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Rocksteady Disco US Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Rocksteady Disco US
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Flight Risk
Cat: RSD 025. Rel: 05 May 23
Deep House
Sky Dive (5:03)
Home Suite (6:28)
Missing Pixels (5:21)
Mount Juniper (4:50)
Review: Eddie Logix makes his return to Rocksteady Disco fold with this fresh new 12", 'Flight Risk'. It's a varied affair that pulls from a wide range of genres including leftfield, deep house, disco, Afrobeat, and even Balearic. Some of these tunes have already been picking up high-profile support from the likes of Leo Mas, Chris Coco and Danny Krivit - no wonder given that his last on the label sold out immediately. 'Sky Dive' is a nice loose limbed funky deep disco jam, 'Home Suite' has a superb new age flute lead and 'Missing Pixels' is a tribal Afro dancer. 'Mount Juniper' is the lively and tropical house number that has you dreaming of cocktails by the sea.
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Played by: Superbreak, LEGO EDIT
 in stock $10.11
Elevate (feat Pontchartrain mix)
Cat: RSD 026. Rel: 11 Sep 23
Funky/Club House
Elevate (5:57)
Help Me Find My Way (feat Seta) (6:02)
Help Me Find My Way (feat Seta - Pontchartrain remix) (5:47)
Elevate (The Carry Nation remix) (5:06)
Review: Heidy P is a long time associate of the Rocksteady Disco crew and now she treats them to her first ever solo release in the form of Elevate. It is, as you'd expect of her, a house record through and through, but one packed with plenty of her own charm and personality. Opener 'Elevate' is a classy and jazz-tinged, Latin-styled groove that will electrify any floor. Next is the hugely emotive, soulful and gospel drenched 'Help Me Find My Way' with uplifting vocals from Seta. Pontchartrain then steps up to remix 'Help Me Find My Way' into something deeper and Carry Nation close out with a more freaked out sound.
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 in stock $13.57
Edits From Detroit Vol 3
Edits From Detroit Vol 3 (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: RSDSE 05. Rel: 25 Apr 24
BOSS (5:52)
FMPM (5:52)
Review: Rocksteady Disco has pressed up another tasty little hand-stamped 7" and it offers up another fine brace of Edits From Detroit on this third volume in the series. Eddie Logix is the man behind the buttons and he kicks off with 'BOSS' which has low-slung guitar sleaze and slow-motion groove rotations topped with sprinklings of percussion, angular rock riffs and guttural vocals. Flip it over and things get more smooth and seductive with 'FMPM' which has a dubbed-out disco feel, subtle cosmic chord work and bouncing bass that will keep any 'floor moving. Another great little 45.
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 in stock $11.17
Remixes Rarities & VIPs Vol 2
Cat: RSD 023. Rel: 27 Jul 22
Moonlighter - "Give Us Rain (Ah Mila)" (Igor B remix) (6:39)
Sol Power All-Stars - "Every Time You Move" (Blair French remix) (7:12)
Eddie Logix - "Sunday Palaver" (Dazzle Drums remix) (6:33)
Nois Land - "Big Kahuna" (Eddie Logix remix) (7:32)
Review: America's Rocksteady Disco label returns for its second round up of delectable remixes and VIPs, with a continent clashing fusion of pan African vitality and cool house saunter across all four offerings. Ontario-based Igor B leads the release with a drum and sub bass heavy dancefloor reimagining of Moonlighter's iconic "Give Us Rain (Ah Mila)".before Blair French reworks Sol Power All-Stars' 'Every Time You Move', making the most of electric bass from Jazzanova's Paul Randolph, guitar by Frank Martin (Elcados, Shina Peters) and DC-based Besufekad Tadesse's baritone sax solo via the mixing desk controls. The flip goes even deeper, with Tokyo-based Dazzle Drums giving Eddie Logix's 'Sunday Palaver' the hi-fi Afro Tech treatment, perfect for those dingy after hours parties, before Logix's Balearic-esque reinterpretation of Nois Land's cult classic 'Big Kahuna' brings proceedings to a glorious close.

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 in stock $13.83
Nyah Rock
Nyah Rock (12")
Cat: RSD 024. Rel: 28 Nov 22
Anthracite (feat Denise Henderson) (7:31)
Getting It Back (feat Jean-Francis Varre & Zeek Burse) (7:40)
Anthracite (feat Denise Henderson - Parkway dub) (5:46)
Genevieve (feat Zeek Burse & The Ibibio Horns) (8:06)
Genevieve (feat Daniel Meinecke - One More Organ dub) (8:53)
Review: The Sol Power All-Stars are back once more on the Rocksteady Disco label with some superb new covers of much-loved British funk band Cymande. Each one brings a fresh perspective while paying heed of the Afro-roots of the originals. 'Anthracite' (feat Denise Henderson) opens up and is designed for moaner dance floors with cosmic synth work and big, bouncing drums. There is a deeper and more steamy sense of rhythm to the tropical sounds of 'Getting It Back' while the Parkway dub of 'Anthracite' sounds like early house music. Two versions of 'Genevieve' offer shuffling rhythms and big horn stabs and stomping, ass-wiggling Afro-jazz.
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 in stock $11.70
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