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Sahko Finland

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Stargazer (LP)
Cat: PUU 16LP. Rel: 27 Mar 14
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Free
  2. Brains
  3. Scam
  4. Freeloading
  5. Seas Of Mars
  6. Mono
  7. Ears
  8. Bones
  9. No Chance
  10. Sirens
Review: Ah, yes...We finally see a vinyl edition of this timeless beauty, a real spectacle in sound and soul. Taken, anything on Finland's Sahko is always pretty incredible, but Ifrgay's testament is nothing short of spectacular and certainly stands out loud and proud within the label's hefty catalogue. There is no way to describe it apart from the fact that it's good music. Mixing elements of techno with Balearic and lo-fi, it's the perfect LP to listen to in more contemplative moods but also on the floor...That's what's so special about it. Our pick, if he had to choose one, would be "Seas Of Mars" - just brilliant. RECOMMENDED.
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 in stock $7.08
Ofelia (LP)
Cat: PUU 45. Rel: 01 Mar 18
  1. Translucent (2:19)
  2. Link 1 (0:56)
  3. The Favourities Of The Emperor (7:06)
  4. Link 2 (1:21)
  5. Koskenhaltia (5:22)
  6. Water Stories (2:48)
  7. Smell (7:08)
  8. Ofelia (8:03)
 in stock $11.97
Cat: SAHKO 029. Rel: 11 Oct 18
  1. O - "Scene 1" (6:50)
  2. O - "Scene 2" (1:53)
  3. O - "Syvays" (3:40)
  4. O - "Scene 3" (1:27)
  5. Panasoni - "Scene 4" (1:33)
  6. Panasoni - "Scene 5" (2:28)
Review: Here's a rare treat for fans of the late, great Mika Vainio: the first ever release of a recently re-discovered soundtrack he created (both solo, as "O", and alongside Ilpo Vaisanen and Sami Salo as Pan Sonic) for Jimi Tenor's long-forgotten 1994 experimental film, "Sahko: The Movie". Fans will love it: the solo "O" material, showcased on the A side, is icy, hypnotic and often bleep-laden ambient techno of the sort Vainio excelled at earlier in his career. The Pan Sonic material on the flipside, meanwhile, is deep, droning and mind-altering electro-acoustic ambience that's up there with the very best of their work. In other words, you need this in your life.
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EP (12")
Cat: PUU 44. Rel: 22 Jun 17
  1. Cabras No Elevado Quilombola (7:12)
  2. Onna No Yujyo (1934 edit) (3:44)
  3. Haru (5:31)
  4. Excellent Drom (7:14)
Review: Some of you may remember Ricardo Vincenzo from his 2015 debut Pororoca Transatlantica, a two-track missive that blended South American production with all the warmth of sun-kissed downtempo electronica. If anything, this belated follow-up for esteemed Finnish label Sahko is even better. Vincenzo begins with the farmyard animal samples, rolling tribal percussion, African chants and rich electronic bass of "Cabras No Elevado Quilombia", before chopping and looping a dusty old tango track on the mid-tempo house pulse of "Onna No Yujo". On the flip you'll find the low-slung, post-dubstep creepiness of "Haru", where exotic vocal samples drift across a sparse but heavy beat pattern, and the aural trip to Morocco that is "Excellent Drom".
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 in stock $10.08
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Sahko Finland
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