founded Saisei last year with a stunning trio of releases featuring Kino-Moderno, COLOGNe and Suzukiski. Now the label sets out a more comprehensive mission statement for the sound they're exploring with this six-deep VA release featuring return appearances as well as some new faces. The overarching sound is one of 90s-flavoured techno with a melodic, melancholic quality as beautifully demonstrated by Palomatic on the stunning 'Under The Ground'. Interferon has enough punch packed into 'Blasting Soul' to stand up to some of the foundational Detroit techno gear, but crucially it's got plenty of heart to match its weighty impact. If you want to get a handle on how Saisei is progressing, or just need some fresh techno with soul and smarts, be sure to nab one of these gems.
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Played by: Joe Montana
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