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Rush Hour Holland

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Cat: RHM 015. Rel: 17 Jun 15
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Make It Hard (5:37)
  2. Counter Attack (5:08)
  3. Steady Jam (6:47)
Review: Given the infrequency of their releases these days, any new 12" from Dego, Akwasi Mensah and Kaidi Tatham's 2000 Black project is cause for celebration. "Make It Hard", their first collaborative missive of note since 2008's A Next Set of Rockers on Third Ear, is predictably. The title track itself is killer; a classic, dancefloor-friendly broken beat roller complete with dense, Latin-tinged percussion and loads of brilliant synth touches from Tatham. It's the kind of record that would be been massive at the turn of the millennium. Even now, it should be. The B-sides are pretty tasty too, with some jazzier, deeper bruk in the shape of "Counter Attack", and a dash of sensual, Herbie Hancock does deep house niceness ("Steady Jam").
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1990 (12")
Cat: RHD 007PIG. Rel: 29 May 13
  1. 1990
  2. OK O
Review: Dutch veteran Aardvarck returns to the Rush Hour Distro affiliated No Label series with more rave-inspired breakbeat techno in the shape of 1990. With a production history going back as far as 1993, and a DJ career that began several years before that, Mike Kivits is better placed than many to take this approach and this two track 12" is every bit on par with the excellent Nubian 12", his debut for No Label last year. The title track combines soaring strings and rolling drums together in a nostalgic package, while "Ok.O" presents the more experimental side to the Aardvarck sound, delivering something akin to an unholy union between junglist rhythms and a dying modular synth. Absolutely essential!
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Cat: RH-LTD 005RMX2. Rel: 13 Feb 07
  1. Aardbij (Quince's Inspiration mix)
  2. Aardbij (Quince's Brocken Back mix)
Review: Quince (one of the scenes revelations of the past year or two) was so much up for doing this that he came up with two mixes. His Inspiration mix is in classic Detroit fashion, beating many of his peers at their own game.
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Nubian (12")
Cat: RHD 003PIG. Rel: 01 Aug 12
  1. Nubian
  2. Pigg Todd U So
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Cat: RH 103-12. Rel: 02 Dec 05
  1. Komt Goed (extended 12" version)
  2. Aardbij (extended 12" version)
  3. Buuv (extended 12" version)
Review: After releasing three 'Cult Copy' releases of dancefloor pleasure, this three track album sampler shows a more diverse side of the 'Cult Copy' project. These four 12" together make most of the album, as there won't be a LP version available. Side B gives us a more laidback, listening feel. Though the A Side is a techno/house crossover hit, which should please all the DJs and dancefloors, like the first three 'Cult Copy' 12"s did!
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Cat: RHLTD 005. Rel: 07 Jun 05
  1. Cult Copy Part 3 (mix 1)
  2. Cult Copy Part 3 (mix 2)
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Cat: RHLTD 001. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Cult Copy (Part 1 - mix 1)
  2. Cult Copy (Part 1 - mix 2)
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Cat: RH 005. Rel: 25 Oct 04
  1. Cult Copy (Part 2 - original mix)
  2. Cult Copy (Part 2 - Carl Craig edit)
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Re Spoken (12")
Cat: RH 004. Rel: 11 Apr 01
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Spoken (Nubian Mindz remix 2)
  2. Spoken (Domu's Broken Dialect mix)
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Spoken (12" + 7")
Cat: RH 002. Rel: 03 Oct 00
  1. Soft Focus (Sonar Lodge mix)
  2. Guess
  3. Plood
  4. Smut
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Cat: RHDC 5. Rel: 24 Nov 10
  1. Nosestep (Cosmin TRG remix)
  2. Nosestep (original)
  3. Re-Spoken (Nubian Mindz Demo mix)
Review: Rush Hour's Direct Current hits its fifth release with the high standard very much maintained here. On this we get some classic Aardvarck given a future flex by DC mainstay Cosmin TRG and Nubian Mindz. "Nosestep" was firmly adopted by forward thinking DJs in the nascent dubstep scene when it was released as part of the Well Well Well EP in 07. Driven by a rugged bass line that accrues weight as the track progresses, it still sounds great today. In the hands of Cosmin TRG, the track gets transformed into a cavernous acid stepper that burrows deep into your senses, especially in the second half of the track. The B Side is handed over to Nubian Mindz, with a previously unreleased Demo mix of "Re-Spoken" from 2001 seemingly perfect amidst the current future house movement. Typical class from the Rush Hour stable.
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Cult Copy (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: RH 103LP. Rel: 30 May 06
  1. Start
  2. Cult Copy 1
  3. Coma
  4. Delsin King
  5. Cult Copy 2
  6. Buuv
  7. Caron Outro
  8. Theme Park
  9. Deat Tom
  10. Cult Copy 3 Dub?
  11. Cult Copy 3
  12. Aardbij
  13. Ooit
  14. Komt Goed
  15. Thuang-Zi
Review: After the well received Cult Copy album, which was released on CD/DVD earlier this year, it was decided to release a limited press of 1000 copies on vinyl, as a lot of requests were received for this format. Most of the Cult Copy related vinyl is deleted or currently out of stock, so this album makes all tracks available on vinyl again. It will be released as a gatefold 2xLP of which 500 units come with the DVD which is also available with the CD. This DVD contains a 25 minute video by video artist Michael Butink which compliments the music perfectly.
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Cat: RH 103-12RMX1. Rel: 13 Feb 07
  1. Cult Copy (Dexter's Dikke Cult Copy mix)
  2. Cult Copy (2000 & One's Chicago Dirt mix)
Review: Dexter and 2000 and One both turn the original up a notch.
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Cat: RH-LTD 014. Rel: 07 Jun 07
  1. Kutparra
  2. Kutwell
  3. Nosestep
Review: "Well Well Well", by Aardvarck, features three stretched-out and beefed-up edits of tracks that originally appeared as skits on the brilliant Rockwell Records label. Tried and tested on the dancefloors of Amsterdam, these are sure fire ankle movers!
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Played by: Jaffa Surfa, Chamboche
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Cat: RH 012. Rel: 07 Dec 02
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Chuckie''s Turn
  2. Lacumbia
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Cat: RHM 023. Rel: 31 May 17
  1. Cool Warm Divine (5:21)
  2. Nobody Else (4:06)
  3. Twinkerbelly (4:51)
  4. The Unseen (7:19)
  5. Nobody Else (part 2) (5:32)
Review: The Abstract Eye is Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker, a producer who releases music most using the monikers GB, The Reflektor, Frankie Reyes and Julian Abelar. Five prolific, soulful/melodic tracks originally released in 2011 on Valentine Connexion, now available again courtesy of Amsterdam's always reliable Rush Hour. The extraordinarily gifted Los Angeleno creates striking electronic songs here which integrate the technological with the spiritual and ancestral. There's respectful nods to Motor City greats like Japanese Telecom ("Cool Warm Divine") and John Beltran ("Nobody Else") on here. "Nobody Else Pt. 2" channels the cyclical/minimal soul of Internal Empire era Robert Hood: absolutely sublime!
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E/F (12")
Cat: RH-ALFA 3. Rel: 25 Jan 12
Deep House
  1. Hell Of Samba
  2. Too Shy
Review: After two excellent entries already notched up on their 13-part series, Awanto3 and Tom Trago return to bring more low-slung letters of house music love. "Hell Of Samba" is markedly darker than the efforts thus far, taking a brutal techno manifesto and re-shaping it to a slow-house track. The manic, cyclical hats and vaporous drones make for a thoroughly unsettling, and mightily effective, atmosphere. "Too Shy" meanwhile shakes things up further with a staggered beat, baroque orchestrations and what sounds like strange beatbox bass stabs. It's maybe not what you expect from the series, but it certainly spices things up.
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Erkki (limited 1-sided 12")
Cat: RH 125LTD. Rel: 14 Nov 12
Deep House
  1. Erkki
Review: Rush Hour precede the release of a Gerd Janson curated compilation of "ambient not ambient" music entitled Musik For Autobahns with a limited one sided 12" pressing of "Erkki", Ame's contribution. Described as a successor to Computer Incarnations For World Peace, the Sonar Kollektiv compilation Janson curated with Jazzanova back in 2007, the forthcoming eight track compilation features all new productions Move D, Tom Trago, Tensnake, Roman Flugel, Motor City Drum Ensemble and more, with the musical focus on industrial and kraut leaning material. "Erkki" is a good primer for what to expect, described by the label as Ame's "modular slambient concept" and sees Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann draw out an infinite procession of warm, experimental loops over a stuttering cosmiche groove. The results are charmingly esoteric and bode well for how the full compilation will sound.
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Cat: RHEDITS 001APC. Rel: 04 Apr 13
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
Review: The Rush Hour affiliated No Label operation springs in a new edit based direction, with Peaking Lights band member Aaron Coyes at the helm for this clutch of APC Edits Vol 1. We presume APC stands for Analogue Players Club, the name Coyes uses for his recently founded radio show on Dublab, certainly the three tracks here feel at home with the sort of music played on that show. Disregarding track title notions, these three untitled edits roll through long form hypnotic kosmiche (think Vangelis and John Carpenter jamming for a weekend) frisky italo disco and gritty funk. All three tracks have been mastered by Pete "Sonic Boom" Kember too!
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Nos Magia (12")
Cat: RHSTOREJAMS 011. Rel: 27 Dec 17
Deep House
  1. Nos Magia (feat Americo Brito) (3:33)
  2. Kamajo (feat Orlando Julius) (3:58)
  3. Ijo Ya (feat Orlando Julius) (3:12)
Review: Niels Nieuborg has long been a player on Holland's live music scene, largely working with ex-pat musicians from Carpe Verde and Surinam. This superb three-track EP marks his first recorded output and includes collaborations with vocalists Americo Brito and Orlando Julius. The latter stars on two up-tempo chunks of boogie-era Afrobeat that sit somewhere between the Moog-driven brilliance of William Onyeabor and the up-tempo urgency of vintage Afro-disco. It's arguably A-side "Nos Magia", featuring Brito's distinctive vocals, that really stands out, though. Spacey and incessantly funky with fizzing electronics, urgent Clavinet lines and crispy Afro-funk guitars, it's not only a killer club cut but also a thing of rare beauty.
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Cat: RH-LTD 018. Rel: 05 Sep 07
  1. Antichambre
  2. Damaged Language System
Review: Rush Hour make the French Connection with this release from Parisian producer, Art Bleek. Having released more jazz orientated releases on various labels, "Antichambre" is his first techno outing and we are very pleased to be presenting it to you on this 12".
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Hanami (12")
Cat: RH-LTD 029. Rel: 04 Jul 08
  1. Hanami
  2. Organik
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Cat: RH-VD 2. Rel: 15 Oct 10
Deep House
  1. Get That Beedeebee
  2. I'm Cumming Baby
Review: Rednose Distrikt's Steven De Peven emerges from his producing slumber under this new alias with two excellent productions for Voyages Direct; the Tom Trago curated Rush Hour off-shoot. "Get That BeeDeeBee" bumps at a mid tempo pace, with a searing keyboard riff that drops intermittently to a backdrop of emotive uplifting chords and an ever mutating heavy beat augmented by barely audible vocal grunts. De Peven ups the pace on the flip with "I'm Coming Baby" filtering luscious disco vibes through crisp house drum programming and Detroit chords that radiate dancefloor heat. The final product is something that wouldn't sound out of place on the recent Rick Wilhite compilation.
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Holy Mozes (12")
Cat: RHVD 9. Rel: 06 Jun 13
Deep House
  1. Holy Mozes (Made Me Lucky)
  2. The Gun
  3. The Gun (Aardvack remix)
Review: Awanto 3 resurfaces in typical style with the Holy Mozes EP for Tom Trago's Voyage Direct operation, which arrives ahead of a mooted full length on the Rush Hour label. Awanto 3 is of course the current alias of Steven de Peven, who remains one of Amsterdam's more cherished secrets despite a key role in the city's rich house and boogie heritage that stretches back over a decade as part of the Rednose Distrikt crew alongside Aardvarck. Since adopting the Awanto 3 alias, de Peven's stock has risen thanks to some worthy output across Rush Hour and its various subsidiaries, Dekmantel, and most recently the Parisian club-meets-label Concrete. This Holy Mozes EP sees Awanto 3 reunited on record with Rednose Distrikt cohort Aardvarck, who turns in a pretty gritty rolling remix of "The Gun". The original itself is a sublime example of Awanto 3?s style; a dusty bumping track clocking in at over seven minutes that accrues all manner of mutant rhythmic detail from its humble, cowbell laden beginnings.
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Cat: RHM 007.2. Rel: 23 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Boogiedownpopke
  2. Knocke Now
  3. Cowbelgian
  4. Baila Con Paula (feat Jungle By Night)
Review: Whether it's as Awanto 3, Steven De Peven, or as part of Rednose Distrikt, Steven van Hulle doesn't really command the same sort of headline presence as Tom Trago or the respect of diggers like Young Marco, despite working prominently with both in various Amsterdam-based endeavours over the years. Regarded by those in the know as the city's secret weapon, Van Hulle is working with Rush Hour on broadening the Awanto 3 brand with a debut album Opel Mantra that's being spread across a series of 12" samplers before April meets May. This second of three samplers is a perfect insight into the Awanto 3 sound, drawing on dusty house, broken boogie, and mad hybrid global sounds across it's four tracks. The man's super talented so get to know!
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Cat: RHM 007.3. Rel: 24 Apr 14
Deep House
  1. Dikkiedik (feat Tom Trago)
  2. Bubbles Made Me Cry
  3. Jellinekrace
  4. Talk Together
Review: As the title suggests, this record represents the third and final instalment of Awanto 3's debut album Opel Mantra in vinyl format. Whilst this unorthodox method of release has stunted attempts to assess Awanto 3's album as a whole, each of the 12"s have confirmed the Dutchman's positions as one of Amsterdam's most under rated producers currently operating. In terms of Djing potential there is much to choose from on this final record, and all four cuts are a glowing endorsement for Steven van Hulle's production diversity. Lead track "Dikkiedik" is a collaboration with old production flame Tom Trago and represents Awanto 3 in bass heavy house form, with an ascending lead melody that will capture your attention immediately. The percussion heavy "Bubbles Made Me Cry" maintains the tropical flavour that's been apparent throughout the series and might just be our favourite track from the album, whilst "Jellinekrace" is undoubtedly the weirdest!
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Played by: Slothboogie
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Cat: RHM 007.1. Rel: 12 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. Su What?
  2. The Wall
  3. Applecake
  4. Su What? (Jameszoo remix)
Review: Wise scholars of Amsterdam's consistently rich electronic music scene will no doubt regard Steven van Hulle as one of city's secret weapons, having played an important role in the Dutch house and boogie underground for the better part of a decade. Whether it's as Awanto 3, Steven De Peven, or as part of Rednose Distrikt and Alfabet, van Hulle's contribution cannot be underplayed. Perhaps his time is now however, with Rush Hour issuing the debut Awanto 3 album across a series of 12" releases set to jettison your way across March and April. In terms of what to expect with Opel Mantra, this four pronged Part 1 12" sets the tone perfectly, with the three original cuts twisting house music into intoxicating new shapes by fusing a myriad of global influences into one surprising whole. Do check the excellent Jameszoo remix of "Su What?" that closes proceedings!
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Deep House
out of stock $0.00
Cat: RHM 001. Rel: 30 Apr 14
  1. Computed Emotions
  2. In My World
  3. Serenity
Played by: Orlando Voorn
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Cat: RH 036. Rel: 25 Nov 11
Deep House
  1. Decoded Messages Of Life & Love
  2. New Robotics #17
out of stock $8.32
Cat: RH 027. Rel: 16 Sep 09
  1. City & Industry
  2. City & Industry (Word & Balloon dub)
  3. Industrial Kites
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Hacia La Luz (12" + insert)
Cat: RHD 027. Rel: 04 Aug 16
  1. Lightning Eyelids (15:34)
  2. Jewelled Selva Mating Rites (3:50)
  3. Nubes De Miel (7:28)
  4. Crystal Poppies (8:57)
  5. Sowiseau (3:59)
Review: For their latest No 'Label' release, Rush Hour has turned to "Brussels-based Prince of modern psychedelic electronics" Bear Bones, Lay Low, a prolific producer who has been delivering intriguing, synthesizer-based curiosities on obscure labels for well over a decade. Hacia La Luz begins with the trippy, Tangerine Dream-in-space swirl of "Lightning Eyelids", before heading to the rainforest with Timothy Leary and Terrence McKenna via the hallucinatory drums and humid electronics of "Jewelled Selva Mating Rites". Psychedelic synthesizer lines, exotic melodies and starburst electronics come to the fore on the album's other three tracks, with the magic mushrooms-in-Goa trip of "Crystal Poppies" standing out.
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Cat: RH 106-12D. Rel: 30 Aug 07
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Paper Chaser
  2. Paper Chaser (Mweslee's Dolla Dolla Bill'Ya remix)
  3. Paper Chaser (instrumental)
  4. Paper Chaser (Tom Trago & Maximillion's Big Business remix)
  5. Paper Chaser (Mweslee's Dolla Dolla Bill'Ya remis instrumental)
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We Are Righteous People (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: RHSTOREJAMS 010. Rel: 14 Jun 17
  1. Bouncing Atoms (4:33)
  2. We Are Righteous People (4:27)
Review: Last year, Sadar Bahar made a visit to the Utrecht studio of veteran electro producer and analogue synthesizer collector Ben Spaander (AKA Cosmic Force). Having got on incredibly well, they decided to record tracks together under the Ben & Sadar's alias. This debut 12" is something of a treat: a two-track, sample-free romp through heavyweight disco-funk fusion. They begin with killer boogie jam "We Are Righteous People", where jammed-out guitar riffs, wavy saxophone lines and rubbery slap bass lines wrap themselves around an all-action drum machine groove. Flip for the guitar-wielding madness of "Bouncing Atoms", whose Cream style riffs and bluesy solos ride a cowbell-heavy disco groove.
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Cat: RHD 006DEER. Rel: 27 Feb 13
Deep House
  1. I Almost Had A Moment Alone
  2. Chief Big Thumb
  3. Native
  4. 3 Trail Of Tears
Review: This Tail Of Tears 12" sees WT Records boss William Burnett adopt the Black Deer name for the No Label series that intermittently emits from Rush Hour HQ. The somewhat mysterious No Label series acts as a primer for music that essentially transcends label or genre, and has issued the tape saturated meanderings of Inga Copeland, jagged ragga techno from Aardvarck and the heavily psychedelic electronics of Stellar Om Source. Ths Black Deer record from Burnett certainly adheres to the expect the unexpected ethos of the No Label series, offering a more experimental side to the New Yorker's production palette than last year's exceptional Willie Burns release for The Trilogy Tapes. Burnett himself calls the Tail Of Tears 12" the results of some experiments with "12 string acoustic guitar with effects and synth" whilst Rush Hour call it "sympathetic storytelling for the real Americans".
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out of stock $9.63
  1. Black Pocket - "The Road"
  2. VeebeeO - "No More"
  3. Mweslee - "Un Joder Suave"
  4. Super Smorky Soul - "Smoke College"
  5. Tom Trago - "Fluorgreen Legged Gangster"
Review: Cinnaman (Rush Hour, Young Buck) and Jay Scarlett (Spacek Soundsystem) teamed up to compile an album dedicated to new developments in beats produced by the up-and coming as well as celebrated producers from all ages and backgrounds. These people are mostly brought together by the mighty internet, where they share and compete (with) their beats. These producers all have at least one thing in common; their love for beats. Cinnaman and Jay Scarlett have now brought together an unique selection of these beats, already coined Beatstrumentals. We packaged it as Beat Dimensions. The first two album samplers (total of three) are strictly limited to 500 copies and total 10 beats. Many new comers here, like VeeBeeO, Super Smorky Soul and Pursuit Grooves, but also known producers like Steve Spacek (as Black Pocket), Up Hygh, Aardvarck and Flying Lotus (as Flyandsam).
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Cat: RHM 005. Rel: 31 Jul 13
Deep House
  1. Hummingbird
  2. Slowwave
  3. CRVD
  4. Hummingbird (Xamiga remix)
Review: Last seen dabbling in some Ballard referencing song based material as Singing Statues, UK producer Ben Thomas returns to the more familiar BNJMN guise and the label for whom he's arguably done his best work with this Hummingbird EP for Rush Hour. Seemingly directly inspired by the humble hummingbird, the three original tracks here demonstrate a wide appreciation of tempos, with the glistening 140bpm techno of the title complemented by the shifting, sludgy sonics of "Slowwave". The final BNJMN production "CRVD" feels closest to previous BNJMN material, whilst the title track is blessed by the first ever Xamiga remix from Lowlands forest techno exponents Legowelt and Xosar.
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Cat: RH-DC 10. Rel: 19 Oct 11
Deep Dubstep
  1. Enterlude
  2. Primal Pathways
  3. Wisdom Of Uncertainty
  4. Keep The Power Out
  5. Black Square
  6. Open The Floodgates
  7. Lava
  8. River Way
  9. Hallowed Road
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Unknown 2 (limited 12")
Cat: RH-BNJMN 2. Rel: 05 Mar 12
  1. Minus One
  2. Shadow
  3. Unrest
Review: Whilst most people will have discovered the masterful productions of BNJMN via last year's still quite stunning sounding Plastic World album on Rush Hour's Direct Current label, the producer actually debuted on the Amsterdam label prior to that with a blink and you'll miss it Unknown white label. Dangerously prolific in the period since Plastic World, BNJMN marks his first material of 2012 with a second Unknown release for Rush Hour. This three track release finds BNJMN in precision driven rhythm form, with the opening production "Minus One" a sparse techno arrangement of rubbery basslines, gloopy drum sounds and frosty synths. This canny marriage of innate melodies with other worldly techno patterns continues on the flip with the gradual soar of "Shadow", whilst the multi textured "Unrest" wouldn't sound out of place on the Mathematics imprint.
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Plastic World (double 12")
Cat: RH-DC 7. Rel: 24 Feb 11
  1. Blocks
  2. Wheels In Motion
  3. Tunnel Flight
  4. Fire In The Hole
  5. Plastic World
  6. Traditions
  7. See Thru Stars
  8. Depressure
  9. Ocean Spray
  10. Miniature Steps
Review: The Rush Hour Direct Current series continues apace, shifting the focus to our shores for the first time and delivering a startling full length album from young UK producer BNJMN. In a similar way that Lone's not-quite-an-album Emerald Fantasy Tracks drew nostalgic influences from 90s electronica but presented it in a fashion that was utterly contemporary, so does Plastic World. Across the ten tracks present, BNJMN draws reference from the early house and techno sounds that sprouted out of the UK, twisting them through the machine grind to become something so utterly compelling socks are quite figuratively blown off. The melancholic euphoria that runs through opening gambit "Blocks" have ensured it is the track that draws people in, but there is so much more here to discover, not least the mystical icy shards of techno throb that punctuate the upwards kaleidoscopic thrills of "See Through The Stars".
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out of stock $0.00
Cat: RH 044. Rel: 07 Nov 12
  1. Belfry Tower
  2. Paganini
Review: Braiden appearing on Rush Hour is possibly one of the least expected combinations to surface in recent times; more specifically Braiden appearing on any label is surprising, given how quiet the Londoner has been on the production front since gracing Joy Orbison's now defunct Doldrums imprint. A sideline in photography, a smattering of remixes and a prospering reputation as both a club and radio DJ (check his NTS show) means Braiden's been kept a busy boy, though this two track induction on Rush Hour demonstrates there's been loss in production verve. Lead track "Belfry Tower" seems built for submission pounding intent, rhythms gleefully bouncing off each other as a pressurised bassline puts the squeeze on the crunchy textures that attempt to implement some semblance of melody. "Paganini" introduces a whole different slant on Braiden's palette, commencing with a famous singer's ode to the Italian composer who lends his surname to the title which subtly drops into a killer house groove, all expertly layered drum patterns and wonderfully warm and bouncy bass lines complemented by some brilliant echoed usage of the vocal throughout.
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Cat: RH-DC 9. Rel: 27 Apr 11
Deep House
  1. The Year 3000
  2. Leavin Without You
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City Life (1st 12")
Cat: RH 019-1. Rel: 04 Nov 05
Funky/Club House
  1. City Life (Carl Craig's Max mix)
  2. City Life (original mix)
  3. City Life (Deepart mix)
out of stock $8.32
City Life (2nd 12")
Cat: RH 019-2. Rel: 04 Nov 05
Funky/Club House
  1. City Life (Carl Craig's Caya dub)
  2. City Life (Breakaway vocal mix)
  3. City Life (Breakaway instrumental)
out of stock $8.32
Cat: RHD 016BUCKLEY. Rel: 03 Jul 14
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Call Incoming
  2. Innercity Hum
  3. Heavy Traffic
  4. Weather Report
Review: Crazy 12" from Rush Hour's No 'Label' operation which really offers some insight into the deranged production mind of Irish producer and selector Morgan Buckley. Not only does Shout Out To All The Weirdos In Rathmines possess one of this year's best titles, it possesses some of the most distinctive music put to wax in 2014. There's plenty of mixtape potential across the four tracks be it the Charles Manier does psyche rock of "Call Incoming" or the pure mind bending psychedelia of "Inner City Hum" on the A Side or the more floor friendly bump of the two B Side cuts. More please Mister Buckley.
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Cat: RH 117LP2. Rel: 08 Mar 12
Deep House
  1. Aphrodisiac - "Song Of The Siren"
  2. Metro - "Angel Of Mercy"
  3. Utopia Project - "File #3"
  4. NY House'n Authority - "Fort Green House"
  5. Equation - "The Answer" (X2 RB mix)
  6. Aphrodisiac - "Your Love"
  7. Houz' Neegrox - "How Do U Luv A Black Woman?"
  8. NY House'n Authority - "Dyckman House"
  9. Metro - "Straphanger"
  10. NY House'n Authority - "Apt 1b"
Review: When Rheji and Ronald 'Rhano' Burrell dropped their debut album on Virgin Records in 1988, there was little sign that they would eventually become one of the most influential production partnerships in house. Simply titled Burrell, the album offered a slick, radio-friendly mix of 80s R&B, synth-funk/house crossovers and the sort of piano-laden garage house - as it was then called - that was beginning to dominate the clubs of New Jersey. Frustrated by the constraints of working with a major label, they went back underground. With the backing of their management trio of Judy Russell and Frank and Karen Mendez, they launched Nu Groove Records, initially as an outlet for their own productions. But the music they made would not be created with radio airplay in mind, but rather the dancefloors of New Jersey, New York and Chicago. It was a masterstroke. Inspired by the jacking house sound of Chicago, the deepness of Larry Heard and the emotion-rich, musically minded productions of early New Jersey garage pioneers, they proceeded to make music that defied easy categorization. It would quickly become known as deep house. This retrospective from Rush Hour is both well deserved and long overdue. It should be essential listening for anyone with even the smallest interest in the development of house music during a crucial period.
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Deep House
  1. Metro - "Brownstone Express"
  2. Tech Trax Inc - "Feel The Love" (Sex mix)
  3. KATO - "The Booty Dance" (High Knee mix)
  4. KATO - "Disco Tech" (Studio 54 mix)
  5. Tech Trax Inc - "Tech Trax Inc" (Xplanitory mix)
  6. NY House'n Authority - "Apt 2a"
  7. Bas Noir - "I'm Glad You Came To Me" (dub mix)
  8. Equation - "I'll Say A Prayer 4 U"
  9. NY House'n Authority - "Apt 3"
  10. Utopia Project - "File #1"
  11. NY House'n Authority - "Apt 3b"
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